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  1. Safe to assume this list is final or close to final for 2021?
  2. While I agree with that being a good rule is it easier to detect in pcmark 10 than vantage or 07? I think it would be pretty obvious if someone with a hard drive was getting way higher speeds than they should but with fast ssd arrays it might be a bit harder to tell?
  3. I'd use a bigger compressor around 20cc, switch to either r404 or 507, step up cap tube to 0.8mm maybe even a bit bigger depending on what size compressor you go with. And if the compressor can handle it run te suction in a mild vacuum for lower temps.
  4. Got a kit if you are still looking
  5. Title says it all. Send me your offers.
  6. It is single rank so maybe just part of a liver?
  7. I was referring to ram cache which kind of kills the need for actually good hardware for 1/3 of the bench and is allowed on current pc marks. Edited to remove confusion
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