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  1. WhiteWulfe

    hwbot "classic" rev8

    That's going to do the exact opposite of encouraging participating then, especially with the wording of your reply because it pretty much comes across as "just throw (even more of your) money at the problem with how things are coded" if the somewhat likely scenario bigblock990 mentioned happens (pushing the limits does eventually put wear on gear, and/or kill it)... And a lot of benchers aren't putting much money into acquiring new hardware because new stuff is stupidly expensive. A seasonal ranking should be just that, seasonal. It should pay absolutely no heed to what you did last year, and instead should go "do I have a sub for this THIS year? No, okay, it counts" instead of forcing you to beat your overall/career best, because now you have time-limited rankings, but you're forced to beat your previous best as well. Otherwise it's just two things being calculated that are overall, with one of them valid for an artificially limited timeframe.
  2. WhiteWulfe

    hwbot "classic" rev8

    You do realize that particular person is very well known for using a chiller, and then claiming it's only water, right? Not exactly the best person to be using for your example.
  3. WhiteWulfe

    hwbot "classic" rev8

    When I tried to access it last night, it was spitting out Error 500's after about ten seconds of trying to load. That was around... 22:00 MST (aka about -07:00 GMT). When I checked this morning at 06:00, it loaded fine, but there were no league or world rankings if you pulled up your profile page.
  4. Since GPU Pi v3.3 for GPU is getting points... is the CPU side of it getting such too?
  5. Seems kind of silly to give JUST the GPU's points for v3.3. If you're going to have a bench that can do CPU and GPU, and it's already listed in the benches you can run why not give points to both?
  6. Ooooh, does this mean CPU runs of GPU Pi v3.3 will also get points?
  7. WhiteWulfe

    HWBOT Prime 1.0.0 released

    Whoooo, it returns! Will there be... Oh, I see there's already the option to submit to both standard and stability. Nice! Definitely looking forward to one of the quick benches coming back, doubly so the extra addition of a second option. I'll also inquire as to when we will see points return to this bench
  8. I've barely run AquaMark3 and never made mention of that bench, so no idea where you'd get the impression I was talking about it...
  9. While Catzilla used to be my thing (and probably gives a decent portion of my current points - Yup, 4/15 globals, and 1/40 of my hardware apparently), it's been a bug ridden mess since 3.3. Removing points from Catzilla and giving GPU Pi v3.3 as well as Time Spy Extreme such would be a nice move that provides good balance for points (3 removed, 3 gained) AND show more support to those companies that are actually willing to improve their products... They also have a reasonable amount of support for various generations of graphics cards. Also, GPU Pi only has annoying cheesy dubstep EDM if you put on a playlist for such, while Catzilla you're forced to have audio drivers to get max points, and forced to listen if you want to hear cues a run is having a problem before graphics glitches (or a system lockup) hit.
  10. I didn't know about that - good to know. Hey @richba5tard, can we get Blue Room on the vote list too?
  11. So much this. It's sad-funny how you see discussion about how people don't run the benches, but... Why bother running a bench if you barely even get bragging rights?
  12. So's XTU and Catzilla... And Vantage... And if you ask the right person, Firestrike is just an epeen "look at the massive hole in my wallet" bench. (note: previous sentence was kind of being silly, and not really serious) I asked about it since people complain that the newcomers aren't sticking around, and one complaint that seems to come up even amongst the "regulars" is there isn't much variety.
  13. Any particular reason why only the one VRMark room?
  14. Would be nice to be able to qualify for hardware points on more!
  15. Having a good selection would be rather nice.... For both low end, as well as high end gear.