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  1. Ticket ID: 1096 Priority: High I have found this card and will be doing a few submissions. It\'s an AGP 4x /8x not Pcie
  2. I have encountered a 512mb AGP 4x version of this card. In order to make my submissions I can only submit under the pcie section. If an adjustment can be made please feel free to pm me.
  3. Where's the points for motherboards? They aren't all the same right? Neither are the BIOS mods for those boards.
  4. Started back in '05...when I found OCN. Actually I found XS 1st but you guys were a little too elite for me then. Umm yeah, it was a socket 462 athlon 2200 and I had a crappy MSI KT4V-L mobo that only let me go up to 1.9ghz. I used to try to run benches with a Asus fx5200 magic 128mb card...llooll!!! soon it became the 1st A64 2800+ and the infamous DFI nf3 250GB and I posted a 2737mhz OC, and people on OCN were crying foul and saying all i had was a SS with CPUZ...that's when I found the rest and just kept it movin.
  5. Pro and Amatuer leagues is a good idea. If a person is getting pre-released and/or fresh equipment from a vendor, sure it's an unfair advantage if they have time to test out the best possible configuration before posting. Heaven forbid if I have the time and connects to have LN2 trucks stop by my house once a week, lol, this wouldn't be a conversation I'd be involved in if it were true. Air,Water,and Extreme is how I would break it down, and whoever mentioned video...I'm down with that too. As far as stock air cooling being separate, well....if you can put together a $600-1000 rig to post benc
  6. Hello all, I took some time off because of the birth of my daughter (she's 3 years old now), but I felt it was time to return. I expected my rankings to diminish with the fact that I have not overclocked in some time now with any submissions. However, I noticed that a particular individual wanted to "critique" my submissions after a period of at least one year. The rules for the submissions in 2007 were not identical as in 2008,and naturally I don't own or hoard my equipment after I'm done testing so there is no way to duplicate a memory timing shot from 3 years ago. So Jona101 and demiorg
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