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  1. They cover and explain even the smallest details, if missed could cause lot of frustration for the learner. Also they don't skip any repetitive work and leave things to the imagination,jvzoo academy review instead that is all shown in the videos.

  2. LMFAO ROFL awesome James better watch out Gigabyte might have you rapping at public events now
  3. wow with amount of 51x max multi cpus, i have to count myself lucky maxing at 52x but that's it for my 2600K L038A660 - 5ghz 1.38v but 5.2ghz max 32M pi http://i4memory.com/blogs/eva2000/46-intel-core-i7-2600k-l038a660-gigabyte-p67a-ud7.html
  4. bump still a problem at my end http://i4memory.com/f76/hwbot-unigen-heaven-basic-dx9-xtreme-preset-dx11-benchmarks-25238/ simplier names without brackets would be better
  5. k seems my browser or site is removing the brackets http://i4memory.com/f76/hwbot-unigen-heaven-basic-dx9-xtreme-preset-dx11-benchmarks-25238/
  6. what's the app names for maxmem and unigen ? as i tried these and the same app name not found [noparse] Unigine Heaven - Basic Preset (DX9) [hwbot=i4memory.com,unigine_heaven_-_basic,20]teamrank[/hwbot] Unigine Heaven - Xtreme Preset (DX11) [hwbot=i4memory.com,unigine_heaven_-_xtreme,20]teamrank[/hwbot] [/noparse] also tried unigine_heaven_-_basic_preset_(dx9) and unigine_heaven_-_xtreme_preset_(dx11)
  7. Curious is the tags have been enabled for maxmem and unigen yet ?
  8. what discontinuing xmp api NOOOO after I finally figured out to how to properly filter/check your xml feed for validity before overwriting the local cache xml version heh but yeah i understand the demand isn't that great and leaving the option to cache xml feed of hwbot.org up to end users is risky in case overload hwbot.org servers it's been a great learning experience getting revision 4 php code to work with hwbot xml api. Had some problems it seems that if hwbot api xml feed is called from http://www.hwbot.org the xml file i cache locally is corrupted with 400 bad request. If called from non-www hwbot.org link the xml file is cached locally without problem ! Got the wordpress <p> issue fixed http://i4memory.com/wp/hwbot-team - decided to just bypass the front end and go right into template code - also will be able to pull in custom api xml data on the page - well until you discontinue the feed
  9. i meant for example wprime 32mb 1. PURE 2. teamname2 3. teamname3 etc etc so we see how each team ranks in individual benchmarks Also can't see to get blog/html code to work in wordpress 2.9.2 created pages ? It's just blank http://i4memory.com/wp/hwbot-team ? edit okay see my problem line breaks in the code heh for some strange reason wordpress wants to add a <p> replacement for this part of the code hmmm okay found problem had to disable wordpress from auto removing and hiding paragraph tags but wordpress readds them lol
  10. thanks for all the hard work i take it team members ranked according to benchmark app is still no longer recorded ?
  11. haha true.. or you could pre-package a whitebox external edition for a license fee for folks wanting more customisation on their own forum/site. Another revenue stream to keep hwbot operating financially
  12. ah cool seems can't set to list top 20 ? [noparse][hwbot=,20]teamranking[/hwbot][/noparse]
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