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  1. i prefer a full working mobo.
  2. My main concern is that no one offers the mobo.
  3. Yeah i need very good sticks.
  4. i am looking for the C5F-Z . I want it in a full working condition. i dont care if it is plasti dip or vaseline insulated. If it has seen ln2 let me know for cb /cbb or other you noticed in ln2 seesion. I am looking also for very good hypers. (dominator if possible). Thanks
  5. I agree with firekiller. He mentioned pause java via console. Which can be done also via the the mobo pause button(ASUS). Has anyone tried what he said?
  6. Exactly. Although what if he proves himself right? He will carry the spot as a "cheater" but he didn't do anything. Imo this had to be solved secretly between mods and $@39@. And then if they believe that he cheats, blame on him. -The title itself is a joke.-
  7. Th problem with this bench is that even if we redo the bench how would we know that e.g the 17000 would be legit and it doesn't mean 15000? We will never know for sure. And as we all know the program has a lot bugs. Actually it isn't a bug run. By lowering the mhz you give it more time to "pass" mb/s.
  8. Completely different. 20000+ is different than 30000+. I just lower the freq so the prog would be slower -> higher bandwith. (according to my tests.)
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