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  1. Sorry to hear that… A friend of mine have successfully used it without issues on a i7 8700K @ 5.0Ghz AC with G.Skill RAM @ 3.600 Mhz. What revision of Core i9 9900K do you have, P0 or R0 ?! Cheers, KK
  2. The modded BIOS that i posted i think is working correctly because to date there are 52 people that have downloaded it and no one has sent me private messages to tell that something was wrong … Cheers, KK
  3. Hello Synth Wave, i've updated with U.B.U. (UEFI BIOS Updater) a previously modded BIOS by Lost_N_BIOS of WinRAID that i personally thanks: https://www.win-raid.com/t4089f16-Enabling-Secure-Erase-in-Z-OC-Formula-3.html#msg87280 The update includes: https://postimg.cc/2bzH205S BIOS download: http://www.mediafire.com/file/j0d7i289xjv78cg/Z17OCF7.40B_Modded.zip/file Cheers, KK
  4. @Splave Hello Splave! Any news from Nick about new BIOS for ATX version of Z170 OCF?! Thanks for your time and patience. Cheers, KK
  5. @Splave Thanks a lot m8! Any news for ATX ASRock Z170 OC Formula?! Have a nice day.
  6. Thanks for your feedback RULE! I didn't try with BIOS supplied by NickShih (http://picx.xfastest.com/nickshih/asrock/Z17OCF7.51A_CFL.rar) because I had the doubt it was necessary to update the CPU Micro-code to correctly recognize and manage the Core i7 8086K. Cheers, KK
  7. @NickShih Thanks a lot for your efforts Splave! Nick would you be so kind to give us some infos about the hypothetical release of modded BIOS for ASRock Z170 OC Formula that have full support of Core i7-8086K?! Thanks to both and have a nice day. Cheers, KK
  8. Hello flautze! I've checked this Rev. 7.51A/D BIOS and it's updated with latest CPU micro-code for SkyLake (C2), KabyLake/CoffeLake (84) that Intel released to mitigate Meltdown/Spectre (https://newsroom.intel.com/wp-content/uploads/sites/11/2018/03/microcode-update-guidance.pdf) so you'll be able to use your i7 6700K and/or any KabyLake/CoffeLake and you'll be "protected". As stated by Splave you have to flash BIOS with a SKL/KBL CPU, shut down the MoBo, swap CPU and power-on. Cheers, KK
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