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  1. Super high mems for geek and r15 like 2048 or so. 3D depends on what you are running. 5gb or so usually works for newer. 3Gb or less for legacy.
  2. you can, I explained how to import 3.4.3b3 into benchmate in the support thread for you
  3. 0.9.3 is the correct version. Geekbench can not be included with the Benchmate software anymore. You can still install it into benchmate manually. Once both programs are installed on the OS, open benchmate and navigate to the bottom left of the main screen. Click the + icon and navigate to the geekbench installation. Source the .exe and it'll now be present in benchmate
  4. Seems quite a few of the 3600 scores don’t use BM. Those will need reported unfortunately
  5. https://hwbot.org/news/10034_application_93_rules/ states Benchmate 0.9.3 must be used when benching AMD on Win8 or newer
  6. No benchmate? It is required for Windows 10 AM4 benching of Geekbench
  7. Verification screenshot requirements A verification screenshot is required Benchmark window CPU-Z CPU tab (version 1.91 or newer) CPU-Z Memory tab (version 1.91 or newer) GPU-Z Graphics Card tab Full screenshot required, no clipping Verification link Result must be “Valid” on 3dmark.com
  8. That’s the hope. Might try her again next weekend
  9. System had been acting funny since installing the fury X. Just quick and dirty install of the drivers and run. said card I think is now dead. Won’t post anymore
  10. So yeah, it looks like each individual platform will need to be tested for sure. z390, Z490, AM4, etc. just as we do for most anything anymore, bench version and OS will be key to a good score.
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