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  1. 450 HTT is 900 mem and 6.5GHz with Sempron 150 (I have a promising one), so there's still a headroom for memory frequency. Based on my testing on air, if it scales ok, then ~170cb might be possible. Don't know about Geekbench, but mem should definitely help. Not sure if the IMC would be a bottleneck, though. Have to test. Looking forward to the new scores as well, I can only watch at the moment. Don't forget Sabertooth is one of the worst boards for AM3 CPUs, at least for Pi, Geekbench and CB might be different. Some examples (not perfect, but you get the point). Both are excellent benchers: DDR2 + 4969MHz https://hwbot.org/submission/3252830_noxinite_cinebench___r15_sempron_145_119_cb DDR3 + 4662MHz https://hwbot.org/submission/2518880_strunkenbold_cinebench___r15_sempron_145_120_cb
  2. Nice one! In theory sempron + ddr3 would be untouchable for a Xeon. Hopefully I will try mine soon, already have it running up to 450+ HTT with DDR3 board, just need LN2 It also scores much higher in other benchmarks
  3. I.nfraR.ed

    [WTB] CPU DICE Pot

    I have a Koolance LN2-V2. PM me if interested and we can arrange a low price, since it's only taking space. I am from Bulgaria.
  4. I.nfraR.ed

    AM3 RAM OC?

    Well, it might be due to board layout, hidden latencies and timings that can't be set manually. I don't exactly why, but crosshair iv is just slower. You might try some old bios, but I could never match Crosshair III even with higher memory clocks. It was a long time ago, so I might have missed something back then, however that's my observation. Haven't tested all the boards out there though. I also have a 890G Asus board which is even slower and has less options in bios. The problem with newer Gigabyte revisions is the microcode which is Orochi.PI and not the old AGESA anymore, so old AM3 CPUs run in "compatibility" mode. That's what I think. The 990FXA-UD3 rev3 I have is a POS, looses dual channel above ~1700 mem even with loose timings, can't clock FSB high, some settings don't stick and overall has a crappy bios. I hate that board. Unfortunately I have dislocated my shoulder 2 weeks ago, otherwise I would test CHIV, CHV and some giga boards. PS: I set noexecute no matter if it is exposed in bios or not.
  5. I.nfraR.ed

    AM3 RAM OC?

    They have the old trusty Award bios interface, while newer revisions have the new flashy, slow and buggy graphical UI where you can also use mouse.
  6. I.nfraR.ed

    AM3 RAM OC?

    Older revisions of 9xx giga boards are surprisingly efficient (non-uefi bios). Not sure if all of them, but at least some.
  7. I.nfraR.ed

    AM3 RAM OC?

    I guess it is a non-uefi board.
  8. I.nfraR.ed

    AM3 RAM OC?

    Practically - yes. But not every board and not every revision. 890 ud5, ud7 are good, some of the 9xx boards too, but I think it greatly depends on revision and we know Gigabyte has ton of them... My 990FX-UD3 rev 3 is the worst board I've ever had. From Asus - Crosshair III. Not sure about other brands. Crosshair IV isn't bad, but still slower. The board I am using is very tricky with awful vdroop and only good for single-threaded benches, not really suitable for multithread like Cinebench and wrpime.
  9. I.nfraR.ed

    AM3 RAM OC?

    Board. Most people were benching on non-efficient boards, some even on an awful boards for Deneb, e.g. Sabertooth or M5A99X. I was expecting some LN2 scores from you, though
  10. I.nfraR.ed

    AM3 RAM OC?

    To be honest, looking at country cup scores, @Bullant is the only one with a nice efficiency in 32M.
  11. Hmm, I was looking at my scores and thought something like this should be possible: http://hwbot.org/submission/2324360_i.nfrar.ed_pifast_athlon_xp_m_3000_(barton)_48sec_930ms Below 50s in any case, maybe timings too slack?
  12. What about 257-258 x11? Should be faster even with the lower CPU freq?
  13. I.nfraR.ed

    Buying basic motherboard boxes

    I was thinking the same lately, not just for the mobos, but for the VGAs as well. I will probably order some custom-sized boxes, many companies offer such service and you can customize them the way you want.
  14. I.nfraR.ed

    WTB: good 7700k

    I had one 4000, but it was worse clocker than the 3200 VX I still have. Sold it for cheap long time ago, not sure why :). My best kits are BH-5 though - Mushkin 3500 Lvl II and some Corsair XMS 3500.
  15. I.nfraR.ed

    ABIT NF7 v2.0 FSB stuck

    Lost my mojo. Priorities changed, too. I'm keeping an eye on the comp though, some interesting results might pop out. Have a big pile of untested hardware, but very unlikely to get it out right now, maybe during the cold winter when I don't have anything better to do.