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  1. Thank u for your reply. Both tools look interesting. But I would like to know more about the differences between them. For example, you are mentioning that SMUDebugtool can change the Multi. But this is also what Zenstates can do, right? And about the PBO, where should I set the PBO limits? Are u talking about the BIOS?
  2. I managed to install Win7 at my x570 with Ryzen 3600x. Everything works fine except Ryzen Master. People suggested in other threads to try v.14, but this doesnt work for me. Any other app for ocing inside windows?
  3. I followed the instructions here:https://www.win-raid.com/t4960f52-Solution-Win-Drivers-for-USB-Controllers-of-new-AMD-Chipset-Systems-10.html#msg104403 and it seems that I have win7 installed at a new M2 disc, but there is no way to boot in that system.I have a Gigabyte x570 mobo with a ryzen 5 3600x. Even if I select to boot into safe mode, I see the drivers getting loaded and then my system justs reboots.On my computer there are active 2 more installations of Win10, both running from a 850 SSD disc.
  4. Thank u mate for all your support. Can u please explain me if this version at this photo is with a purchased version of the app or how else is the 64bit running?
  5. Currently only Gb 5 is available and maybe Gb 4. I can find through other sites only 3.3.2, but not 3.4.2 that many people are using.
  6. Hello everyone, I see that many members are using the Geekbench 3.4.2 version, but I can't find it anywhere for downloading. I would appreciate it if someone can share it. Thanks
  7. Hey I am interested too. What drivers do I need for setting up a win7 system for 3600x on a x570 mobo?
  8. How to submit Wprime scores through Benchmate 0.1.0 ? It doesn't save the data file that can be uploaded.
  9. Please add this CPU: Amlogic M802 Quad-Core Cortex-A9 1.99 GHz CPU-Z validation valid.x86.fr/a/w7anp8
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