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  1. I.nfraR.ed

    AM3 RAM OC?

    I use AMD Overdrive and usually up 5 MHz at a time.
  2. Sorry if anyone interpreted my post the wrong way, it wasn't anything personal. It was totally unrelated to any score posted or any other post in the thread. @Bullant Your efficiency is pretty good. I have improved my score at same settings on new OS, still have to drop a second, but my good 1090T died. Will try the other one later.
  3. I.nfraR.ed

    AM3 RAM OC?

    On my 970A-UD3 I can't POST with Deneb with Hypers > 850 or so and have to work my way up in windows. No matter the settings, it always goes to fail-safe if I set memory clock at anything higher than 850. It seems Sam encountered the same. It's not an easy board to bench. Recently I've bought 990FXA-UD3 rev 1.2 and it is very similar in efficiency, but setting mem frequency works as expected and can boot bench settings without the need of adjusting refclock within windows, which in fact doesn't always work on 970A - sometimes it hard-locks before reaching target frequency. I've noticed 970A worked with 1090T and Hypers at 947C6 straight from bios, however the CPU died. Don't know the reason, but I suspect CPU-NB voltage. I was running 3550-3600 1.55V for extended period of time on chiller and positive temps. Perhaps the board overshoot it, or it just died due to the stress conducted from running at that voltage on other boards.
  4. I.nfraR.ed

    Looking for Elpida Hypers

    Probably a bad board, especially if no high voltages used. Can't be 100% sure, but my Hypers are still ok after benching on AM3 numerous times. I'm the one who "resurrected" one of my GTX2 sticks 2 or 3 times, but as far as I understood his problem is a little different. As for the SPD flashing, I've found a second board that boots with one good and one dead stick - Crosshair V Formula. The good stick doesn't really need to be Hyper-based, a random one works too, as long as you have the needed SPD file saved on the drive.
  5. This whole monitoring doesn't do much, except showing min/max temperature and min/max core clock at the time of taking the screenshot, basically displaying values in a finite period of time, which doesn't necessary match the time frame when the bench was running. So in other words, it doesn't really prevent cheating, unless it's obvious from the screenshot. I guess everyone is playing fair, but that just came up in my mind.
  6. If you have enabled the Internal PLL Overvoltage, than it's game over. For easier testing leave just 2 cores active, so you have better chance to rule out voltage/temp. I don't remember if there were CPUs which didn't need PLL Overvoltage enable untill x53, best I found myself were couple of x55 CPUs.
  7. I.nfraR.ed

    Zen SuperPI 32M 5G/4G Challenge

    Nice, eliminated the competition, haha. Try it, it was long time ago and I want to try it myself again.
  8. I.nfraR.ed

    Zen SuperPI 32M 5G/4G Challenge

    XP was slow for me, because of no ACPI.
  9. I.nfraR.ed

    Zen SuperPI 32M 5G/4G Challenge

    Have you slipstreamed the needed controller drivers? For my external pci-e controllers I have to integrate the drivers in order to get the SSD detected.
  10. Yes, my CPUs (1090T and 960T) CPU-NB tops at about 3600 (or a little higher) and chiller doesn't help much compared to normal water. So I'm already on the limit there. The other option would be frozen RAM. Think I've done 2000+ 6-6-6-18 with just cold air before, might try. Or maybe see how high could go with 6-7-6.
  11. BTW, there was a similar competition long time ago: https://hwbot.org/competition/hwb_ddr3_hcc/stage/142_thuban_-_superpi_32m Already beat the top score and I think 14.2x is possible.
  12. There's definitely room for improvement. I'm sure you will easily beat it :D. Hypers got me 5 sec off compared to basic 2000 6-9-6 PSC. Not sure why, but the board doesn't like PSC much, BBSE is tragedy and Hypers are not really stable above 2000 regardless timings and voltage. Maybe it's the IMC, but it did 2200 air with PCS on Crosshair V Formula, so...I don't know.
  13. Is VIN1 the DIMM voltage? I've noticed it shows vDIMM on my board. Good score, now push that CPU clock up!
  14. I.nfraR.ed

    Zen SuperPI 32M 5G/4G Challenge

    So I have found the last saved screenshot from my tests on the bench ssd. According to my posts in this thread I got it even faster on the CH6, but can't find screenshots. And that board had been dead for a long time. Still in warranty, so I should get it replaced soon and maybe try again. It's about 10 seconds faster than the result I have on the bot: https://hwbot.org/submission/3511369_i.nfrar.ed_superpi___32m_ryzen_7_1800x_8min_28sec_857ms