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  1. Most of us use this company: http://mansfieldcryogenics.com/ Not sure about specific availability in London.
  2. You can try and learn it by youself, but Asus designed the REX to die before that happens. 😂 Edit: at this point I've given up and moved to EP45T.
  3. I was paying attention, you know what I mean. Hmm, I defintiely remember doing it that way with my board.
  4. You can force flash with Asrock's Windows BIOS tool. Just uncheck the "check motherboard version" or w/e. This works for flashing Core2Dual to 775VSTA as well.
  5. Welcome to the REX tweaking club. Anyone else have the issue where you have a profile from one session, and then the next day it fails at the same FSB/DRAM ratio?
  6. As well (or sometimes instead? It's been a while) you can play with the disk format type. 13s sounds like an awful lot, but then how much wazza helps does sometimes depend on how your OS is setup. Sometimes your OS can be slow without wazza and then fast with wazza.
  7. Weird. Will have to see if that fixes the issues I was having on L3014.
  8. V3.1 doesn't crash on save. But I think it was removed from valid submissions. Not sure why though, as I had issues on L3014 with V3.2 - it would work on ambient, but not when subzero...
  9. I think there is still a way to trigger a manual recalc. But obviously whether or not you should do it is another matter...
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