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  1. hello mcmanus9442, checked my notes regarding this bench - P-cores 60@1.42V | E-cores 48@1.27V | cache 50 | AVX ratio 0 | load line calibration -75%
  2. hello Hwbot crew Hope you are well. Contacted the discord server support channel and received some information regarding this issue. Apparently the way how achievements are reached was updated recently (a few weeks ago), achievements are now to be run only at the end of the season and not when the user reaches the achievement throughout the year. Apparently It is a new feature of 2024 (unfortunately still a bit buggy since some users are getting the achievements and others aren't ) If it was implemented a few weeks ago, we are getting user achievements as of yesterday still.
  3. Hello HWBot crew Hope you are well. I have observed the level 8 (top 10) achievements behaving as expected, eg user reaches top 10 on his league and user achievements are reflected. It may be that level 9 (top 3) achievements are not working properly or related to my user not propagating the user achievements properly. It is the 2nd time in the past 2 weeks I have reached top 3 on the league and it is still not reflected on the user achievements. Best.
  4. Hello HWBot crew Hope you are well. I have reached an overall position, again the personal achievements are not updated. Personal achievements may have worked up to 4th March 2024. Best.
  5. Hello HWBot crew Hope you are well. I have reached an overall position, unfortunately the personal achievement is not yet updated. Regarding the hwbot my achievements board, how often is it updated? Best.
  6. @Gawl86 there is one surfaced on eBay . Com https://www.ebay.com/itm/404773858769 Sorry, for parts or not working.
  7. hello, new benchmate has gpupi tweaks and open cl 3 support. dont know if the board or imc, fails mem train at blck 100, for mem training i set blck lower to 99.5 and then in os set to 100.
  8. my first binned cpu, from alza 5.3ghz 1.35v. love it. it was colder that day. normal ambient can do 5.4ghz ycruncher. keep on pushing.
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