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  1. Hello all! I have encountered this lovely message for the first time. In-Windows attempts have been done with the card (GTX980) disabled in device manager. I've tried nVFlash 5287 (certificate bypass) and 5.59 board ID mismatch patch. Does anyone have any ideas on how to get around this?
  2. Thankyou for the input on this I wasn't looking at the card correctly because I don't (yet?) have the experience with newer PWMs. Made some progress, but the card has had an awful life. It's currently not an 8-phase PWM, put it that way!
  3. Hello all I have a GPU problem that i'm running short on ideas on how to solve. It's an MSI GTX980 Gaming edition card, picked up faulty on eBay. It briefly worked, but a shunt resistor fried under load. (Panasonic ERJ-M1WSF5M0U) i've replaced it twice, but insta-fry upon power up. Could there be damage to the current detection IC that the shunt is connected to? They are V3505's if i'm looking at this correctly... I don't know much about them and as of yet, I can't find spares. I can find replacements for the shunt resistor and I've thought about buying higher-rated ones..... with a lower resistance for a power limit workaround..... but without having a better idea of what's wrong, I don't think that's very...... informed. Any pointers would be very welcome Thanks. K
  4. Not many people will care now, but this card was released with a vCore of ~1.55v and a fairly simple aluminium cooler. No prizes for guessing how that combination worked! Here's a VID mod to reduce the vCore for day-to-day use.
  5. Asus BIOS are for Asus cards ....but i'm glad your card is working again!
  6. Clearing the CMOS won't help Did you save a copy of the original MSI BIOS?
  7. More slow digging.... the GPU memory bandwidth is spot on for a 6800 card with GDDR3 at those MHz..... But the screenshots still have all the other problems.
  8. I will leave the username out of this for now. I was messing around with an AGP card before sale.... my 3D01 scores were so far off I wondered what I was missing. I noticed that Lobby scores seem VERY high for AGP (based on my understanding of AGP benching.... others know more about this than I do) This is what made me think something was wrong. HWBot is very slow, so comparing results between users and categories is very slow. With a little digging through 6800 categories, this user popped up a few times. the 6800 DDR and 6800GT scores have some interesting "features." in 3DMark03..... same taskbar and timestamp. same BIOS version (despite different PCBs and RAM types) Different RAM types (DDR and GDDR3...with different MHz).... same bandwidth (hmmmmmmmmmm) The 6800 is running at 12/5, the 6800GT is 16/6. ...the Pixel & texture fillrates are the same.
  9. K404

    GPU Device IDs

    For a change, i'm not trying to open a can of worms :)I'm not trying to find a loophole either! Thanks for the reply
  10. Who remembers the GTX285 Classified? The BIOS could be switched to one that identified it as a GTX295 so 4-way SLI could be used. GPU-Z showed a GTX295 ID on a GTX285. How does this sit with result moderation in 2020? If the spec doesn't match the device name and ID, can results be submitted? Do the result mods need a headsup so they can green-light the results?
  11. *sigh* Please can a mod delete this result? I swear, I picked the 3DMark Vantage box for the submission. https://hwbot.org/submission/4510084_ Also... it took MINUTES to enter all the info for this.....any timescale on when the main site will be responsive enough to.....errr.....use?
  12. Thanks for the replies Mr. Scott, Is there a link to generic/universal competiton rules? I know that most have unique ones too Hey Alby! Are you looking after yourself? Family is all good here! Catchup on Skype soon?
  13. Don't get excited... i'm just messing about with an Ebay purchase Before I risk looking silly or getting a score (or myself!) removed.... does this screenshot pass all the current 2020 regulations? I *think* that it does, but I want to check. I have the 3DMark file as well Thanks
  14. HSF sourced! Thankyou very much Leonard
  15. Sooooooo close to breaking 5 minutes!! Great result and great MHz!!
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