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  1. luakri

    User BC1 Builds

    @marcoliu thank you for posting pictures with a great macro exposure, it really illustrates the situation. Yes, the psu corner shroud is a bit annoying. Could only fit the screws in opposite sides.
  2. luakri

    User BC1 Builds

    @marcoliu glad to hear that you managed to install the Corsair SF600 Gold securely. Looking forward to see pictures of your BC1 Mini build soon. @Trouffman @Xyala Regarding the BC1 Mini integration with Corsair SF600 Gold, both me and @marcoliu had issues securing the psu to the BC1 Mini, can this be a isolated incident with this psu?
  3. @marcoliu Yes, the PSU is heavy enough to balance the weight of the watercooling setup, do not recommend assembly of the stand/radiator/liquid without the PSU to balance the table. Only "imbalance" experienced was when for testing/building purposes I tried to cause it by pushing the table downwards with some strength at the table watercooling end, since the weight of the watercooling table end it did balance with the weight of the psu.
  4. Hello all Creating this thread for support and feedback regarding the [DIY] 360 Radiator Horizontal Stand. The [DIY] 360 Radiator Horizontal Stand build log and sources are available at https://openbenchtable.com/community/diy-360-radiator-horizontal-stand/ Source files include 360 Radiator Horizontal Stand for OBT v1 and OBT v1.1 Tested and produced - 360 horizontal stand 360 for OBT v1 Untested - Designs for OBT v.1.1 Notes: Looking for OBT v.1.1 owners to volunteer to test the 360 designs for v1.1. Source files also include untested designs for 420, 480 and 560 radiator sizes for the OBT v1 Adobe Illustrator CC 2018 master file allows users to change the horizontal stand and grill pattern if they wish. Prototype for untested designs for OBT v1.1 and 420, 480 and 560 radiators: Print without scaling or at 100% scale in thick paper: match the radiator and the horizontal stand holes. match the horizontal stand and the OBT holes. If all is well please reply and publish pictures of your build in this thread. Keep on pushing!
  5. luakri

    User BC1 Builds

    @Trouffman Congrats to the team for making the OBT possible, it is a great platform with tremendous potential.
  6. luakri

    User BC1 Builds

    The slack of the cables it is a illusion, the cables themselves are kind of stiff and it was a very tight fit, I still wish they were a tiny bit longer. You are correct, the motherboard does have a bit of 'sagging'.
  7. luakri

    User BC1 Builds

    @marcoliu - hope you are well. It was the plastic shroud around the button, not the button itself but the little shroud around the button that conflicted with the vertical legs. Solved it by force and multiple tries i guess, yes it is quite secure now. The default stock length of the cables of the SF600 were a very tight fit, I would like to have 2 or 3 cm more, yes they are stiff but not too much. I am indeed a proud owner of a BC1 silver and a BC1 Mini silver, can't recommend both enough.
  8. luakri

    User BC1 Builds

    A build with the Open Benchtable BC1 Mini in pcpartpicker. The BC1 Mini is gorgeous. https://uk.pcpartpicker.com/b/HrpG3C
  9. luakri

    Here is my OBT - #79

    @Uing07 With the new forum moved to the new structure, your build pics are no longer being displayed. Would you consider adding your build pictures in https://pcpartpicker.com And add a link to your build to the topic User BC1 Builds? Best
  10. luakri

    [Worklog] The First OBT in South America :)

    @andressergio - I am a subscriber to Uruguay OC on Youtube and Facebook, and i must say i love your builds and your reviews. With the new forum moved to the new structure, your build pics are no longer being displayed. Would you consider adding your build pictures in https://pcpartpicker.com And add a link to the build to the topic User BC1 Builds? Best
  11. luakri

    User BC1 Builds

    A great BC1 build named Benchy McBenchface found by @marcoliu is now in pcpartpicker at https://pcpartpicker.com/b/TZXPxr The sky is the limit with the BC1.
  12. luakri

    BC1 Mini Power Supply size

    @marcoliu - Recently I have built a system in OBT Mini, and main factors for me regarding PSU choice was warranty, wattage and looking at psu reviews. The SF 600 has great reviews. Also Silverstone SFX PSU like the SX800-LTI or SX700-LPT have 3 year warranty while the Corsair SF 600 has 7 year warranty.
  13. luakri

    [INFO] OBT / BC1 in retail channels

    @marcoliu - Found a picture of the system in one of mine HWBOT Submissions https://hwbot.org/submission/3783639_ I7 6700k Delidded - Sycthe Mugen 5 - 5.1ghz with 1.47v at 75°C max load Best Luakri
  14. luakri

    [INFO] OBT / BC1 in retail channels

    Hello @marcoliu, the OBT Mini that I have bought serves as multi purpose build in my living room eg htpc / living room computer / games. Love the OBT and the OBT Mini is adorable. Will post pics for the build in pcpartpicker soon. List of components Maximus Impact VIII I7 6700k (Delidded) Scythe Mugen 5 (push pull Noctua NF F12) (handles 5.1ghz and 1.47v with the 6700k above and beyond) Nvidea 980 4gb Corsair SF 600 Samung 850 pro Best
  15. luakri

    [INFO] OBT / BC1 in retail channels

    Bought a OBT Mini at a online retailer in the United Kingdom (quietpc.com), it has all the OBT versions in stock and can ship worldwide. https://www.quietpc.com/search?q=bench