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  1. 😮 But no link from the CPU benchmark page for rules on R20? So how would you be supposed to find it? ---------------------- Playing devil's advocate here, in case anyone didn't catch that.
  2. Well, technically there is no rules page for the benchmark. So only the "General Rules - Section 2.1 General Verification Rules" should be applied (as well as the specific competition rules).
  3. Yes, it's just always worth considering the implications of rule changes.
  4. If we were to remove CPU-Z and replace it with Benchmate, how would that work when implementing it for XP/98 OSes or older HW?
  5. Nice to see cold mems! But err, maybe more preparation next time? :D (And run 32M).
  6. If we're talking in technicalities then the score is legal for only this category that it was submitted to as their is no validation file from the Benchmate utility. And the rules do not state that you can't have other utilities running at the same time (e.g. Benchmate).
  7. Ahem, no CPU-Z tabs and no Benchmate for Win10 benching.
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