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  1. It's probably just broken rankings like we see for many other things rn. Just look at x265 4k rankings...
  2. My submissions recieved 0 points

    It's not just march subs, my 1700x x265 4k sub from last year is getting the 64.8 pts for example and my 1c gold in the same category from february is showing half the pts it was a month ago on the sub page and doesn't even show up as counting towards my score. Once the db is sorted you need to take the site down for several days and do a complete recalc of ALL scores.
  3. Price check on 3x2 Trident which can 2400C7

    Naw, those timings look similar to how my psc clocked. If OP wants to be sure he can look at the serial number. The first 3-4 digits will be a year and production week. After that the next 4 digits will be IC. 1040 is psc, 0640/0660/0680 is elpida and could be bbse based on clocks.
  4. Price check on 3x2 Trident which can 2400C7

    Probably the IMC. I'd say you can probably get $20/stick on the high end.
  5. Luckily LOD is allowed on the bot http://hwbot.org/news/889_application_17_rules/
  6. Crazy mem straps my friend, and apparently a good imc. I was told that the bclk is high cause it's the only thing that worked.
  7. Submissions staying at 0 points

    That's really great, I fear I may need to bin far more 2600k's than I have as of yet if I want a 5.8+ chip. Or perhaps the golden 6 even.
  8. Weird rankings (wrong submissions order and points)

    Would you believe that was one of the chips I haven't binned? Didn't even buy to bench specifically, originally went into a machine for one of my friends, then I got it back when I upgraded him to my crap 1500x. Was happy about the imc though, when I tested it on my ocf a few months ago it seemed to get worse the higher the bclk and wouldn't break 2000 really. Now it does 2400 for me and gets some very nice results. Much better experience after all the ivy pentiums that my mve murdered in cold blood trying to train unstable mem settings in ln2 mode.
  9. Perhaps I should pull my gma 950 board out for them sweet, sweet gpu glowballs
  10. everything is broken

    This ^ Tbh I'd avoid subbing anything at all, unless it's for a comp that's about to end as every time you sub a score it recalculates. At least until the db sorts itself out.
  11. Rank and pts messed up on a few subs

    Points are still broken as far as I can tell. Still seeing a bunch of 64.8 pt x265 4k globals for example, and my 1c 4k gold doesn't count towards my score even though if you click on the sub it shows pts, although about half as much as before. So I think I'd wait a bit longer. Hopefully @richba5tard has some more input.
  12. SniperOZ - Celeron G470 @ 2134MHz - 78 marks XTU

    Welcome to the party!
  13. Submissions staying at 0 points

    I probably should, but I've kinda decided that until my world ranking is such that I care about it I'm gonna focus on hwpts and globals and only do team comps as those are the only ones that I really enjoy. Plus no way would my 32m score be competitive, I only have 1 bench ssd rn and I want to see how many scores this 7 install will last for