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  1. Server 2012 R2 is a version of Windows 8, so HPET is needed.
  2. Noxinite

    Samsung DDR3 G-die

    I had some progress testing alternative IMC voltages, but in the end I just stuck with the typical volts: SA = +0.350 to +0.450V. IOA = +0.150V. IOD = +0.200V. PSC needs totally different IMC volts to max them out (at low CPU freq) IMO, aka "Bullant" IMC volts.
  3. Sweet, on a max freq roll atm!
  4. Noxinite

    Leagues idea

    Not a bad propsal, minus the parts on monitoring and being forced to include rig pics.
  5. Bump. 7700K, 2GB g-die, Tpower and Commando all sold and shipped.
  6. I tried hypers on SS ages back, did 2000 6-6-4 @2V in 32M on Z97. Those sticks were ~1.66V 2000C7 I think.
  7. Kudos for modding all those cards!
  8. Tbh it is a good score, only thing missing is some hard mods and GPU on water. :D