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  1. The only bench that benefits from updating the microcode and I didn't test it. D:
  2. Tbf the DDR# freq stages are always very fun, and I haven't touched my DDR2 really since then. XD
  3. Haswell 5GHz 32M LCC... with a twist: it's using Benchmate to stop cheating.
  4. The RTC bug with all platforms (except Skylake and newer for Intel) on Win8 and newer is why.
  5. Benchmate was removed from the requirements, I believe it was because it's not compatible with 775.
  6. Here's a mem OC guide Rauf put together, maybe manually setting some timings/setting will help:
  7. I have this board, but I only ever use it for benching - so I can't say I've tested XMP. But 3200MHz is quite high memory freq for X99 in the first place, so I am suprised it was working on the normal RVE.
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