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  1. GPU stage 6 bans Titan GPUs, but is also AMD only?
  2. I mean OS is the same as any other mobo for Haswell?
  3. I assume the frequency limits apply to both core/cache? Probably a good idea to state that if so. Edit: is "unique processors" different from "unique processor cores"? Or does "unique processor cores" mean unique number of processor cores, in which case disabling cores might be a good idea to put in the rules.
  4. That won't work for 3D though. But CC is normally more modern that TC, so I guess BM will work for some of the stages.
  5. Tbh, over the course of this thread and a bit of thinking I've changed my mind, I honestly think we should just keep going as we already are - so 16C. *Shrugs*
  6. No idea. Hard to compare as it seems like you need different settings for air/cold.
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