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  1. DM prices on these if you don’t mind.
  2. Definitely some solid gear but I think shipping would do me in unfortunately.
  3. Yes sorry. Edited first post
  4. Looking for some good DDR4(b-die preferred). also looking for 7700k, 8086k, 7740X, and maybe a 9900k(variants) located in USA
  5. I will ship to Europe for cost
  6. $2500 shipped for three chips and a Zenith Extreme Alpha. someone has to want to get into this platform.
  7. Through the weekend blowout! ALL THREE CHIPS FOR $2000 + SHIPPING/FEES
  8. I’ll make someone a package deal for all 3 chips and a Zenith Extreme Alpha if they want. Or I can do a single deal for the board and one chip.
  9. Thanks y’all. Was a productive night and finding some missing efficiency is always a plus
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