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  1. I think alza had a good deal on kingpin overstock a few months ago I am not sure if they have any left.
  2. No longer looking I have decided to go down the path of building one. Thread can be closed.
  3. Okay this thread has derailed already. It sounds like there are no builders left so I will have to either get a used one or build one myself. For the second option where is the best place to get affordable parts for building a system or is it just best to keep using my chiller for pre testing and keep with dice for benching(ln2 is 8$ a liter and am trying to find a new supplier but for now I can't get more)
  4. How are you the units from under the ice? I know they are expensive but are they worth it or should I keep using my ac chiller?
  5. I have a tek slim and a f1 cpu pot but shipping would be high because I am in the U.S
  6. As the title states I am looking to buy a phase change unit (single stage) . Hopefully someone in the United States will have one to keep shipping costs down. Mounting hardware or cad files would be nice to have included but not necessary.
  7. Thank you tagg for the board. Thread can be closed.
  8. I like the idea of no optimal platform. Like s462 ddr frequency.
  9. So after doing some math -70 idle seems more doable. The system will still draw over 3000 watts but I don't pay for electricity where I live so that won't be a problem.
  10. As for cost I already have the TECs except for a few 400 watt ones and I am using dual 40k btu ac units that I got for free. They get 15 gallons down to - 20 in about half an hour. I am going to using it to bin CPU's for super pi 1 million so it will only have load for about 30 seconds at a time. I am not good enough at welding to safely build a r1150 system that won't kill me.
  11. So I have been working on a cascade TEC cooling unit that can get the cold side to well bellow -100c at idle and when a heat load is applied it sits at around -70 at 230 watt load. My plan is to use an ac to cool a water loop as the first loop that will cool a cascade system that I build years ago that can achieve a delta of ~30c from the hot side. My ac unit brings the water down to about -20c which means that if it works as planned the first stage will get down to -50c or so. I plan to use 4 of them to cool pure ethanol to cool my final stage which should get down bellow -100c. My problem right now is any tubing I have tried starts to break at anything bellow -40c. Any suggestions on what I can use would be very helpful.
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