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  1. Want to again give a huge shoutout to all who have joined. we are just at 100 members including some of the HWBOT staff. I can’t say how much I appreciate each and every one of you. we have had some growing pains but have worked through them flawlessly. This is a community for you guys and I’m glad you guys are embracing this. thank you again guys. Let’s keep up the great discussions and I’ll see you guys around there.
  2. ES Hardwarezzzzzzzz GPUPi 32B four way Hawaii based. Lol
  3. I have an older EKWB block that was used on a 1366 system I received. Should fit 1151/2066 as well. Yours if you want to pay shipping
  4. Definitely a platform I am enjoying. Few things here and there I think I can do to gain some efficiency
  5. Easy now fellers, I can't let you guys have all the fun just yet.
  6. Fantastic looking comp to kick off the 2020 year imo. One question though. For Pro OC Y-Cruncher, we must have 64GB of total system memory or must have 64GB of system memory enabled(ala no max mem set)
  7. @der8urner i think said he had a 3950X for sale
  8. keeph8n

    TR 3990X

    Plenty of benchmarks support the thread count
  9. R20 scales with cores, R15 scales with cores. GB3/4/5 scale with cores. GPUPi scales with cores. X265 scales with cores. Shall I continue?
  10. Still going strong heading into a new week. Lots of discussions going on. The instant feedback imo is amazing. Live discussions with benchers from all over the world on their thoughts on how things are being implemented and run! Thanks again to those already there and look forward to more of you joining!
  11. I have that as well. Have had it for a month or two now
  12. That seems to be on the software manufacturers side of things
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