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  1. funsoul

    Moving sale round 1

    Darnit.. knew I saw one there!
  2. funsoul

    Moving sale round 1

    Cool. Lemme think a bit. Yeah.. would've had you bring it but didn't know you were sellin'
  3. funsoul

    Moving sale round 1

    Hiya yosarianlives! Price on the z77?
  4. I'm here. Nice venue, gorgeous event space!
  5. hehe....yeah...we'll see how many dead carcasses get left at the end of the weekend. Unfortunately, I'm adept at killing nice hardware Thanks Allen! Wish you could be there but we'll do our best at having a good time
  6. Trying to finish packing...SO close now! Aiming to arrive at the Sofitel around 3pm(ish). We should have access to the event space around 5pm for set up. Please bring some extension cords if you have some, we've gotta do some lo-o-o-ng runs. If anyone wants my cell#, shoot me a pm. See ya's in a bit!
  7. Ugh...almost forgot to pack some neoprene, glue and shamwow. Will remember to bring the compressor, too. PS- We're going to need a lot of extension cords so if folks can bring 'em, that'd be a big help. Also...may have a dewar or 2 I can sell at the party...35L wide mouth and 35L or 25L regular...all in minty condition. PM me if interested otherwise I'll leave them home
  8. Slowly getting packed....already put aside the mem and cpu pots for you.
  9. Ni-i-i-i-ce! Greetings to SlackDaddy! 😜
  10. What kind of help do you need? Have an extra cpu pot, ram pot (with heatspreaders), a NB pot for a x48 rex (maybe it'll fit?), an extra digital thermometer and extra temp probes. Those help?
  11. funsoul

    WTB: golden 1150 cpus

    Replied Thank you!!
  12. You are awesome Moritz!!! Thank you!!!!!
  13. Iso flush? Info please...don't know about it. Yep...keep dropping that 1st ddr slot
  14. My Apex IX is kinda dead Anyone who's coming have one? If at all possible, would really appreciate if someone could bring along some ssds for the z270 apex with 7x64, XP, etc. Hoping to have a replacement board in time but not sure I'll have the time to set up all the operating systems tia!!!