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  1. One thing though. People are submitting crossfire scores for Stage 4 right now.
  2. Oh wow. Thanks for clearing that up, websmile. It is on the main "Rules" page for the Competition, OC eSports , for anyone else who may be wondering. I'm sure it was also in the little Stage 4 "LIMITATIONS" text box on the page of the Stage before, but seems to have been removed there. All good. Thanks again, websmile.
  3. Since when is Stage 4 full out? It was limited to a single GPU core before.
  4. This. Last year I stumbled into CC 2015 as a noob and ended up contributing the Stage 2 score for Germany. This year I prepared for CC 2016 and now I find out I have ZERO hardware that has any use to CC 2016 because you largely nailed down the hardware to very specific sockets or even specific hardware families. I'd really appreciate it if you could widen the hardware selection for some of the stages a little bit.
  5. Can confirm, my Broadwell i5-5675C looks like new and works like a charm after Roman delidded it and replaced the TIM. No scratchmarks, plus you would have to look very closely to see the silicone he used to glue the IHS back on. Of course he has a lot of practice. Temperatures are about 12-15 degrees better than before, depending on overlock.
  6. Nice, let me know the outcome. I also offered to send der8auer my 5675C so he himself can test it on a Broadwell.
  7. Is it really 2x2GB RipjawsX? The fins look a lot like TridentX in the picture, but there are no 2GB TridentX DIMMs.
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