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  1. Oh, I forgot to ask again about coffee lake in the m8h alpha, I saw a couple posts where the m8i works, but I just wanted to make sure before I sell my 6600k and snag an 8700
  2. I see what you mean on the sheet, but I'm looking right at an m9a and don't see any doublers on the front or back and the path traces seem to back up being a true 8 phase on the vcore, so true 8+2 unless I'm missing something. Don't have a mxa for reference, but it's probably the same. As for the mxia, it seems to be a very similar 8+0 that just nixes the igpu vrm in favor of being able to dump quadruple digit amperage into the poor 1151 socket. In any case, the m9a and mxa look good for 5.4 on a 9900kf with the right monoblock and loop
  3. Awesome, thank you Duce. How about the vrm design? It looks like the m9a is a true 8 phase where as the mxa is an 8 phase via a doubling scheme. It seems like the m9a might actually be the better choice for a 5.4 daily with the 9900kf in addition to costing less, but there are other factors in this case
  4. Hello, I made an accountI just to ask a few questions regarding some parts I have lying around. Has anyone has tried an m9a with a 9900kf? f not, if there is any reason I shouldn't buy one to try it? It seems like a lack of gpu shouldn't stop me and I really want to hit 5.4 or 5.5 without having to pony up for a mxa or a z370 dark. With that, I'm looking to run trident z 4266 at around 5000, but I've seen posters that are having problems getting good memory speed and wonder if anyone who did all the mods and really paid attention has had success with a 5kish or more memory oc. I can live with any memory running around 4000 so that's not a dealbreaker, it's just 16GB of 4266 is pretty cheap compared to last year, so I'd like to try if possible. Also, is mh8 an option for this mod? I have an old damaged one lying around i'd like to throw an 8700 in for my stream rig Thanks in advance, I did skim through all the pages, but I apologize if I missed some of the answers to these questions.
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