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  1. funsoul

    (FS)G.Skill DDR4-3600C19

    PM sent for #1
  2. Thanks Jason! Ugh...guess I should've tried 7zip hehe Thanks sabishiito. Yep...using sky-x
  3. Hiya folks Anyone happen to have an ln2 bios for this board? The one here seems corrupted https://xdevs.com/guide/e299ocg/#biost tia and happy benching!
  4. I've got an extra 35 and 30 so might be able to take care of this for you dude. Vacuum seems solid on both but not 100% sure of an easy way to tell if they're "perfectly working untouch". Also no idea how to properly ship one I'm heading out of town mid next week so wouldn't be able to get anything out until late November / early December. Let's exchange pm's but keep your thread open. If no one sets you up by mid-November and you still need one, we can take it from there.
  5. funsoul

    (FS)Corsair 3600LPX (B-die)

    Darnit. Missed 'em.
  6. funsoul

    [FS][DE/EU] - MONSTER X299 Single Stage Cooler

    Wrong side of the pond but where in the world did you get that insane evap? Any chance of getting one shipped to the US?
  7. funsoul

    EVGABOT and Epower

    Nice! Even still has the plastic film across the display. Practically BNIB
  8. funsoul

    EVGABOT and Epower

    Great price for the combo...surprised it lasted more than a few seconds hehe
  9. funsoul

    [FS] ASUS Rampage Extreme

    Great snag dude! Hehe
  10. funsoul

    [WTB] - Asus OC Panel

    Hiya chispy! I've got an extra, just cover shipping and it's your's man. There are 2 versions, may have an extra of each but please let me know which one or if it matters to you.
  11. funsoul

    [FS][DE/EU] - MONSTER X299 Single Stage Cooler

    Should be np Alby. Bartx sells some really nice vga mounts for use with ss/cascade.
  12. funsoul

    [FS][DE/EU] - MONSTER X299 Single Stage Cooler

    Beautiful and super strong build nachtfalke! Frickin' awesome!
  13. funsoul

    Golden 4790k, G3258, G.Skill TridentX 3000C12 2x4GB DDR3

    Didn't kill the board at the party but learned about a bunch of tweaked and missing pins there. No wonder I had so much trouble getting my chips and ram to run properly 😜
  14. Bummer. Wish I'd read this before (it's not so intuitive to know to do that). I submitted using the actual app Can it be moved to the comp? http://hwbot.org/submission/3939445 Tia!