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  1. funsoul

    FS: 6565MHz r15 7350k / 6650MHz r15 7700k

    Definitely still runs great.
  2. funsoul

    FS: 6565MHz r15 7350k / 6650MHz r15 7700k

    Lmao. Hi Michael! It was yours first? This thing's makin' the rounds. Hehe
  3. Hi Folks! Hope everyone's well. Selling off a couple cpus (bare cpus only, both have been de-lidded). Prices include shipping to US48. International shipping is fine but buyer covers. I ship on Saturdays only. Payment via paypal, BTC or ETH. Buyer covers fees. 1) 7350k $350 6565MHz r15 (2c/4t) / 6680 spi32 (2c/2t) This is Luumi's old chip (check hwbot for his subs with this cpu) and good for LOADS of 2 core globals. Quick ln2 tests are shown below. That sloppy r15 alone is worth about 75 globals. Not a lot of new dual cores coming so this chip's a good one for someone. 2) 7700K $400 6650MHz r15 (4c/8t) / 6868 spi32 (4c/8t ) Decent cpu. Definitely good for quite a few 4c globals (for example, that pooptastic spi32 running 4c/8t (I'm an idiot sometimes hehe) with no wazaa and low speed/loose timings would still be good for around 65 globals). Got spi32 to pass at 6898 but system froze (should be do-able with a little voltage adjustment).
  4. Thanks Dave! Yeah.. pretty happy with it Gotta improve efficiency, though.
  5. Awesome Chispy! Yeah man...can't wait to see what it does frosty!
  6. funsoul

    [WTB] [US] TEK-9 FAT

    Have a mint one for you. Sent you a PM over at ocf.