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  1. Haha, ok PS: Just realized all of your scores are back. Nice! I'm happy with the 2nd place for now.
  2. Thanks! This CPU has potential, but either my lack of skills or the board is limiting me. Could not run any other strap and it took me a lot of time to get it 32M stable at that frequency.
  3. Yes, one of Sam's binned CPUs. Didn't put much effort in this, I think ~4.5GHz 32M stable is possible on chiller. FSB-wise I'm not sure how good it is, could run around 605 with x7 multi, but I haven't really tested the board separately or played with GTLs much. Twister is on "Moderate". 1000 6-7-5 is easy with strap 200 and PL5, Twister at "Stronger" at 500 FSB, but max mem freq I could run so far is around 1030-1040, which seems to be the max of this board, at least with stock cooling and with my lack of s.775 skills. Will test it on LN2 some day, should be good for top-5
  4. All this doesn't solve the question "But can it run Crysis at that frequency?", so why bother? I'm all for leaving it as is and don't make things more complicated. CPU-Z doesn't even show what each core is running at, it has to be modified to suit that need and I agree with others that mentioned big.LITTLE and all other complications. PS: I stand corrected, it apparently does now. It shows when I've last "benched" cpuz Technically that's not possible Rest of the cores in the same CCD will have much higher frequency. I think the maximum difference is 800MHz or so
  5. Nice work! Next, try PSC/BBSE if you can do ~1100. Also, some of the Gigabyte boards are tricky with hypers and you can't POST at high mem frequency, but you can clock in windows. On my budget GB 970A-UD3 board I have to boot at 1700 and then clock up.
  6. No need for that. Google Drive zips everything inside if you select "Download" on a specific folder. If I want to download a whole folder now it will be inflated and twice the size, because of the additional zip inside.
  7. To me It's just "all in", including upcoming CPUs. It's not a real competition, more like exploring the limits, thus the 1 year lifespan. It can be divided to sub-categories/stages, if there was some sort of a "official" ranking.
  8. Got a decent score, but there's room for improvement, since I had better runs. Spent a whole evening trying to get 4066 running reliably, but it seems my CPU can't handle it for some reason. The better 2x16 kit just doesn't want to run GDM off, so opted for an old 2x8 A0 kit. PS: Top 3 scores are all in our team :p I guess the internal mini-competition helps.
  9. Doesn't seem to make a difference for me. / RANT mode on VTT still doesn't work, anything set manually gets ignored. Or so it seems. 4133/20166 still works at low DRAM voltage, but restarts with higher (I suspect it's the CPU to blame, don't have a spare one). Still WHEA even at 3933. Do these "MemTry It" presets do anything except setting main timings and voltage? They seem to be pointless to me, if that's the only function (in addition to pre-selecting correct DRAM and IF multipliers). I also miss the "Safe boot/MemOK" buttons from Asus. When settings are really
  10. To switch between different channels you need a newer build of ZenTimings where I've enabled that. Just select the corresponding DIMM from the dropdown and it should reload the timings. You can get the latest "public" beta build from my Google Drive https://drive.google.com/drive/folders/108Ux5tv2fMz9OC9SeHR22DmJvfwiNg1Q?usp=sharing
  11. All old dropbox share links are not working anymore. I've shared the folder again (no individual links): https://www.dropbox.com/sh/b702d3y6guzdzyy/AAAq_b0WcaF1fIiQNrUdTjB5a
  12. Yes, that's because of the hw prefetchers, but on XP and Zen3 haven't experienced the same. Granted my bios lacks those options. Most of the times 3rd run is very slow already and have to restart the system.
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