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  1. I'll rephrase that. Jon, socket A is one of the easier platforms to cheat..... and not get caught. Anyhow, we are drifting from the topic now. Back on track.
  2. FWIW: Jon, socket A is one of the easier platforms to cheat. I consider TR to be an expert in that platform also.
  3. What happened? All Mem frequency points are skewed badly.
  4. TR - We are old school. I could do the same thing, but we can not underestimate. Personal integrity means more to me anyway, just as it does for you I'm sure.
  5. Don't use those excuses. Nobody was competitive when they first started, and nobody spoon fed any tweaks. You have to figure out some stuff by yourself. If you're not willing to put the time in, it ain't for you. As far as expense, old hardware is a cheap learning experience, and you upgrade as you can afford it. Just like any other hobby.
  6. Quick question Why does HWB even support XTU anymore anyway? I mean, you get nothing from it. No Intel support, no monetary support, virtually no active members after their 1 sub, and nothing but questions from irate users that don't understand. HWB needs to separate themselves completely IMO, to move on.
  7. Another icon exiting the room. Sorry to see this Steli. Drop by W9 sometime.
  8. Can't have 2 versions of BM on the same drive.
  9. Only one way. No leagues sorted by cooling method. 2 leagues. Pro, and everybody else.
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