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  1. So if the Bus Speed is at stock setting (100x) on Intel's K cpus then the results would be valid? Or would those results still be blocked?
  2. What about dual core processors? Can they run just the default selected threads or would that run be considered a bugged run?
  3. Okay, so could I run the thread count out of order to fix/make the pwds chked run in ascending order?
  4. How/why is it a bugged run? I ran the thread count divided by my core count (2) to equal an even number.
  5. Okay...so would this be a bugged run? I'm running this on my 2 core intel laptop and made sure none of my tc/cc=odd number.
  6. I guess I'll rerun the benchmark. Also, most (if not all) the submissions should be removed because of bugged runs.
  7. Whoops! I was thinking 28 not 58. On my phone it looked like 28.
  8. I'm just saying that there were a few submissions that won't be deleted because (and I quote) "they were submitted before the rule change". That quote had to do with other cpu and gpu benchmarks alike. If that's the case then my score should not have been blocked/deleted! HWBOT needs to be more consistent with what scores they block/delete.
  9. So a score before this find can still be deleted? If so then you guys need to check every (and I mean EVERY) score and delete scores that don't follow the rules (ie no system pics or false cooling) stuff like that. Going by what GENiEBEN, my score is legit because came on an even number...#58 (58/2=14). Most people don't read the forums...only the rules to do the benchmark. If it's not written in the rules then you guys can't remove/delete a score because of something in a forum but not in the rules.
  10. One of the moderator's (Christian Ney) has blocked/deleted one of my results. Specifically this result: http://hwbot.org/submission/2493048_yamaharacer19_ucbench_2011_core_2_p8400_(2.26ghz)_307.1_mpt_score Here's why they did that: "Make sure your Pwds. Checked are in ascending order, otherwise it is a bugged score." As you can see in my SS, my results window shows in ascending order, as well as the link to the results at the creator's website: http://anrieff.net/ucbench2011/viewitem.php?id=5524 I have looked through the rules of this benchmark and I never changed benchmark mode. All I changed was the thread count and instruction set. Please review my case and if you have questions, I'll be glad to answer them for you as well. Thanks.
  11. Okay...so tweaks that increase scores are not allowed? What about the 2D Transparent Window tweak? Or the Web Page Rendering tweak? Or what about drive switching? Are those not allowed too? All of them are allowed bro. BTW, don't jump to conclusions that my score is invalid when I used my friend's ramdisk while at a LAN party he was hosting.
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