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  1. You mean with the tool like it ? BTW.OK.Even if sensors are lying,i set Voltage Throttle to the max,and receive always 82 Celcius score even if Temperature Priorioty is set OFF. So.... I give up
  2. Tell me.How You score with that VOLTAGE ? + 0.25 mV ? You even do not need H2o cooling for that. We really need Your help
  3. Problem is that I use Nvidia Inscpector and with Enginering Bios (XOC) even if I will push the pedal to the metal means Voltage Throttle MAX right,I noticed on sensors only 1.212 V. Not more
  4. Thanks rsnubje Encounter 2 limits : 1.Voltage : 1.2 2.Temperature : 78 C. without hardware modification is somehow possible to pass it ?
  5. Bios succesfully flashed Thank You Guys So if I will set in Nvidia Inspector : Priority Temperature to do not exceed 90 C ? I will be safe ? i know stoopid question
  6. Thanks a lot. Trying to upload. On the BIOS of SLV7 my Titan was at temp. level MAX 83C.And Fans Power : MAX 70 % What do You think ? What is maximum allowed temperature to do not burn our babies ?
  7. 2 last questions : 1.Command -4 is not listed on NVFLASH command list.I got only -5 and -6.Why ? Do I have some old NvFlash ? 2.--index=0 ? You mean that it will point correct PCI port and card located in 2nd port ? Titan is located in 2nd port and has nr 1.That's why I always use command nvflash -i1 romname.rom. So as I understand it shall be --index=1 ? in my case.
  8. Can You give me full line command pls ? for example : Nvflash -i1 GK110XOC.rom (with Your -4 -5 -6 : where to put it?) (i have to use -i1 because i've got Titan in 2nd PCI port,0 is for rescue card). so it shall look : nvflash -i1 -4 -5 -6 GK110XOC.rom ?
  9. I cannot upload this ENG.BIOS to my Asus/message : WARNING : Firmware image PCI Subsystem ID <10DE.8451. does not match adapter PCI Subsystem ID <1043.8451>. ERROR : PCI Subsystem ID mismatch.
  10. Sorry Guys. I have problem with this BIOS. I've got ASUS GTX Titan and cannot flash it with NVFlash. I've got message : WARNING : Firmware image PCI Subsystem ID <10DE.8451. does not match adapter PCI Subsystem ID <1043.8451>. ERROR : PCI Subsystem ID mismatch. ____________ So what I have to do to flash it ? Some special command in NVFLASH to push to flashing ?
  11. Last question : Can You somehow send me BIOS which You used.Because this one which I found on net... http://forum.hwbot.org/archive/index.php/t-71489.html I cannot flash it. What Iam doing wrong ?
  12. You explain me that exactly post above.This SHI**Y GPUZ LYING. Now my Titan is in service because I upload wrong BIOS,but when I receive it again i will try You enginering BIOS. Its allowed for ASUS ? or just for all Titans and I do not have to worry about uploading him ?
  13. Just kidding DUDE. Tell me.What t... is with that GPU-Z that he showed uncorrect readings. F.E.My sets are higher than Yours,but its not true. As we can see You scored higher. It depends of what ?
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