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  1. yosarianilives

    Pair of nice Xeon X5690s

    You have pm
  2. yosarianilives

    Challenger div V R2, no RavenRidge APUs, why?

    I think leeg has said that he doesn't want them in comps as they don't work with win 7, and there'd be too much drama trying to moderate "potentially cheated" scores. If they were allowed before it was likely a mistake.
  3. What did your tertiary and rtl/iols look like? I had trouble getting mine to do what my psc would on sandy.
  4. yosarianilives

    Correct it

    Zosma is the Thuban die. That's like saying that Heka and Propus aren't just Deneb with cache or cores disabled. Or that Sargas isn't just Regor with a core disabled. But I get what you're talking about with AMD's codenames for the soft disabled versions of each of their dies.
  5. yosarianilives

    Correct it

    If the 970 be was capable of being unlocked to 6 cores then it should be called 970t. The normal 970 be was based on deneb. All thuban based cpus have a "t" after the number. Although for some reason the thuban based one is also called 970 be, even though by AMD's naming standards it would be called 970t. I think that it's still a good idea to call it 970t to distinguish it or else perhaps name it "970 be (zosma)" and add deneb for the normal cpu, as it is a different cpu than the deneb version.
  6. yosarianilives

    Re-enable submissions points

    Have you tried appending ?recalculate=true to the end of the link for your subs and loading the page? Nvm, you're points are disabled not just not calculating
  7. How do you do all the prep for ln2 and use the wrong OS? This isn't some kid on an aio...
  8. Always sad to see ln2 scores where people make a mistake and mess up the screenshot with no backup. This is just another level...
  9. It was not possible with kaby lake chips on z170 so it should not be possible with cfl chips.
  10. yosarianilives

    HWBOT Rev7.1 point recalculation in progress

    Just looked at my scores again, and it seems there are still some scores that do not receive pts. Just found my i7 2600 XTU score for example, and it's not taking part in rankings http://hwbot.org/submission/3800830_yosarianilives_xtu_core_i7_2600_876_marks
  11. yosarianilives

    * 3rd Annual Summer Party in PA *

    Not sure if this is the right place to ask, but does anyone who will be there have a dewar they'd like to sell? I'll be joining extreme league then and it'd be nice if I could follow up with more ln2 scores afterwards.
  12. yosarianilives

    * 3rd Annual Summer Party in PA *

    Okay, hotel booked and is nonrefundable so I'm for sure going 😁
  13. yosarianilives

    * 3rd Annual Summer Party in PA *

    Anyone who has been to this event previous years, is there a huge advantage to staying in the venue? Or is it mostly just that you can just roll out of bed and start benching?
  14. Crazy bclk for sandy! Looks like there's still much that we all have to learn about this platform.
  15. yosarianilives

    Why not LGA 3647 ?!!

    I think that we want to encourage participation and not enough people have moved to 3657 yet, but I would definitely like to see more 2p or even 4p. Perhaps on an older socket that more than 5 people own? I just picked up a second sr2 yesterday and about 100 xeons came in the other week, someone give me an excuse to do some binning!