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  1. In this case AM3 is aquamark 3, you can do ryzen+3dmark with valid link
  2. What a way to waste ln2, need fullpot for full clocks but can't safeboot below -140c. Shame about the IMC as well...
  3. Hypers are weirdly bad on sandy, I think that the bioses don't have subtimings set correctly for them. I've even seen where psc just inexplicably scores higher than hypers despite hypers appearing to overall being set tighter.
  4. Result looks in line to me, it's about 20k above a 7960x (pasted version of 9960x), but the 7960x score is at 5 ghz vs the 9960x at 5.9 ghz. Also the 9960x is at 1800 mhz mem with much tighter timings vs the 7960x is at 1700 mhz mem with fairly loose timings. I think on clocks alone you could make the difference even before OS effi. If there's anything "wrong" with this sub it's that it's a benchmate score which iirc has it's own ranking, but I don't know if the older version of benchmate would mean the score should get moved or not.
  5. I don't know that this is a high priority bug but on multi day gpupi 32b scores an extra day is added to the listed time. In the rankings it's fine, it's just on the hw page and the score page that it shows up inacurate. Example
  6. That's only for Futuremark benches with a valid link, aqua and superposition generally require win 7 on non lake cpus with bclk adjustment which in practice is all non lake cpus with some exceptions such as apus.
  7. You can't disable tess for the comp, if the hardware is unknown (cpu not recognized, gpu not recognized) then make sure that "windows management instrumentation" service is enabled. Also try an older driver, make sure it's a whql one. The service usually fixes cpu not recognized, gpu not recognized would be a driver issue.
  8. That is a very strong core, and I know it's not just about a strong core on these chips too
  9. Your mem is holding you back, should be more like 6500 at that cpu clock. On these 6 cores it's 90% a mem bench and around 4.5 ghz core it's 100% a mem bench.
  10. Single core boost 5 Ghz, all core 4277. Score increased with single core boost enabled so assuming it ran some part of the bench at full 5
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