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  1. Awesome!! Try to have your motherboard and any potential VGA victims insulated so that doesn't have to be dealt with while you're at the get together. You'll be up and running cold in no time!
  2. You should definitely come! Bring your pots and hardware and we'll all help you get going on the ln2 experience! Stop in whenever you can. Don't worry about the fee, anyone with a 2 year old definitely deserves a break.
  3. Excellente ya'll! Finally updated the op. We're getting there!! If you've already booked a room, please let me know. If you haven't and are going to make it, please reserve as soon as you can as I committed to 10 rooms. If I need to re-negotiate that part, the earlier the better. Thanks!!
  4. Still plenty of time but, if you're definitely coming, please let us know. Since I already laid out the cash, some more attendee funds would be mucho appreciated. Psyched that we're getting quite a few 1st time attendees!!! Awesome!
  5. Yes sir...figured that...it's basically in your back yard! Awesome!!! Plenty of folks around to get going ln2-style! Added the attendee lists to the first post. Thank you to Bones for being the first to pay!!!
  6. Hiya LightningManGTS! Woohoo! Would be great to see you there! Bring whatever hardware you want! Thanks for your kind offer of assistance, may take you up on that hehe Do you know hotrod and Witchdoctor? They're also from right around there. Hope things work out for ya' and you get to make it!
  7. Official sign-ups are now open! https://community.hwbot.org/topic/188548-2019-party-in-pa-official-sign-up-thread/
  8. Hiya folks! Welcome to the official sign-up thread for the 2019 Party in PA! When: 8/23 - 8/25 (welcome get together and hardware setups starting from around 5pm on Thursday 8/22). Open benching will go from around 8am Friday through about 3pm Sunday (we need to be out of the event space by 5pm Sunday). Where: Clarion Hotel and Conference Center Harrisburg West, 148 Sheraton Dr, New Cumberland, PA 17070 tel: (623) 432-0765 https://www.clarionhotelharrisburg.com/ Discount room rates are available, shoot me a pm for the event name to give when you call for a reservation. To get the discounted rate, you'll have to actually call them to make the reservation and give the event name. Rather than work with a sponsor, this year we've decided to self-fund the event. Should be the most relaxed, fun ln2 PA Party so far! Based on the 13 people who said they'll attend, the cost/person for the venue and ln2 (but excluding sleeping rooms) is $185. Total charge for the event space (incl. all taxes, etc) is $1,513 ($1,200 + 19% service charge + 6% tax). The ln2 cost comes out to $897 (ln2, delivery charges, taxes and a $50 tip for the driver). Total to be divided among the attendees is $2,510. $2,510/13= the $185. If more people end up paying, we'll all decide what we want to do with the excess cash and take care of it there/then. Please reply to this thread to sign-up. Once you've signed up, will send you a pm with my email address so you can send your $185. SO excited! Tia attendees!!! Can't wait to see you all! Kind Regards, -Stefan PS- If anyone needs hardware, etc, etc...feel free to post your needs/desires here and hopefully we'll find matches. I know that we'll need plenty o' extension cords so if you can bring some along, it'd be super helpful! Confirmed Attendees: - Bones- paid in full - funsoul- paid - LightningManGTS- paid in full - hotrod717 - yosarianlives - aerotracks - steponz - jiccman1965- paid in full - brutuscat2- paid in full - ClockCruncher - rtsurfer - richiec77 Tentative: - keeph8n - Shadyreaper - niobium615 - Darthresin - Sheppix - Deux - AutisticChris - Samsarulz -
  9. You should come (and bring a setup or 2!)! Really fun and great group. You'll be stunned by how much you can learn from the experienced folks there! PS- Got our ln2 quote! Opening a sign-up thread shortly!
  10. Updated the first post. Clarion Hotel and Conference Center Harrisburg West, 148 Sheraton Dr, New Cumberland, PA 17070 tel: (623) 432-0765 You'll have to call in the reservation and tell them the event name (the hotel asked me not to post it in the open so our rooms don't get picked off by discount searchers). Sending you a pm
  11. Yes sir...that's the plan except Thursday, in addition to setup, we'll meet, eat, drink and be merry. Targeting Friday 7:30am for ln2 delivery then we be rollin'. Depending how merry my Thursday is, may need a volunteer to cover me for tank delivery, delivery guy schmoozing and tipping. You /r guys seem much more sane than me, maybe 1 of you guys could do it if I'm miserable? It's nerdchristmas! Ho-ho-hooo!!!
  12. Hiya Bones! Seeing your comment made me think "where the &@&! is our ln2 quote?!?". Just shot another follow up email to our supplier. We're definitely on. Venue is booked and paid for already. People can contact the venue to make reservations. (I'll add the info to this post tonight). Thanks for checking up on this!
  13. *arf arf!* Thanks Alby! Not horrible for a test shot. Now to figure some things out to get this thing running right hehe
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