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  1. When you use Extreme OC setting the CPU-Z validation says "unchecked" top right. Are these still acceptable for HWbot submissions? I've had one submitted to an OC thread on Overclock.net, asking if it is acceptable. I see "Your system won't be fully validated before it is manually checked. Requires to restart CPU-Z." Please explain "manually checked" - how and by whom?
  2. Listed in http://hwbot.org/benchmark/3dmark_-_fire_strike/halloffame as Standard Stock Cooling...
  3. If this is " Standard Stock Cooling" shouldn't there be a pic of the rig included? ;-)
  4. Ours are on overclocked systems. I keep a overclock list thread. Currently allowing "not available", but not "not accurate" with Win7. Systems may not be fully stable, but stability is not a requirement, just a result. As long as it's stable enough to complete the bench. Quite common with Win7 to get "not available" and that's with the latest sysinfo..
  5. At OCN we are seeing results in Win7 showing "Time measurement data not available". We also see "Time measurement inaccurate" which Futuremark specifically states on its explanation page is not acceptable to them. http://www.3dmark.com/support/troubleshooting-my-results/#validation.anomaly.TIME_MEASUREMENTS_NOT_AVAILABLE They do not have a heading for, or explain "Time measurement data not available", but do exclude results with that error. What is the HWbot position on this particular error?
  6. You have a beta benchmark "Profeus" listed, but it is a user submission and should not be there. I could not find a "report" facility, so this seemed as appropriate as I could find to bring it to staff attention.
  7. Kinda solves a mystery. Some drivers let me set more than 999, some didn't, (I'm only on water though, so YMMV) but newer drivers have still given better tri and quad 580 scores, so I don't feel totally forsaken.
  8. In the screenshot GPUZ shows PhysX on, but FutureMark's results page shows PPU disabled, which it was. What is the HWBot position on this? http://3dmark.com/3dmv/3269754
  9. Google translate says Portugese: I need to recover my user password http://www.hwbot.org/user/pedrocohen/ PC400 created another account, the more I want my old link did not think the password reset, help me!
  10. In my "hardware library" there are a couple of cpu I don't have. Rest of the hardware is right. No-one else has said anything, so guess I'm an orphan, but the colours and layout... guess I'll get used to it. Still discovering how it all fits together. I see signatures haven't caught up (-;
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