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  1. Thanks Dave! Card is now gone. OK to close.
  2. Others may be able to provide more accurate estimates but here's a rough idea.
  3. His cascade's real solid (he's got my NoL build) but it uses one of the older evaps since that's all we could find at the time. Temp is not the normal -100C for 2 stage but closer to -93C since NoL set it up for higher load handing. Who's got new and improved evaps these days?
  4. Selling this card, USA only. Core/mem mods with led readouts. Quick air test at 1.125v (using msi ab only) below. Asking for $60 (or crypto equivalent) incl. shipping or BO. Buyer covers fees. tia!
  5. I've got a 25L dewar... 07747 zip code.
  6. Some words of caution on Scott. Other than the one on Ebay, I was probably the last person to work with him. Here's the build thread: https://www.overclock.net/forum/133-phase-change/1394585-fsu-souls-build-thread-4.html#/topics/1394585?page=1 The horror story starts on page 7. I ended up getting NoL to take care of it for me and, due to really shoddy work, it basically needed a lot of replacement parts and essentially became a new build from scratch. Might be ok for someone who lives locally, though as they could hound him as/when things go south.
  7. Good on yosarian! Yeah....not having an endless juice supply is a bummmer hehe
  8. wow Allen....HUGE sub! Blasting! Jeez I need to work on my darn efficiency! Congrats again on the mad run and oc skills!
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