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  1. I am the same That's the main reason for requiring the valid link to limit software tweak arcanum that only some know.
  2. Did you try the same version number as used on the scores successfully validated?
  3. I second this, there's no avx or heavy sse4. Hell cpu is limited to 5 ghz 4c. Only thing I can think of is if you push crazy secondaries going for fast mem
  4. Yes, this is fine, there's probably some beta catalyst driver that optimal that isn't WHQL or whatever it is that 3dmark demands
  5. I'm okay with it if mods are okay with it, same for server cpus.
  6. Until the judges clarify it seems that people are subbing the total score, you'll be at disavantage with your 1400 but the gpu is very weak and still holds the score back a whole lot
  7. All cedar cores, although 5450 is likely the easiest to find
  8. @Leeghoofd @GeorgeStorm Are we still going with graphics score for this? I know we said that mods would just keep in mind that it's for the comp but I see that the rules have also been changed to not include the line about graphics score only. Also if it is graphics score only which GT do we want to count for 3dm06?
  9. Nice FB mod, and is that a chipset block on the core? Also can ram go faster? not that I think we're very cpu bound on this card...
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