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  1. Come on people a good L3014 could beat this on LN2.
  2. Noxinite

    AM3 RAM OC?

    Full pot to -80C, outch...
  3. Hmm, I see. I only just noticed the stage (nor the rules?) doesn't display what preset we should be using. I assumed performance... @mllrkllr88 @TAGG
  4. Sweet clocks, you need some better ram though. What kind of CB/CBB did you have?
  5. Noxinite

    AM3 RAM OC?

    Best ambient so far at 4GHz (+/- bclock movement): Not sure of effi or anything atm.
  6. For reference I got 7200 with 4.5GHz on QX9650. x9.5 multi didn't want in work on phase, so had to drop FSB and lose effi.
  7. Noxinite

    AM3 RAM OC?

    I already told you, 2V for long periods of time is not good for hypers. I have 2 sticks that have become dead/degraded after something like 0.5-1 year. While you're all here, is it just me or does base clock jump around a ton for anyone else? Like +/-2.5MHz. About as bad as Z170/Z270 for trustworthy low clock results, if not worse.
  8. Noxinite

    AM3 RAM OC?

    Eh, I like having things to tweak and improve results. Yeah, I had a Thuban result from 2 years ago with 2100 7-9-7 32M stable, but couldn't remember if that was just a Thuban thing as I sold that chip. It could do 3.4GHz NB on 120mm AIO - I regret selling it now.
  9. Noxinite

    AM3 RAM OC?

    Bah, that's no fun. But good to know I guess,.
  10. Noxinite

    AM3 RAM OC?

    So far I've found that none of the voltages really moved the ram freq wall, but NB (not CPU NB) helped stabilise settings that you could already POST at. The wall was the same for 8-8-8 and 6-7-6, so definitely not the ram being an issue. I also didn't need them for stability at what I could POST at. Moving to the inner slots allows me to POST at higher freqs, but is then unstable at the tighter timings that the outer slots could run. When I put the CPU on phase quickly the ram freq I could POST at seemed to increase a bit, but not massively. More testing needed here as ram timings and voltages seemed to make a bit of difference. I also found that bioses 3027 and 3029 (Crosshair IV Formula) allowed higher ram freqs to boot, but they also had an issue where they would fail POST at any setting until you loaded defaults, rebooted and reset the same settings. So I moved to 2101 for initial testing.