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  1. Price check on 3x2 Trident which can 2400C7

    They'll be BBSE ICs most likely. See here for details on how they can OC: http://www.xtremesystems.org/forums/showthread.php?285767-DDR3-IC-thread Maybe $50 tops if no other OC results?
  2. CHAOS

    Patience. The developer is working on it.
  3. HWBOT Forums going down for migration to InvisionPB

    What would be good is that we could set the follow preferences once - instead of everytime you click to follow a thread.
  4. [EU] 7700K Wanted

  5. [EU] 7700K Wanted

  6. Help

    This is the wrong section to be posting it. However, try without http/https at all?
  7. [EU] 7700K Wanted

    I'm looking to upgrade to a 7700K for legacy GPU benching. Mainly will be used on water, weak phase and occasionally LN2. The chip should do 5.2GHz R15 at under 1.4V on ambient (at least) with full details and screenshots. LN2 information also welcomed, looking for 6.6GHz R15 at the very least (6.7GHz preferable) - again full details and screenshots.
  8. HWBOT Forums going down for migration to InvisionPB

    You can use the link I posted above for everything or top right on the main page there is an unread content button.
  9. HWBOT Forums going down for migration to InvisionPB

    Is this (https://community.hwbot.org/index.php?/discover/) showing posts on people's user walls? Just seems a bit odd idk.
  10. [FS][EU] Team Group 2600C10 4x4GB DDR3

    For sale is a matched set of Team Group Xtreem 4x4GB 2600 C10-12-12-31-1T @1.65v RAM modules. They are Samsung IC based and have been tested for OC potential, which is as follows: Some screenshots of the best stick: Looking for £120 (including postage to UK) via Paypal (buyer pays the fees or pays via 'Friends and Family'). Postage to EU (tracked and insured) is roughly an extra £15 via Royal Mail International. Proof of life: Actual pictures of the ram: *Disclaimer* Private sale; no warranty or returns will be provided/accepted and OC results will vary depending on factors, such as the motherboard used, CPU IMC, voltages etc.*Disclaimer*