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  1. To clarify the FSB quoted is for SuperPi 8M on water. On the EP45T it seems to simply be high nb ~1.64V and VTT around 1.5-1.6V as well as getting the NB gtl exactly right, CPU gtl seems generally to be okay on auto (as the older bioses do not give access to this and it still clocks fine). As for FSB batch variation; in that list there are 3x Q842B449 which did 650, 640 and 620, and the 2x 3831A468 both did very high fsb - so you could argue it either way.
  2. Honestly I'm not sure why you guys says the EP45T-Extreme is hard to clock, I've had three boards now and all do >680 and high FSB 2:3 SuperPi 8M easy. So far I've found that clock skews don't really help for valid (or 8M), but more for stability (32M) (maybe why you guys get large gaps between valid and stable on some cpus?). The GTLs, PLL and silicon quality are what seem to dictate FSB. But even if you use the same setting for each CPU you get reasonable results (see below for ambient).
  3. Haha, I own three whole quad chips - so you're safe there. Nice score btw, need to get you on XP though.
  4. 1:2 is not one of the broken ram dividers. :P At least not on the "newer" BIOSes.
  5. There is a REX repair thread somewhere on this forum, I would link it, but can't find it right now.
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