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  1. Err, Team and Country cup would be my very definition of "for fun" OC comps.
  2. This is a good question.
  3. Quad PSUs. XD Killer points for this score too!
  4. Huh, interesting gear choices and nice score! I hope you're benching for the OCN comp as well. ;)
  5. 3200C2Pro sold and shipped last Saturday. Bump for the rest.
  6. This is true. I guess I didn't think it through fully.
  7. What's the cap on globals? Hardware pts are capped at 53.8, so if you had equal amounts of subs for both and both maxed, you get this: https://uat.hwbot.org/user/splave#Points Where globals points are insane. Obviously it's harder to get a global 1st than hw 1st, but points wise it is easier to get globals if you just run LN2 on a decent chip. Rather than a gold chip needed for HW. (Talking about 2D here as 3D is more complicated.) Quick approx of average 25 hwpts over 30 subs, gives 15-20 subs of average 50-40 globals pts to equal. Idk, this is all opinion I guess. Shrug.
  8. To make everyone (or no-one, depends how you look at it) happy, it should all be balanced so you need to get global points and hardware points, 2D and 3D, to maximise points. So say 10 globals max 100pts each + 20 hardware max 50pts each, and same amount of benches that get globals/HW in 2D and 3D. Although, I'm not sure how different core counts and crossfire/sli would fit in. Nor WR pts or w/e they're called atm. I was going to propose something like this initially, but I lost patience so never got round to thinking about it properly and still haven't. Edit: but eh... there is always Rev 9. XD
  9. The funny thing I've realised about Rev8 is that you need to bench stuff that gives good HW + globals, so benching a gen or two behind current CPUs such that the HW pts are high enough. And then disabling points for any higher scoring globals on newer hardware to maximise your points. XD Although different core counts don't work that way ofc. For example: bench 6700K instead of 7700K maybe as 6700K is maxed out on HW pts.
  10. Noxinite

    Strap Tweaks

    Well we don't have a 775 32M thread... yet.
  11. Noxinite

    Strap Tweaks

    If you have an EP45T-Extreme then you'll need this to make it actually perform reasonably in 32M.
  12. Noxinite

    AM3 RAM OC?

    I forsee more people benching AM3 in Rev 8, so maybe this thread will get more busy.
  13. Noxinite

    eVc ordering

    Me too.