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  1. After a lot of time trying ideas that didn't work for the GTX570 and GTX580.... EDIT: derp. Controller is a uP6208. Time for more reading....
  2. Hello all Every now and again, I end up with a few things that I can't fix. This is one of those times. These aren't benching cards, just things that pass through my hands. Any ideas or help would be appreciated 1/ Asus GTX570 DCUII vCore = 0 vGDDR = 0.51v No signs of damage. Fuses have been replaced. 12V inputs are fine. FB, OCP, 3.3v and vCC input values for both vCore and vGDDR are as expected, so no obviously damaged components there. Both controllers and their surrounding areas have had a pass from a Hot Air Station in case of dried-out solder joints. 2/ Asus GTX580 DCUII vCore = 0 Same as above. 3/ MSI GTX560Ti-448. PWM RUNS HOTTER THAN HELL, even during post and OS load. Can't touch it after even a few seconds. Voltages are normal. Never seen anything like this before. 4/ GTX275. Voltages are normal. Monitor comes out of standby when PC powers up, but no display. Any ideas for any of the above would be welcome EDIT: Ha! Just by typing that out, I had a couple of ideas for the Asus cards. Writing things down definitely helps!
  3. In Rivatuner and GPU-Z they don't, though...
  4. What? What part of my reasoning suggests that? I don't know enough about AMD cards to comment on that, but there is ONE crossover in core spec between all the GTX460 and GTX560 cards (although different silicon...which completely zeros your comment) .... out of 5 GTX 460 classes and 6...7? GTX560 classes. They have different NAMES and SPECIFICATIONS 8700K and 8086K have different names. You are picking bad examples to support your viewpoint. Is there a language barrier here? Is nVidia marketing (which sometimes mentions the 512MB separately and sometimes doesn't) important to how HWB classes a card? I don't think it is. Is it the only time that nVidia have officially made two ref cards with different memory amounts (no other changes?) Is that important when all we care about are synthetic benchmark results and want (I hope) a standardised consistent platform for hardware? Does anyone else have an opinion on this entire subject? Should there be general rules for adding new classes based on memory amount or should they be dealt with on an individual basis? How many benchmarks should be affected by RAM volume before there should be consideration of a new category?
  5. But your reasoning makes no sense and is "dangerous" for hardware classification. Would you use those reasons for any other hardware classification? Different PCB: Ref Vs OC model clocks: Ref Vs factory OC Memory amount: makes no difference to the benchmarks that run on a 7800 memory packaging is a little bit interesting, but HWBot do not differentiate on package. Only memory type. They both have GDDR3 Based on Device ID, nVidia see both 0090 and 0091 as 7800GTX: https://us.download.nvidia.com/XFree86/Linux-x86/346.47/README/supportedchips.html (7800 and 7900 series are quite far down) I generally do not like Device ID as a means of seperation, though. It can create problems with rebranded cards/cores. My reasoning for possible class combination: Two cards named 7800GTX made with G70-A1 silicon. 24 Pixel, 8 vertex, 16-ROP, 256-bit bus, connecting GDDR3 One good (?) reason to not separate the classes: The memory clocking ability of the GTX512 gives it a clear lead over the 256MB version and the 512MB version appears to be hard to find, so leaving them split keeps the 7800GTX category more open to new good scores.
  6. They are not totally different. Based on that logic, there should be new categories for Matrix/Lightning/HOF/non-ref cards etc.
  7. This applies to more than just these cards... but this has made no sense for a long time. 7800GT: not split by memory amount 7800GTX and GTX512MB: split 7900GS: split by memory amount 7900GT: split by memory amount (coincidentally, 7900GT 512MB can show up as a 7900GTO....) 7950GT: Not split by memory amount. I don't mind/care which way things go....but please can there be consistency here? Thankyou
  8. Do you realise how stupid that idea was? The short-sightedness is...breath-taking. Can you post up the original?
  9. When a trimmer is connected, even when at maximum resistance, there will be voltage gain. The amount depends on how much the resistance of the circuit has been changed (or, to phrase another way, what value of trimmer is used.) If you want to have the option of 0 voltage increase, a switch should be added in series. (Can't give specifics for the card, I don't have one)
  10. Yea, that 1 is obviously out-of-line- sticks out a mile, even without zooming in on the screenshot. WTF? I calculated by hand, got 215350.
  11. Wow Wasn't expecting to read that. I hope it was quick, painless & peaceful. My thoughts & sympathies to their family & friends.
  12. Quick, leave while it's still simple, cheap and painless! Welcome to HWB
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