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  1. just curious what would you use to isolate these pins? also...I have a z170 OC Formula, someone who tried the bios listed on this thread, have had some problem with it? like problem with PCIE lanes or memory overclocking?
  2. I wonder since there was a way to make the 8700k on z170 and the 9700k and 9900k work on z370 and well the 8700k so does work in z370 this implies the 9700k and 9900k could work on high end z170 mobo? Would be a Z170 OC Formula be enough?
  3. I wonder if you have find out ifa 9700k or 9900k could be supporte don the Z170 OCF with the same modding is done in this bios?
  4. then someone has tried modifying z170 bios which allowed non K CPUs and add it replacing an older cpu from that list?
  5. that is the reason the old bios with BCLK overclock feature needs a mod it to be able to OC the Kaby lake/Skylake Refresh CPUs
  6. I have been thinking what if someone could add the cpu micro code to z170 bios to recognize these Kaby lake cpus that dont have an unlocked multiplier on motherboards that allow non K Overclocking on Skylake or if some brand keeps this feature by default(asrock could)
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