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  1. Noxinite

    [UK-EU][Give away] graphics cards

    I'd take the other three.
  2. Noxinite

    Gigabyte Z170X-SOC Force - DDR4

    I'm just a (bit) late to the party, but here's a 5/5 32M run with no wazza (old batch b-die). CPU water and RAM air. 2.00V bios I think. This was a bit of a test for the OCN comp we're running at the moment, CPU on SS and ram air (although I think it was getting a bit chilled as it was scaling to higher volts than previously).
  3. Noxinite

    Oldschool BIOS and Tools collection

    I have a couple of DFI and Abit boards, so it is greatly appreciated, thanks!
  4. Noxinite

    cpu limitation

    Team Cup? Best comp of the year, no pressure.
  5. Nice! Seems like these older locked chips are more fun.
  6. Noxinite

    HWBOT ocesports Pro OC / Division 2018

    Edit: Someone updated it after I checked yesterday.