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  1. Not only that, I have the best 9900KS SP105 I have ever seen so far higher than. 9900ks M11A lv8 1.25 55r15 10900kf M12A lv6 1.15 53r15 socket sense=1.17 M12A lv6 1.2 54r15 socket sense=1.22
  2. The water temperature was 22 degrees when we started the test, and in ten minutes it would rise to around 26 degrees. The above picture shows the water temperature you can see for yourself.
  3. m12a llc lv5 or z490 godlike llc auto 55/52 r23 or fpu 1.37 socket sense 1.3 vcc sense 1.24 die sense 360AIO NZXT Z73 water 22°
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