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  1. LN2 at -50 to -60c on sandy for a 45 minute run 😂 I could see it helping mem tho, so theoretically could be useful for timings. Did you use hypers? I had no luck with them on sandy myself. I couldn't set as tight of tertiary timings as on PSC so my score ended up taking a hit despite tighter primaries.
  2. Nice! Do you have any advice for max bclk? I'll admit I'm kinda clueless and just use mostly auto voltages then put gpu in last slot on a board with plx chip.
  3. yosarianilives

    AM3 RAM OC?

    Yes, wasted a lot of LN2 troubleshooting last weekend it before we determined that it was a board issue.
  4. My experience with UD4P has been that it's a god tier board for am2 cpus (min did 420+ bclk ez on aio) but on AM3 cpus it isn't so good (struggled with 300 bclk on ss, my cvf is much better than that)
  5. yosarianilives

    Please fix GPUPI for CPU submission (Team Cup)

    Just disable hwinfo, it won't fill in anything.
  6. yosarianilives

    AM3 RAM OC?

    Perhaps sabertooth boards just have issues? This last weekend on sabertooth we were having issue across multiple cpus, am3 and am3+, where it had a CBB at -80c. Basically you could boot into bios, pull down, then boot into OS. However if it failed to run the settings or you needed to reboot from the OS you would need to pull up to around -80c to get it to POST at all.
  7. Yeah seems that zosma Athlons are the binning rejects out of the the binning rejects. I wonder how much cache influences the weakness of the cores as normally there is no l3 cache active on the 640s however it gets unlocked when I unlock the cores up to 6. I still have a few more on the way and hopefully there is a decent on otherwise our third score for that stage may be on a quad.
  8. Don't feel so bad. My binning of 840t says that only about 50% of zosma have 6 working cores (this is after 20+ chips), also 100% of my athlon II 640's were utter garbage. The 2 out of 3 that unlocked to 6 only clocked to 3.6 ghz at 1.65v on ss. Binning results here
  9. Perhaps he realized he needed rig pic after tearing down and didn't want to risk the die with a quick and dirty mount?
  10. yosarianilives

    Unlocking multiplier on Phenom II?

    Just found this article here, is it possible that there's more to unlocking multiplier than most people know? Seems like in this link it was all cpus on a certain mobo with a certain bios. If there's a way to reliably unlock multiplier on locked AM3 chips could mean a lot for things like 1 core records.
  11. yosarianilives

    AM3 RAM OC?

    Interesting, I've always run my hypers at 2v on am3 and they seemed to like it. Was able to do 1760 6-6-5-22 1t that way with hypers on air, cpu on ss. Although lately my cvf has been unhappy with high vdimm so perhaps there's something to lower vdimm.
  12. Similarly can we fix the unlocked cores feature to be correct to the cpu used? For example I can sub a ath II 651k as unlocked to 6 cores even though this is impossible as there are physically only 4 cores on the llano die.