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  1. DrWeez

    GALAX GOC 2018 online qualifier thread

    any clarity on the drivers allowed? Version 416.34 - WHQL Release Date Thu Oct 11, 2018 Any VGA drivers released on or after Oct 12, 2018
  2. yeah thanks George, trying to find some support for a cpu and board. have you seen the price of these new cpu's! crazy
  3. posted with valid link other one http://www.3dmark.com/fs/13745302
  4. yeah finally figured out some things i have had an issue with since 7970 days
  5. About to prep an apex for LN2 with vaseline, should i coat the fuses with nail polish first or is not using vaseline the suspect?
  6. DrWeez

    GTX 1060 = 3G GPU

    We were also able to complete ice storm unlimited at 3012 MHz but system info did not report the correct frequency
  7. Ah the classic mistake dude, you asked to many questions at once. Maybe ask the other questions again.. one at a time Pieter could we start a Facebook group for the finalists to get last min details ?
  8. they were moved but i have them still and will ask Hwbot to host for us
  9. i seem to have run into this issue, checking the file it does detect the memory config. file attached
  10. DrWeez

    RB Challenge Round 4

    cool thanks... time to build that water tower
  11. DrWeez

    RB Challenge Round 4

    still have cooling limit right?