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  1. stunned_guy

    Asus K8N

    Hello, same problem here. I cant choose Asus K8N Mainboard. I reported that in May to Antinomy but he couldnĀ“t help me.
  2. Please add motherboard Medion 3500 (MS-6399) socket 478 with Intel i845D chipset https://valid.x86.fr/lapyb9 Thanks a lot !
  3. Please add motherboard MSI MS-7358 socket 775 with Intel Q33 chipset. https://valid.x86.fr/70mxba Thanks a lot !
  4. stunned_guy

    Please add HW

    Please add mainboard Fujitsu-Siemens D1520 socket 478 with Intel i845GE chipset. https://valid.x86.fr/9b7s8n Thanks a lot !
  5. Its an Sempron 3000+ Palermo and its an Gigabyte GA-K8VM800M socket 754 motherboard.
  6. Well done, great score ! Nice to see some old P4 hardware in days of modern hardware !!!
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