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  1. No it's not. It's just not your normal level headed stage. It's out of character for you. I will prep the DRE board.
  2. I only have a dual socket also. Plus, I really can't stand the board. Gives me fits. Turns this stage into an odd hardware required stage. Not sure I feel too good about that..........and I like the odd stuff.
  3. Wow. I will have to dig out the K8N-DRE. I'm pretty sure Mr.Paco has a dual board 8 socket 940 rig. You're making a mistake here Alb.
  4. He made a mistake. You know better than that.
  5. Do not know if there is an actual difference but, some boards clock better on certain ratios than others. My examples: AN7 clocks better on a 6:6 ratio NF7 clocks better on a 5:5 ratio All my DFI's seem to clock better at 1:1 300.7 was tough to get, but I highly doubt Stelios tried to beat the system, if you will. It not his way.
  6. Which consists of ?.....................................points algorithm ?
  7. Patch solved my stutter problem on my 4650. Thanks for that. Also, 4650 runs on cat 8.6 just fine. 8.6 is what was supplied on the setup disk.
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