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  1. funsoul

    Gpupi for cpu: How to set up?

    Thanks! Finally got it running using the intel 18.1 file on z270/7x64. Now to figure out why my result times are about 50% higher than they should be based on cpu speed and ram timings.
  2. funsoul

    Gpupi for cpu: How to set up?

    Thanks bigblock! Yeah...tried them, nada
  3. funsoul

    Gpupi for cpu: How to set up?

    Thanks mat! At launch, I always get the following error:Googled around and found that "the fix" is to copy the opencl.dll files from the amd folders to the system32 and syswow64 folders. That gets gpupi working but my times are horrendous (like 30 places lower than where the chip should score). Take a look at this screenie....cpu is at 6.7GHz, notice there's no opencl version message at the top of the gpupi window and hwinfo failed (I know it's not needed but it's another, likely related issue). Tried on a clean 7x64 build with an nvidia card, installed the intel opencl for visual studio, various c++ but then gpupi wouldn't even open (can't recall that error atm, though). Actually got the app to start once but it threw an error when I tried to start the calculation. Not sure what the heck I'm doing wrong
  4. Ewwww... sorry to hear that MM It was awesome meeting you, the wife and daughter last year. Hope everything's ok with you. You'll be missed. Quick update- I should have the formal ln2 quote in the next few days. If it's in line with expectations, I'll get us locked then create the formal sign up thread. Woohooo!
  5. I and others usually bring extra monitors, psus and peripherals so you'll be all set. We'll make sure to figure out who can bring what for others in the sign-up thread.
  6. Hey!!! Thinking of coming?!? That would be awesome dude! I'll create an actual sign up thread in a week or 2. The space has room for 24+ benchers so no issue there. Think I'll ask each confirmed bencher for $210 to cover the event space and ln2 (actual quote for the ln2 is still pending, I left a voicemail today as a follow up). Think we'll accept attendees up until about a week before the event. If we add extra people and the per person cost drops, I'll either pay people the difference between the $210 and whatever the final per person costs come out to or we'll spend it on food, beverages, a cash prize or something else we all agree on. Hope you can make it!!!
  7. Hi folks! Am SO frustrated!!! I just cannot seem to get this darn thing running. Have tried with both existing as well as sparkling clean builds but keep getting a variety of issues so haven't been able to run this for ages on any platform. Is there a step by step guide? From what I gather, the new intel version of opencl is the most efficient. That said, which darn file(s) do I need? Atm, trying to get it working for z97 but have the same problems on every platform I've tried. What the heck?? Tia!
  8. funsoul

    Benching board for 8700k

    Board snagged. Thanks Mike and all of you who replied! ok to close.
  9. funsoul

    FS: 6565MHz r15 7350k / 6650MHz r15 7700k

    Since Ocvt on Feb.14 requested I place the 7350k on hold for 4 days but has gone silent and has not responded to multiple pm's, the chip is now available again. Feel free to PM with reasonable offers. Definitely open to trades. Atm could use a universal cpu waterblock (must have hardware for socket 2011v1) or golden (high boint) cpus (am3, 775, 1150, 1155). Tia!
  10. funsoul

    [EU] Vga Card / Mainboard

    Typed too quickly before thinking The xpower is z97 not 77
  11. funsoul

    [EU] Vga Card / Mainboard

    Pretty sure I've got an MSI xpower ac
  12. funsoul

    [FS] Apex X Apex IX MOCF's

    Thanks Theodor! PM sent
  13. funsoul

    Looking for Elpida Hypers

    Not sure if they'll meet your needs but have some Kingston blues. Will PM you info in a bit.