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  1. From research. 7800GS 16P G70/G71 (G71 is very rare) 7800GS 20P G70/71 7800GS 24P G71 Thes rest don't exist. Oh and the unlocking part there is a very very rare chance they do , haven't seen it myself on any of my cards should be G71 cards only. Maybe split them into 3 subs or have separate subs for the gainward cards as the original 7800GS spec was 16 pixel pipes 6 Vertex all of the other card makers either called there cards the proper names like 7900GS and 7950GT The 24 pipe gainward is supposed to be rare anyway only 10000 ever produced or something so they shouldn't be a lot out there especially the special edition one I own with 500/700 clocks. It clocks high and smokes the proper 7950 GT
  2. 7800GS AGP needs to be split into 3 diffrent subs 7800GS WITH 16 PIPES G70 7800GS WITH 20 PIPES made by gainward G71/G70 ( Basicaly 7800GT/7900GS) 7800GS WITH 24 PIPES made by gainward G71 (Basicaly 7950GT 7900GT) Currently 7800gs agp submissions are overun by Gainward GS cards with 24 pipes you have no chance beating anyone with a refrence 7800gs 16p Sometimes 7800gs 16 pipe can be unlocked to 20 pipes but this is rare if this is done it needs to be declared in the sub knowlegable about all the 7800gs cards so feel free to contact me if u need pics of the cards Ash
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