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  1. So, here's my final result for my board + mods on custom watercooling: https://hwbot.org/submission/4217965_tzk_superpi___32m_athlon_xp_m_2600_(barton)_32min_9sec_31ms?recalculate=true I ended up using 1,92V Vdd, 3,4V Vdimm and 1,85V Vcore. I tried these resistance ranges, maybe it's of help to anyone modding his/her A7N8X: VDimm: 10kOhm resistor + 10kOhm VR = max 3,05V 5kOhm resistor + 10k VR = max 3,22V 3,3kOhm resistor + 10k VR = max 3,4V Vdd: 1mOhm resistor + 1mOhm VR = max 1,88V 500kOhm resistor + 1mOhm VR = 2V++ possible, i stuck to 1,92V as more didn't help with FSB
  2. Nice to know. I'm running 2x256mb Infineon 6A so the sticks should handle the high(er) Vdimm without issues. Also good to know that you can raise the Vdimm past 3.3V, so hardmodding the Vdimm to the 3.3V rail doesn't help. And here's how i did the mod. I'm using 10k fixed + 10k VR for Vdimm and Vcore. And 1m fixed + 1m VR for Vdd. That results in 3.05V VDimm max and 1.89V Vdd max so far. EDIT: Changed the Vdimm resistor to 3kOhm + 10k VR. Still not enough Vdimm for the 6A to hit DDR500... I'm currently trying to get 245Mhz FSB stable. Result with this Board: https://hwbot.org/submission/4217023_tzk_superpi___1m_athlon_xp_m_2600_(barton)_38sec_109ms
  3. Thank you for this amazing mod. I also did the Vdd mod and couldn't even get the Board stable at 208Mhz FSB. However after making the 12V Mod, i'm now able to boot straight into win at 245Mhz FSB and with 1.88V Vdd. Amazing! I used 2x 10k for Vcore and Vmem and 2x 1mOhm for Vdd. I also didn't add the 4pin connector, but just soldered a wire from the VRM to the 20pin ATX connector. And last but not least: I also added two Panasonic FM 3300uF 16V instead of the removed three 3300uF 6,3v caps on the Cpu VRM. I also got a question: How far can i raise the Vmem without blowing the Ram VRM up? I went with 3.05V max. so far.
  4. Both of you need to enter the Memory type (DDR, DDR2, DDR3...).
  5. Seems like this doesn't work as intended right now, looking at Stage 1. Currently the ranking is: 1st Ukraine 3 Gens 62HWpts 2nd Italy 2 Gens 56HWpts 3rd Netherlands 2 Gens 21HWPts 4th Argentina 1 Gen 16.7HWpts 5th India 1 Gen 11.7 HWpts 6th Germany 3 Cardgens 11.6HWpts Looking at what you sad above it should be like this, right? 1st Ukraine 3 Gens 62HWpts 2nd Germany 3 Gens 11.6HWpts 3rd Italy 2 Gens 56HWpts 4th Netherlands 2 Gens 21HWPts 5th Argentina 1 Gen 16.7HWpts 6th India 1 Gen 11.7 HWpts EDIT: Nvm, i think i got you wrong. All stages *except* Stage 1 (HWPoints) and last Stage (GPUPI) are ranked by number of submissions first and then scores. While Stage 1 and 5 are ranked by total score only. Right?
  6. I'd like to know if it can overclock on BCLK like the K Cpus, too. Keep the results coming!
  7. Now that this ticket is almost 4 years old, i want to bring it to an (hopefully good) end I just saw this post by K404: http://forum.hwbot.org/showthread.php?t=37138 and will keep posting my results in the 9600 GSO G94 category. My 9600gt has same specs as his 9600 GSO. Hopefully staff is fine with this? Ticket can be closed then
  8. Ticket ID: 1714 Priority: Low Hi,\r\n\r\ni just noticed that the Nvidia GT 420M is missing in the Database. Please add it, so i can post my results in the right category \r\n\r\nThanks in advance\r\n\r\nGPU-Z Link:\r\n
  9. Now, how the hell did you do that SoF? Awesome score!
  10. @mrmagoo: you just called one of the greatest OCers a cheater... Look here: http://hwbot.org/community/submission/1024336_hicookie_pifast_core_i7_980x_12.11_sec http://hwbot.org/community/submission/1024321_hicookie_superpi_32m_core_i7_980x_5min_19sec_546ms or one of his other results. This guy is NOT cheating. He just found a golden CPU and knows how to use it. Hicookie doesn't need to prove anything for you. Anyways, wheres the connection between this resuld and AMD?
  11. Theres a hacked SLI Driver available... check XS, theres more info in the 3D Section...
  12. Ticket ID: 640 Priority: Low Just noticed you missed an A in Moboname it should be called Asus A7n8x-x instead of 7n8x-x.\r\n\r\nThx for fixing this in advance
  13. Then i wont waste ln2 on this card, since im not into posting my card in wrong categories. Thanks anyway... PS: thanks bruce for support
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