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  1. As long as you don't run a beta driver you should be fine. Usually it's newer or beta drivers that aren't supported.
  2. Well those definitely are some of the stages of all time
  3. People are purchasing flights and venues and prices are going up rn. Cc2023 should be in 2023. If we're discussing anything it should be if there will be cc2024 just 3 months after cc2023.
  4. Okay unless anyone has any complaints the benches will be firestrike gpu score, vantage performance gpu score, and unigine heaven basic. Gpu will be HD 6850.
  5. Terrascale is still pretty slow, but I could see 05 being still too light. Just wanted to have an older dx level. I'll take a look at scores for newer benches. Could do heaven too
  6. How do we feel about benches of 3dm05, 3dm11 graphics score, vantage graphics score. This should be both all gpu bound and have 3 different apis. Gpu would be HD 6850
  7. I'm thinking HD 5770 and benches of 3dm05, 3dm11 graphics score, and vantage. Please share thoughts on this
  8. Okay so I'd say poll is probably not really gonna change much. I'm going with 5000 series. Gonna look at benches and see what a good spread is, also find a start date
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