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  1. Bump. PM'ed seller on 13th May to see if they were willing to negotiate on a partial refund; no reply and not online since 10th May.
  2. Something like FSB: 700MHz valid, 655MHz 32M, and MEM: 2600MHz valid, 2385MHz 32M.
  3. Obviously in hindsight it was stupid choice. However, it should work fine in my Z170 board as both G4900 (bios mod) and G5400 (bios + hard mod) work flawlessly. I think I mounted it with water block once and then in later testing (i.e. 5 minutes later when it was clear something was wrong) I had my LN2 pot sitting on top of the IHS. To crack the die you would have to tighten the mounting screws ridiculously tight with just a waterblock. That image is from a few weeks after the CPU was delivered. Below is one I took 3 days after delivery and when it was obvious it was broken already. Please note you cannot see the crack from looking at the top of the die, but the CPU was already clearly dead, see video for evidence of what I mean. VID_20190309_153001.mp4 I never recieved the video, so I am not sure what point you are making? But I accepted the screenshot as proof it worked. I still hold to the belief that it was damaged at some point after you took that screenshot. And clearly if the delivery driver signed for the parcel, then I did not accept the parcel - I never had a chance to reject it. I reached out to Hermes and they agreed that this was not acceptable, however they also made it clear that the contract was between the seller and Mondial Relay. Ziken, you also haven't addressed the fact that you ignored many of my PMs and never seemed to have made any progress with the claim against the delievery company. Or, ever offered to refund me yourself while you follow through the claim at your own expense. Here is an image of the CPU after I modded it and before I tested it). Clearly the soldering is crap, but it only covers the required pads. I covered all of the pads that are different on 1151-1 and 1151-2, but even with all of the tape removed the motherboard still detected no CPU in the socket: See video of what happens when the box is shaken (obviously filmed after all other testing was completed). You can hear the CPU sliding from one end to the other. VID_20190309_153946.mp4
  4. Yup. I ended up running GPUPI on Wednesday. It passed at 5.6GHz easy but GPUPI crashed saving the data file...
  5. You can control in AB if you launch it with a separate bit of code IIRC. But that was a while ago, not sure about new drivers.
  6. Not exactly. The silicone seal was removed, however there was a sheet of kitchen towel between the die and the IHS. Crack: (Some of the) damage to the box: Packed like so:
  7. /Fail. Board reflashed bios and lost profiles from the other day. Tried to run some GPUPI and finished one run at 5.6GHz with the last of my LN2... And then GPUPI crashed saving the file.
  8. Yup, PSC. Hopefully got a few litres left to try some more today.
  9. Both true unfortunately. Err, I asked him to ship insured and tracked, and as far as I know it was insured for it's 500e value. I also didn't know it was shipped with Mondial til after it was shipped. More fool me for not asking beforehand. Also, this was one of the rare times I decided to not pay via goods & services. I can't say why I decided it wasn't work paying the extra few %, but clearly it was a massive mistake. As for packaging, the CPU (PCB + lid) were shipped in the plastic blister delidded with no paste. The CPU blister also seemed to be able to slide from one end to the other.
  10. It was damaged and I did take photos, I have no idea if the seller actually told them that though. That's what I was expecting too.
  11. :((( Edit: I have considered making a claim through the European Small Claims Court, but not sure how successful it would be.
  12. TLDR please don't buy from this seller until I have recieved a refund.
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