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  1. Just knock off the warning and save it again. Most of the time it'll save the second time.
  2. Yes, but you're probably right. Way too much load on the server to make it worth it.
  3. There isn't. But that's ok. Still would like to see teams ranked using only active members.
  4. How 'bout we not use those inflated numbers anymore. Use only active members. Let's get a real snapshot of how the leagues stand up. That includes the team league.
  5. New year started. Those points are gone. Would still be nice to have them added into career though.
  6. I agree with Chris. He is no hero for this. Either way he looks like a champ. Caught = looks like a hero for showing the exploit (an already known exploit) again not caught = hundreds of free worthless points that everybody (and nobody) cares about
  7. Greece did very well for only the few guys that benched. You have to be happy about that.
  8. Fucking awesome. I love UFO. Movie in first vid was Vanishing Point BTW.
  9. VoltageFactory_by_AwardFabrik.zip
  10. I'm sure there are W9 subs in the CC bro. As a matter of fact, almost every single active W9 member has subs in for their respective countries. That in itself is commendable. See, we just like to bench too. You give yourself too much credit. Nobody thinks of it as benching for you.
  11. LOL. it's impossible to structure only LN2 benchers for team events. Shit like that is what puts off other potential members from even putting subs in. Nobody is going to waste their time if they know a half a dozen guys will just buy whatever hardware is needed and LN2 it all. People need to feel involved and appreciated, not kicked to the curb because they don't LN2. THAT's why you're a shitty organizer. In the last couple years that you tried to step into that leadership role, US participation has actually declined. People don't like you. You're abrasive and conniving. Sometimes the truth hurts.
  12. You're out of your fucking mind. W9 is the most active benching TEAM in HWB. And has been for years.
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