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  1. not exist softmod for gigabyte 5770? only hardmod...? edit : finally,i hardmod. thanks
  2. hi, thanks i can run IGP at ~1327/920 and 5,9ghz,but the score was worse,IGP unstable i think. i will retest soon
  3. Personally, I tested the drivers available for vista/win7 32-bit (1968/2057) and win7 64-bit (1995/2057/2092), and no score bugged. All scores are quite similar. home, the display tweaks are important and provide pts;) i can run the IGP at ~1327/920. edit : 1337/930 edit : 134x gpu passed edit : 1358 gpu passed edit : 136x ok and 1371mhz not passed one cpu dead on two pcs edit : 1371mhz passed,but low score...unstable 661pts gpu lol
  4. hi, the CBB/CB mod for H55M-S2H is the same as H55-UD3H ? thanks bye
  5. hi, i seek a vcore mod P55-UD6,but i don't find anyone know? thanks bye
  6. hi, what temperature for this frequence,vgpu 1.50v and more? my asus can run 1400/1260(still not tested memory)canyon 3dm05 with 1.50v -70°~ ,and not tester with more vgpu...
  7. thanks ;)

    yes,and more,he like the cold.

    maybe,i will test it under ln2 ;)



  8. Congratulations Topalof,

    it was nice competition, i hope see you again... :)

  9. Yes, I am aware, and I thank everybody,the organization,msi,staff hwbot for all the work done to moderate the contest,ect ... thanks all
  10. thanks all,and congratz all other teams and participants i'm very happy thanks
  11. and WR wPrime with bug cpu-z and coef 15x239 valided!?
  12. hi, not,but I have very very bad scores at wPrime,i don't know why... i've test all os/sp pack,but still very bad...i seek... the wprime score of andre yang is crazy, for the frequency a magic tweak??
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