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  1. @_mat_ I have downloaded the "AMD APP SDK 3.0 (OpenCL 2.0)" file and during the installation, I have selected the first option "OpenCL Runtime libraries", but still no option to select my CPU at the benchmark. Maybe I have to install something more?
  2. Hey guys, I am using an Ryzen 3600x on a x570 and everything was fine while using Win10 and benchmate 0.93 for the last 2 months. Suddenly,.during the last 2-3 days benchmate gets stuck while launching. I noticed at the task manager that the client64 process gets suspended. The only way to fix it is to open the resource monitor, find the process and resume it. I have to do this now every time I want to run it and the same happens when I launch a benchmark through benchmate, which makes the whole thing almost unusable. Is there anyone else with a similar problem? Is it a windows virus, maybe a new Windows update caused this? Tried with benchmate 0.10 too, renamed also the app folders, no change.
  3. whenever I run the test with Benchmate on my ryzen 3600x I always get an invalid result, because the HPET timer is skewed. Anyway to solve this problem?
  4. Recently I started getting this message of Invalid Result at Benchmate's result: HPET TIMER/SKEWING: HPET32, 14.32Mhz, 1288344193844090.75ms Skewed What is wrong with my Ryzen 3600x?
  5. @cbjaust Yes I have an Radeon 570, but i don't plan to install older VGA drivers just to run this bench.Thanks anyway @macsbeach98 I just need the Amd opencl. All i find online is the whole SDK at almost 300mb. There is not a simple driver file or something?
  6. How to run this bench for the CPU? When I click the Calculate menu, it only allows me to select my Graphics card, so I can't run it for the CPU.
  7. Please add this CPU: Amlogic M802 Quad-Core Cortex-A9 1.99 GHz CPU-Z validation valid.x86.fr/a/w7anp8
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