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  1. I will probably be in, but may have to source another SDR board. The only one I have has decided to be a d1ck.
  2. Lemme know if you change your mind. I know you from OCA as well.
  3. Why is everybody showing max GPU temp? Should be showing min GPU temp. I see chilled setups in rig pics and max GPU temps in the 20-30c range. That suggests below 0 min GPU temp to start with. Should have stuck to your guns and left it air only.
  4. Crack didn't happen in shipping, IMO, based on pics.
  5. Known bug. Never been fixed.
  6. Already done. 4x is no problem @ 320/288. Doesn't make much difference in score though. CPU is a big bottleneck.
  7. That's the way it's been since inception though. You're just bringing this up now?
  8. I'm booting at 110 FSB, so PCI is roughly 38MHz. PCI limit is roughly 44 MHz. Problem is board gets cranky around 117 FSB. Need to get into the 1/4 divider but I don't think the CPU is up to it on air only.
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