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  1. If he installed Samsung driver he has ram cache and doesn't realize it...
  2. Did you install the Samsung sata ssd driver?
  3. Could be said for a lot of benches, anything without file tbh... I think the idea of a storage bench being worth doing is a good one but hard to implement. Maybe @_mat_could make a crystal disk bench wrapper or similar free bench for BM? No idea how much work that would be but probably the long term viable strategy for storage bench globals. In the meantime I think requiring additional proof in a screenshot of an existing bench is a good idea
  4. For start or totL duration? Would prefer July-September if possible
  5. I think something was lost in translation?
  6. I think it's going to eventually be phased out. It's just too fast
  7. I think that Hawaii or Vega should be faster, it likes double precision floating points
  8. Apparently c7 is broken on platform so basically a matter of can you do c8 tight or c6
  9. I've yet to see any good for low mhz, it's just high mhz where they shine
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