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  1. It is a moot point as he is going to drop a real score soon and leave the rest of us even more in the dust and I am sure he will have full cpuz version visible. In b4 1fps on ln2
  2. Maybe with Fermi cards to really heat things up.
  3. Maybe we can do a stage of g3258+hd 5450 they are both very cheap and should be available globally.
  4. I understand that comps can't be built around me and I don't expect them to be. I didn't really think of the fact that a lot of new people already have am 4 systems, that is a really good point that makes me vote for am4. I do like the idea of gpu comps with only gpu score taken into account so it can be run on lots of different systems but as you said there aren't many new ones.
  5. I think for cheapaz chips anything from the last 3 years is too expensive imo. If it is a 3000g that they choose for the comp I will be priced out of the comp before it even starts, I don't have any am4 stuff so I would have to pick up a chip, board and b die. Just my two cents on the subject.
  6. As much as I love 775 and I truly do. I think it is used quite a lot in comps. It might be nice to see something new.
  7. I would love to see NVIDIA 6100 integrated graphics with limitations of no ddr2 and only socket 754. The boards are less than 20$ and most of the time come with a cpu and ram. It could be interesting to see a board with integrated graphics in a comp.
  8. I personally vote having 3-4 subs for each stage but that is just my opinion.
  9. Up for sale is my world record G470. Looking for 100 for just the chip and 120 for the chip and 2-4 others that I did not test but are from good batches from my testing. 0.62 and above should be easy enough to do with better sub timings and a different os. I am also willing to trade just let me know what you have got. Results here. https://hwbot.org/submission/4332981_mythical_tech__hwbot_x265_benchmark___4k_celeron_g470_0.619_fps https://valid.x86.fr/dg74vq
  10. It is 1150 in the second stage and can hold - 97c with this chip because it puts almost no heat off. With a core 2 quad it holds - 94c under cinebench. This g470 could run with cascade temps without a shim after some voltage changes in the bios but it didn't improve from - 20c water so I think the board is the limit. The chip might be able to do 112 fsb with a better board
  11. Thank you everyone, the chip should be able to get 0.62+ but I need to tune the ram some more and strip the os
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