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  1. Would be cool to see a stage for all out max validation on like ddr3. Gotta see people's am3+, netburst, and fm2
  2. Hmm, so in dog pile this means I have a few extra cpus. All I need to do is insert coin, or perhaps buy leeg a few beers
  3. Wouldn't want to chance it, ddr2 is more in the spirit anyways
  4. I like this stage cause it implies that you can run amd and that'd be perfectly fine even if you wouldn't do very well. Make it ddr2 though, I don't want to have to source big chips on lga 2011, pretty sure ivy has enough ipc+cores that even at 600 mhz it'd win let alone with bclk and straps
  5. With a potential start of Mid June or Early July would be good to start announcing stages if possible. I know you're busy with everything going on so if you don't have time no worries
  6. This is because the original post of rules is basically a comment, and it was made by someone no longer active on staff. These are not seperate benches, the "with benchmate" categories that exist currently are temporary for the purpose of testing benchmate. They will all be rolled back into their respective benches. Message does boil down to this, and definitely agreed. Sounds like current issue is waiting for the merge to finish so that new company has access to the code needed to fix website.
  7. I would agree that unless there's some actual dramatic difference between various tdp bins not much reason for seperate categories. I don't think we have categories for various steppings on any other cpus?
  8. Similar area of the US, they haven't forced non essential businesses to close yet. I think if they do that it probably will be tougher. So far just restaurants are closed for dining in and schools are closed.
  9. Anyone experience with this error? I get it on launch on both 3.2 and 3.3, only the legacy versions launch but obviously they suck for effi
  10. Hey now, I had a pic of @Darthresin preparing a leftover chunk of calzone but I'm pretty sure Stefan uploaded some group pics to fb around that time
  11. Honorable mention is coolest/best mods done, although usually that's also the person in first...
  12. Nvidia doesn't implement it correctly, so at least at launch benchmate would inadvertently crop the screen shot. Not sure if mat added a work around to fix this or not.
  13. According to the official rules that's still clipping a bit too much, however your screenshot would probably be allowed. Still I am purchasing a 4k monitor specifically because of benches like this that are tight on 1080p.
  14. I've not had the same experience, especially when you need extra windows for comps or benchmate
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