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  1. 800 mhz strap clocks the same, had this on several boards. 1066 just sucks for performance cause it loose
  2. Need to try more boards, this one doesn't work with manual timings, even after a reflash
  3. Lmao someone told me the ddr record couldn't be beaten without crazy es from time period. Clearly they are wrong, let's see a ddr and ddr4 wr this comp. Ddr3 may be possible but I doubt it
  4. There is no bench where enthusiast is more or less competitive, except maybe pcm10 because ssds don't need ln2.
  5. I say take all the legacy globals, if a bench doesn't have support how can it be fixed and kept secure.
  6. Exactly, am in awe of the raid arrays you pull out. Ram cache helps but still need fast disk, ram drive no need.
  7. 2.5 is a preset but it uses like 16gb of ram, hence my statement on the paradox. 1b is too fast on big bois, 2.5b uses too much ram on smaller cpus.
  8. Was mostly tongue in cheek, personally I hate doing 3d cause I'm bad at effi, but I think for those that can enjoy it that's awesome. As for legacy benches, I think no matter what 3dm03 should not have globals, it's extra buggy and I have my own reasons for hating it as far as pts are concerned. Those that know know, those that don't, well I cant elaborate lol
  9. Sounds right, 3d sucks, frankly I think 2d should have MORE globals
  10. Globals for 3dm01? I don't like it but I do get it and suspose we should lol Catzilla globals idk, bench is a bug fest and devs are not actively supporting it. And can we not drop night raid? We have almost all the 3dmarks, wouldn't make sense to drop one that has active support
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