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  1. I have gotten all of my pots on the hwbot forums for an amazing price but it took months of waiting to be able to get them in which time a lot of people might give up and lose interest in going further if they feel like they aren't able to find anything affordable. Homemade pots are affordable but without access to a home shop or maker space it can be hard to do well if you want good performance but pos pots like my home made one is possible for under 20$ if you just want to experiment. The cost of dewars is another factor that stops people but they can be found for less than 150 for 30l if you are patient.
  2. I am selling my vm server as I will no longer need it due to having access to my uni's vm server so I will have a decent amount to spend on it.
  3. I copied the wrong part number that one is V 4.13
  4. How is the cmt4gx3m2a2000c8? There is a kit of 4 on ebay but it is a 60$ I might send them an offer for 40$
  5. He said they are no longer available to me. @websmile How is this for a kit of psc since his kit isn't available. For two sticks it is 50 and 75 for 4. CMT16GX3M4X2133C9 sorry to be such a pain in the ass
  6. I sent a pm, I am just got some bbse and am waiting to hear back about the psc and am looking for gdie. I started a small oc club at my uni and am looking to get some different ic's for people to test.
  7. Would this kit be better CMT16GX3M4X2133C9 for 60$ There is also this kit locally to a family member on crags lists for 75 CMT12GX3M3A2000C9
  8. Is it worth getting or should I try to find known good psc/bbse/rev D
  9. Is all Corsair ver4.13 Samsung 2Gbit rev D? I found a kit of Dominator Platinum CMD16Gx3M4A2400c10 ver 4.13 for 50$ for 4 sticks on a local listing.
  10. I think what we need is an extremely budget dice pot even if it is not amazing having a low cost entry is a way to get more people to stick with it. I made my first dice pot a few years ago out of the copper slug from an intel stock cooler and a copper pipe that i joined jbweld. If there was a pot on the market for sub 150$ I think a lot of people would find it more realistic to invest in the hobby without spending 350$ on a new high end pot.
  11. I am looking for ram that will do well for LGA1150, I am okay with PSC, Samsung, or good bbse. I am willing to trade or do paypal.
  12. I only am selling one 939 board but it is still available. It comes with 2-3 sticks of bh5 250+ mhz and a sick of tccd but for 25$ more you get the an7 with it.
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