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  1. on this submission https://hwbot.org/submission/4808742 do you mind changing the score to 31982 so it will match the gpu score and not the overall (sorry) https://www.3dmark.com/fs/26179929
  2. do you mind changing my score on this submission to the gpu score (5329) and not the overall score of 6k? I forgot it was gpu score only https://hwbot.org/submission/4593042_melvinhans_3dmark___sky_diver_(gpu)_hd_graphics_630_6118_marks
  3. I just now noticed this post hopefully I can still claim it
  4. please explain how I can go about not blocking the rendered scene at 1080p resolution without blocking other things on the screen, and also how its not valid with a bench mate verification?
  5. Don’t see how I can avoid blocking it when I only have so much room at 1080p resolution, seems kinda dumb to be removed over that especially when it was verified with benchmate
  6. For some reason I could not get banchmate to record the score. It didn’t have an issue monitoring the benchmark, it’s just whenever it finished it would only upload it online :/
  7. Apologies on the missing screenshots. I meant to add them after I noticed, but was running other benchmarks and forgot. I do still have the screenshots to fix the issue, unfortunately I do not have access to the same pc to upload them before the 5th (sold parts for ryzen 3000). :(
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