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  1. Gigabyte has their own Easy Tune software for that.
  2. FWIW, I've been doing CPU tabs for both sockets on all my SR-2 subs since the begining. Figured it was just a common sense requirement.
  3. Merge them. They are all classified as MS-7125. Up to the user to find the better variants to bench. Just like any other piece of hardware.
  4. He was asking for me. He has more clout.
  5. No dogpile. There is no skill at all. You run everything you own at stock. It's purely a hoarder's stage. I'm a hoarder and I'm saying this, so you know it's a crap stage.
  6. That what he says about Russians. lol
  7. Max under load was 10c. Does 2800 @ 1.95v, have not tested any further than that. I actually have 2 of them. Think I have a 2880 sub off this CPU somewhere. Same voltage.
  8. No point. You can just run it for a little while after you run the bench and before your screenshot. No different than a faked rig pic.
  9. Not in bundle, I would be interested in your Winbond kits. Keep me in mind.
  10. Thank you. I'm on a 704 modded bios, and personally, I think it stinks. Totally optimized for TCCD and none of the half multi's work. Will try the stock bios before I mod my own BH-5 optimized one.
  11. Has to be the chipset driver you're using, or the OS. I have current valids on all of those platforms. Only platforms I have to use the 'classic' version on are 462 and older, and I have valids on those also.
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