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  1. you guys think a 4790k has a chance at making it to the podium in this competition?
  2. No problem ;] didn't feel right if I got ahead of you without you knowing you had a chance or someone else taking your spot. goodluck
  3. hey george I know you said in early comments that you were not going to compete in 3D part of this comp but I just wanted to let you know I went back to the 2D submission page and saw that they deleted people submissions, so i recounted my points and a few of the top runner ups... Ivan and Raules still have their 44 pts (but i'm not sure who's in first/second) 3rd Nvidia_forever has 41pts 4th is you have 28 pts 5th is me with 25 pts so i thought id give you a heads up if you still wanted to try a little IGP OCing for this comp and maybe win something good luck to everyone tho
  4. I don't know if everyone knows about this but I came across a forum on Tomshardware the other day and someone gave a useful like for a protection plan from Intel for OCing CPUs heres the link here http://click.intel.com/tuningplan/ it covers quite a few CPUs for a small fee and one time of course but hopefully it will let people feel a little more comfortable OCings
  5. helped me a lot man thanks for the tips already improved my scores by just about 100pts! wish i had some helpful stuff to tell you but i'm sure you know more than me about OCing haha and just want to be safe... now that i'm using the CPU for a GPU too what temps do i have to worry about? because i know most people say stay away from 70c+ when OC a CPU but what about IGP and CPU together?
  6. I'm trying my best to learn on how to improve IGP preformance don't really have any knowledge other then what most electronic stores will tell you about IGP vs dedicated GPUs to get you to spend more if you don't know anything about computers
  7. define IGP for them then because i didn't know what it was until you said something about it and now i know it stands for Integrated Graphics Processor which is found on the cpu and can be used by connecting your monitor to your motherboard not a graphics card....
  8. just a suggestion define what type of ambient hardware can be used next time because I was thinking it would be anything that pushes surrounding air to help cool your system and not ice buckets (which is something I just learned but a cool trick =P)
  9. Man when I saw this MSI challenge for Ambient users I got excited because I thought id actually be able to compete using fans and my AIO or custom water system but after seeing the top resulted using ice bucks and other deceives to cool there cpus down passed 20C before the load temperatures there's no way for me to keep pushing my setup =/ but I tried hopefully the 3D wont be so hard =p p.s. if they really wanted to give people who don't have extra parts and money a chance they should have said idle temps had to be above 25C good luck everyone
  10. just curious if only two people have competed in the extreme 2D challenge by the end of this competition will they be giving the extra prizes to the ambient 2D challenger?
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