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  1. I.nfraR.ed

    AM3 RAM OC?

    Modded the F4 bios for 890FXA-UD5 rev2.x and 2200 now works, but it's unstable. Can't solve the CPU-NB issue. Will try to fix the HtRef issue of F7e beta bios.
  2. I.nfraR.ed

    Strap Tweaks

    I'm a 775 noob, but bought my first decent board this year and with the help of this thread I could get close to Noxinite without much work https://hwbot.org/submission/3991700_i.nfrar.ed_superpi___32m_core_2_duo_e6400_11min_39sec_110ms Should be possible to improve further. And it's interesting how much faster is DDR3. I only have Conroe chips though. < 4200MHz E6400 rankings PS: Some of the important addresses can be edited from OCX SPI Tweaker.
  3. I.nfraR.ed

    AM3 RAM OC?

    Yes, same settings, same temperature (chiller set at 18°C water temp). On Gigabyte 3600 1.45V CPU-NB doesn't post, while it is stable on the Crosshair V. Real volts can't be that different. PS: Can't find the chart I did when Thuban launched. I tested CPU-NB scaling with voltage on my sample. It's still the same CPU - a very good one for water, but doesn't scale too well with LN2. Has a great IMC and CPU-NB though. It was running 24/7 stable 4270MHz 1.44V/ 3230MHz 1.33V CPU-NB for a couple of years as my daily driver. I have another 1090T that's untested on LN2, but has weaker cores and cpu-nb on water. PS2: Here's DDR3-2400 single channel validation with this CPU: https://valid.x86.fr/show_oc.php?id=2171728 https://d1ebmxcfh8bf9c.cloudfront.net/u36113/image_id_703725.jpeg
  4. I.nfraR.ed

    AM3 RAM OC?

    Yes, PSC@1100 and tight timings should be faster than Hyper@970C6. Can't get Hypers much above 1000 with this platform. Meanwhile, I got the "new" 890FXA-UD5, but it is rev2.1 and it's not different than the rev2.0 I have, apart from the slightly different layout (alternating mem slots). Still can't boot 2200 RAM with Thuban, still can't do high HTRef (for Sempron benching). Installed the beta bios for FX CPUs and HTRef is stuck at 209MHz no matter what I set above that. Core control also does not work. Have to find a 3.x revision to try. Should have the 990FXA-UD5 rev 1.1 this week, though. Hopefully works much better. Also noticed these 890FX Gigabyte boards can't clock NB (uncore) as high as the Crosshair IV and V. Maybe some problem with straps or too tight/wrong max read latency. If it's a bios problem, then it's valid for both 2.0 and 2.1 since they use the same bios versions.
  5. Few more tweaks or raw frequency and sub 6 will be broken. Great job.
  6. I.nfraR.ed

    The Official Country Cup 2018 thread

    Report says he submitted the stage 6 result and probably in every other stage. So when his account was suspended all scores disappear. I don't really remember what was the case with him (or never knew), but at that time Greece was a winner. Anyway, congrats to winners. You were lucky I didn't bench AMD 😛
  7. I.nfraR.ed

    The Official Country Cup 2018 thread

    True: http://oc-esports.io/#!/article/4179/greece_win_hwbot_country_cup_2016
  8. I.nfraR.ed

    The Official Country Cup 2018 thread

    I've benched every single stage myself. Currently distributing the scores and will drop the bomb in the morning.
  9. I.nfraR.ed

    AM3 RAM OC?

    Nice! Wish I knew what are these adjustments 😛 I have tuned timings as well as I could (bios + software) and don't know what else to do to get some seconds off. Still no "new" boards, hopefully will get at least one in the next couple of days.
  10. I.nfraR.ed

    Memory sale thread (not by Websmile 4 once)

    I'll get the PIs and the F3-17000CL8 blue ripjaws.
  11. Yes, there's a significant difference when I tested on ambient. Cinebench shouldn't be affected though. Score should have been ~3500 at that frequency if I could run Unganged.
  12. I.nfraR.ed

    AM3 RAM OC?

    CPU-wise not, but memory - yes. I had a Crosshair III that didn't like or couldn't clock my GTX2 as well as the current one. It was long time ago and I didn't have a lot of hardware, so can't be sure if something else was the cause, but at that time I tried the same cpu and the hypers on another CH3 of a friend and booted 1800+ straight.
  13. The board is slow, have to find a better one that could clock the FSB high. Many seconds lost on 32M, it is slower than Crosshair. Will probably try Geekbench and Cinebench this evening, Win 7 installation broke yesterday.