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  1. By the time any of this happens the old guys will be dead and gone. It's been what, almost 2 years since this thread started, and what has really been done? Talk is cheap, and patience is in short supply.
  2. It's coring down. A rose by any other name is still a rose. Nobody is fooling anybody here.
  3. It's not the same comparison bro. HWBots own rules, you can core up but not core down. Right now, you are coring down these new chips.
  4. In my own storage drive. I store a couple thousand bios's for older hardware.
  5. Pretty sure this is it. Flaming_20Blade_5CBIOS_5C8C9F1P10.zip
  6. Fouquin has a bunch of nice vintage hardware. Video card collection is envious.
  7. There seems to be a bug on the Opteron 940 platform core count. Doesn't seem to matter what count you enter, it just puts them where ever it wants. Can you edit these subs to 2x please. https://hwbot.org/submission/4836414_mr.scott_wprime___32m_opteron_890_13sec_671ms https://hwbot.org/submission/4836413_mr.scott_wprime___1024m_opteron_890_7min_25sec_640ms
  8. Still can't get no comp points for TC. Thought that was fixed.
  9. Sorry, but TC was a little on the newer side this year. Would really like OSIBS to return, but I understand why. Same half a dozen guys are the only players.
  10. You can come to W9 anytime. We'd be glad to have you.
  11. I wasn't joking. My post was not meant any other way than I wrote it. It was about changing teams and exchanging members after the comp has started. That's all. I couldn't care less what country it was or what it's name is.
  12. I always thought you were not allowed to change teams or exchange members after the comp has started anyway. Not primarily talking about this team either.
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