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  1. I've been getting my cpu and gpu ones from him but overseas costs for these ones for ram and north bridge cooling makes the planned units too expensive
  2. I'm looking for someone who can make really cheap evaps. I am thinking of something like this https://static.slo-tech.com/12595.jpg but with just a single cut instead of 5 and have it really low profile. I am looking to just cool ram and chipsets with it so the cheaper the better without any need for real load capacity. I am looking for under 30 usd per evap with an initial order of 3-4
  3. As well the amd dual core sata 2 counterpart
  4. I say ban both as this comp is going to turn into an lga 775 comp pretty quickly with all the dual core sata II action
  5. @TaPaKaH what temps does your single stage do? On my single stage I can do 615mhz on most of my wolfdale chips but that is the limit of my p5e3
  6. While he definitely cheats how accurate is fotoforensics? I just did a cinebench run on my laptop and uploaded it to fotoforensics and it put cpuz and the rankings bar in pink
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