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  1. funsoul

    COMPUTEX 2018

    Like with leather boots, chaps and a small whip? 😜
  2. funsoul

    COMPUTEX 2018

    I wish Maybe someday Have fun everyone!
  3. Hi yosarianilives! This is an ok place but I'd suggest that you also post a wanted ad in the marketplace. If they're coming to the party, that'd be great otherwise they could ship it to you. Hopefully you'll find one so you're ready to roll after the party!
  4. If anyone wants to share a room, please let us know here or shoot me a pm so people can get matched up.
  5. Nice yosarianilives!
  6. Yeah...it's just a convenience and partying thing. There are quite a few folks who either live nearby or stay at other places.
  7. The kind folks at EVGA have offered support for the party. They'll be sending a few motherboards, vgas and assorted schwag. Big thank you out to hotrod, Jacob and the evga team!
  8. Excellent! Glad you'll be able to swing by again! Want to bench?? I can bring along an extra cpu (and gpu) pot if you wanna...just let me know.