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  1. Bummer. Wish I'd read this before (it's not so intuitive to know to do that). I submitted using the actual app Can it be moved to the comp? http://hwbot.org/submission/3939445 Tia!
  2. funsoul

    [FS] ASUS Maximus IX Apex modded

    How much to ship to USA zip code 07747 (New Jersey)? Even modded, the board still works with kaby/sky, correct?
  3. funsoul

    [FS-AU] 5.9 GHz+ 7820X

    How much to ship to USA? PM sent.
  4. funsoul

    A lot of stuff,take a look

    Where are those 2000c7 hypers? 😜
  5. Some monster runs Luumi!!! Congrats!
  6. Taken care of... http://hwbot.org/submission/3921943 Thanks for the extra motivation
  7. Ewwww... bummer Thanks Alby! Will run it some more and get that tab.
  8. Thanks Jason! Yeah...had fun slackin' but figured I'd try benching a bit. ; Without strong ram was just testing for speed. Will give it another shot using the proper os once things calm down and I figure out my memory issues. It was so good to meet you dude! Look forward to the next time we get together!
  9. Some pics n' vids. Day 2 opener: https://www.facebook.com/stefanc.besterman/videos/1819135754840643/ Day 2 Competition start: https://www.facebook.com/stefanc.besterman/videos/1819513821469503/ Comp x265-1: https://www.facebook.com/stefanc.besterman/videos/1819521004802118/ Comp x265-2: https://www.facebook.com/stefanc.besterman/videos/1819525494801669/ Comp Semi-final: https://www.facebook.com/stefanc.besterman/videos/1819530968134455/ Competition final: https://www.facebook.com/stefanc.besterman/videos/1819939618093590/ Unfortunately, a lot of my vids have disappeared from fb (First time live streaming so likely user error). Hopefully others share more, Corsair will be putting out a few at some point. Thanks again for everyone who made it this year! -Stefan
  10. funsoul

    FS: Mobos and GPUs

    pm sent for dat fish