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  1. I can't modify the multiplier correctly, just let me set it to automatic or set it to 29. It can reach 38
  2. I'm trying to play the multiplier to have it at 38, which is its maximum. Any ideas? Thank you My motherboard is Asus Rampage IV Formula
  3. Hello, I am trying to overclock an Intel Xeon E5-2690, every time I touch any parameter the pc turns off and the bios goes off, when I try to play the multiplier of all cores, it just lets me modify it to 29, when the processor alone he overclocked at 38. Someone to help me, I've seen him at 4ghz
  4. Hey bro, how to overclock this cpu, im using your motherboard. Thanks
  5. Hey bro, can you send me your motherboard options please. I have your motherboard. I need your help friend please. When you see him, talk to me please
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