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  1. When you realise there are now 3 Tapakah scores in the top 5 32M with E8600. 😲
  2. I had issues with high PSC voltage only sometimes, it seemed inconsistent - maybe linked to other BIOS settings? Sometimes certain slots would work, but populating other would cause it to not work again. There was something similar I had on P45 where higher than 1.85-1.9V always failed POST.
  3. Tried g-die on LN2 again, still no CB and CBB around -120C. But there seemed to very little scaling and I was having issues running on the Z97 OCF. The Impact 7 seems to run better with g-die, but it's a pain with cold mem due to how small it is.
  4. Nope. https://community.hwbot.org/topic/186190-samsung-ddr3-g-die/
  5. I tried having a look at my boards again. Checked temps off all of the chips at stand-by and quickly on boot-up, but nothing looks out of the ordinary. Only thing I found was that REX-2 was missing DQ57 in the outer two ram slots and in fact posted with ram in the inner ram slots. Somehow the trace between the outer dimm slots and the NB broke??
  6. Looks good, the only thing I think still stands out is 3DMark06 DDR3. It probably needs a GPU limitation? How about 5000 series AMD? Edit: Actually 06 DDR probably need a restriction as well, what about 7000 series nvidia?
  7. Same, haha. Need a full-cover block that actively cools the VRMs, not the crap design all the wb manufactuers used. 😧
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