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  1. Hotel is booked. If I can get this TR4 stuff moved, I’ll try and bring some AM3+ stuff
  2. I know I’m new around these parts, but I kind of like option 1 over 2. You up could do individual polls that last a week or so for each round. That would give us our comps for each round. The 10 rounds deal sounds good to me. I think option 2 would would probably be viable sooner, but I’m not sure how much say those who are newer to this vs those who’ve been around a while would get a say in what benchs are chosen. Whatever the masses choose I’m all game for. I’ll bench what I can and enjoy this community as much as I can.
  3. I'll be making all of my necessary arrangements here in the next few weeks. Won't be bringing any hardware with me, but will come hang out for a good time.
  4. You should see over on the right side of your submission a Edit link. Click that and you can go back in a fill it in
  5. Air coolers would rule me out. Would have to try and dig up my cooler for the 1080TI. Everything I have is currently under water so air cooling is more difficult for me. Oh well, I'll wait for the next one.
  6. I'm in tentatively. Don't know if I'll actually bring hardware as I'm still rocking a large waterloop and just bought a chiller. Traveling with that could get interesting.
  7. I'm debating about making the trek over. 8 hour drive. Don't know if I'd bring any hardware as its still my rookie year and trying to see what I can do here before moving up. Definitely want to check out the action though.
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