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  1. Thanks Alby. Yeah...was somehow hoping but cancelling is the prudent approach. Love the get togethers but not worth the risks to attendees and friends/families atm.
  2. I've been keeping an eye on the situation and, with some sadness, think this year's party will have to be cancelled. Was holding out hope but just don't see covid blowing over any time soon. Thanks to everyone who's attended past events and was looking forward to this one. Hopefully we'll be able to get together again next summer. Kindest regards and best wishes for everyone's health, sanity and happiness in these weird times! -Stefan
  3. Hi Folks! With COVID, we're in a holding pattern atm. We'll keep our eyes on the situation but we may have to put off this year's party. Too early to call it, though....keeping my fingers crossed (we're on lockdown, too Chispy....I'd love to finally meet you!). -Stefan
  4. Working on a new ln2 contact as our regular guy is no longer there. HotRod's investigating. If anyone has a good source in the Harrisburg PA area, please get in touch.
  5. Awesome Moritz!! Was hoping you were in again
  6. Hiya Keep! Yep....know ALLLL about that stuff. Been there, done that, glad it's behind me hehe
  7. Awesome Keith! Thanks for posting this photo! Can't believe that was already 5 years ago. Talk about a motley crew hehe
  8. Awesome! You're gonna love it. Please take the poll!
  9. *Due to the current and near-term outlook for COVID, this year's party is, sadly, cancelled. Hopefully we'll all be back together again next summer. HUGE thanks to all who have participated! Stay safe!* Hey Folks!!! Happy (belated) 2020!! Hope everyone's well and having fun! Life's been great but super hectic on this side. Finally settling down, slowly starting to un-pack the hardware (we recently moved). Looking forward to doing some benching again! Sooo....who's interested in coming to PA this summer?? It'll be the same drill as last year; Harrisburg venue, setup Thursday night, benching Friday - Sunday (room cleaned up and empty no later than 4-5pm), attendees will split all venue and ln2 costs. Have 3 weekends in mind so please take the poll. I'd like to have the weekend determined and a decent count of attendees by next weekend if possible so I can get a lock on the venue and ln2. I'll get venue and ln2 quotes next week so we know the numbers (of course, I'm hoping for the same prices as last year but we'll see). Already excited even though it's still 6 months away but want to give everyone as much advance time as possible. Y'all rock...can't wait to see you. -Stefan
  10. Thanks Dave! Card is now gone. OK to close.
  11. Others may be able to provide more accurate estimates but here's a rough idea.
  12. His cascade's real solid (he's got my NoL build) but it uses one of the older evaps since that's all we could find at the time. Temp is not the normal -100C for 2 stage but closer to -93C since NoL set it up for higher load handing. Who's got new and improved evaps these days?
  13. Selling this card, USA only. Core/mem mods with led readouts. Quick air test at 1.125v (using msi ab only) below. Asking for $60 (or crypto equivalent) incl. shipping or BO. Buyer covers fees. tia!
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