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  1. If there is any interest I will put my x399 asrock taichi bundled with a 1920x and 32gb of ram. I won't upload pictures unless there is someone xinterested because I have to turn my vm server off to get to it.
  2. I have only tested up to 4k 12-11-11-28 and it did that perfectly fine with 1.9 volts
  3. Yeah they are in rough shape phy but still work well. To clarify they are not inc with the board I just had them in to make sure the board was fully functional.
  4. @bartx That isn't the stick I am selling I selling the kit I got from @TaPaKaHf. Those sticks are just the first ones I grabbed to make sure all the ram slots were working.
  5. A lot of the older benchmarks are just cpu benchmarks at this point. I think that it might be interesting to give some newer benchmarks globals but keep hardware points for the older benchmark.
  6. 1: DFI NF4 fully working has vaseline on it for insulation but it can be removed if needed. 2: Abit an7 fully working no insulation on it 3: APEX ix fully working and I have a heatsink for it from a dead board that will be included for free, no bent pins. 4: APEX ix fully working, has a few bent pins but it still retains all functionality though it could use a good cleaning in the socket with electronics cleaner. 5. BH5 will bundle it with the nf4 or an7, it can do 250+ but never got around to using it much. 1. 100$ 2. 75$ 3. 100$ 4. 80$ All prices are without shipping. Open to offers everything needs to go as I am limited on space. If you get both apex's for 160 I will throw in a semi dead 7350k for free(one channel dead after delid). The pictures uploaded in the wrong order but I think it is fairly clear what is what. If you have any questions I can clarify.
  7. What was the temp and voltage for the run? With the garbage paste I am using I can't go over 1.87 volts without overheating in 1m
  8. I have three trays left to bin but don't have time until after midterms are over. The fight is on! Good luck and thank you for the challenge it was getting boring without anyone else benching this chip.
  9. It would be better if it didn't die. :'( well got to keep binning I guess!
  10. The chip just died while rebenching so this is where it stops for now.
  11. Finally broke 5ghz with e2810 but I think this is where I end without binning more chips.
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