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  1. Using Sempron 150 vs 145 is cheating 😛 Great job! Is that with a changed dll?
  2. Nothing new, unfortunately. Have to quit my job if I want to support all the apps in a timely manner Which I might do, since I can't stand it anymore. I wanted to release the next ZenTimings version before switching to ZenStates again.
  3. I have created a Discord channel/server/whatever: https://discord.gg/8cfR3UZ If you have problems with it, let me know.
  4. Testers are always welcome. Maybe I should create a Discord channel or something like that.
  5. ZenTimings v1.1.0 is "officially" released. Probably ton of bugs, but will try to address them in the next versions, especially when more debug reports are available. The simple site (a copy of ZenStates with changed main color :D) is also live: https://zentimings.protonrom.com/ For debug reports, please use the tool in Tools -> Debug and attach the generated text file or copy the text directly.
  6. Yes, that's possible and would like to add CLI. The linux have CLI and GUI. Currently very busy with ZenTimings, but after that I will get back to ZenStates with the new thing I've discovered recently.
  7. Beta version of ZenStates with advanced Memory Controller config included. Should work on all Zen2-based CPUs and Renoir (Desktop АМ4). Readings are not realtime, but just a snapshot on app open. Don't have plans to add realtime reading, maybe a simple separate monitor app with just voltages, clocks and power. Still haven't found how to read BCLK, ACPI always reports 100. Download from GoogleDrive: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1YfHep9mX2POJhRrdEM_0WQklMDd0amZb/view?usp=sharing. 10/08/2020: Re-uploaded with a fix for first read after reboot.
  8. New version of ZenTimings, with more items, Renoir and future CPUs support. https://github.com/irusanov/ZenTimings/releases Still working on the new ZenStates version. A new Linux version based on GTK3 coming too.
  9. According to my spreadsheet, it should be Athlon XP 2000+ AXDC2000DUT3C AQZFA 0343UPMW Thorton
  10. None of them is really a pot :D. The one over the memory is just the coldplate of Dominator water block with a styrofoam container attached with putty. The block on top is a solid glass souvenir to add some weight, because there's no mounting.
  11. Yes, it does. A guy from the discord channel tested it some time ago. There seems to be a difference in the chipset registers and values that work on the award boards don't work on the AMI.
  12. I have gained maybe 1MHz if anything at all going from air to chiller on the NB. For validation only, might help with stability when running 32M, but I haven't tried that. In my experience it doesn't scale well with cold. As for the other question - no, never had such a bad board. All my nforce2 400 ultra boards did at least 250MHz with mods. Maybe some bad capacitors?
  13. Keep in mind that Asus have the polarity markings for capacitors the reverse of e.g. Abit and DFI. So in fact you need to rotate the capacitor. You might know it, but just in case you've overlooked. The filled half of the circle is the positive side. Doh, is it DHL? I've had similar, when all of my contact info is replaced with something like "GDPR!!!!", so the local office can't even call me, because my mobile number is missing. Luckily I had a tracking and called the office for assistance, otherwise it would be returned back to the sender. Yeah, I've tried that long time ago and apart from being slower it did not gave me a higher FSB. I've always wanted to try 1618 or 1510 for all multipliers and see what will happen.
  14. I'm not sure it does anything after the DRAM is initialized. 790FX boards have it as a setting i the bios. In K8 bioses it's called "DRAM Drivers Weak Mode". Normal is the recommended setting. Some quotes from documents:
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