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  1. It sucks for those wanting to push legacy hw but it's also nice to have less scores to worry about. Overall I'm divided on the issue for how I feel. However, this competition has been going on since nov 1. It is absolutely too late for people to ask for rule changes only clarifications imho, especially when there was a planning thread open for more than a month for people to ask for stages to be changed. It would become stage 14 2.0 where people demanded change, their was a vote, nobody could agree, and finally the fact the competition had been going for 10 days already led Leeg to make the correct decision and change nothing.
  2. Going somewhere warm for Thanksgiving holiday next weekend hopefully that helps. For scores I drop as many as I can and I help team mates get as many as they can but I there's only so many people I can bench with since we don't have a nice meet like you aussies do
  3. Thanks, this is the yes no answer I wanted. Mick made it way more complicated than it needed to be.
  4. I can see how my questions are seen as pestering, however you above all people should know my career background is mainly where my attitude of constantly asking for clarification comes from. I work in an industry that is heavily procedure and regulation bound. In short if there is any doubt in if it's procedurally or regulatory correct you stop work until its remediated or clarified by a governing body. On top of this my job within this industry is entirely based upon procedural and regulatory compliance. In short I'm used to asking "is this correct" a lot. So if the "procedure" is not clear you ask the "governing body". Is it more fair to only allow people who have connections to run scores on Rome or allow someone without connections to pay $20 to run an equivalent server chip for a few hours. I can say that personally I have very little invested in running competition benches on cloud compute hw, but not everyone has ties to a server manufacturer for hft.
  5. Why do people want to bash on benchmate? Where's your solution to cheating through os bug? Are you such an Uber coder that you can do it better? Please do
  6. I realized that even if I tried really hard and got an agp record it won't matter nearly as much as having an agp score. Played around with averages and a slight oc on the pcie card can make more difference than a hardcore agp score ever will.
  7. This isn't a problem of how I set it, the bios wouldn't hold any higher clocks and flashing a newer bios failed with "this bios isn't for this board" error and did not allow me to force it
  8. I was able to launch hwinfo just fine when I was in the lab but benchmate continually hung on hwinfo initialization even when I dropped the DLLs from the working hwinfo into the benchmate folder. I also had the issue of hwinfo initialization when running gpupi 3.2 although 3.3 didn't have any issue. I got 3.2 to run by disabling hwinfo but then it would crash on saving the datafile every time. If hwinfo was set to anything but disabled it would crash at the start of the run when it initialized hwinfo.
  9. So devils advocate since I just got the dumbest idea for ycruncher stage, assuming we can make sure it's only on a single socket is renting time on like an azure server allowed? Cause you can rent those by hour and at that point even an e7 8890 is kinda affordable I know this is an edgecase "Well the rules don't say a dog can't play baseball..." type of question, sorry in advance
  10. Is anything special needed to get benchmate to work on windows server 2019? I'm still trying to figure out why it kept hanging on hwinfo initialization on launch. Getting ready to potentially go back to the lab next weekend and would be nice to be able run benchmate benches if rome is still around to mess with. I've heard that some things don't work in server OS driver wise because of the protected kernel shell so maybe it's that.
  11. Better than some years despite as far as I can see having almost no organization. If you want to see what we have/need PM for spreadsheet and team USA discord lol
  12. Correct, although I think we all know that the only score that matters is pcie as long as the other scores show up because of the large difference in score. So if someone can run 7700k/7740x+RTX titan for that stage would give their team a large advantage.
  13. But isn't pci-x only for server. So you'd only get it on server grade boards which would fall under "No server HW allowed" Just to play devils advocate
  14. So much wrong with this system but don't feel like putting in the effort to make it work right, can't even flash a better bios that will run full multiplier
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