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  1. A cette frequence c'est viable ? ou ca tient juste le temps de bencher ?
  2. Hi Mat ! Do you have a release date scheduled ? I am eager to test the latest version. I could envetually give you a hand to validate that everything is fine on both s1156 and s775 without AES , 🙂
  3. Thanks a lot dude ! I went back to an i5 s1156 and as you said it worked. I didn’t knew that i5 and i3 had not the same instructions. Anyway, thanks again for your great work and commitment.
  4. Hi, I submitted a ticket earlier today. When I start anything from the latest launcher I got an error message claiming that an attempt was made to start an illegal instruction. Then the bench is just closed but the laucher stays alive without crashing. If I start the app directly from the apps folder of benchmate, no problem, no crash. Everything was still working properly yesterday evening. Since I started to crash I did couple of things : -Removed my OC - full stock rig / Tested another CPU as in first instance I though that it damaged the CPU with an excess of volts in my last session... -Reset of the bios / Bios update. -Reinstallation of the OS (W10 64 Bit), fully updated just for test purpose. -Downloaded Benchmate again. No improvement. Thanks for your input and for the great work you have done with this new tool. Making our life way easier ! Thumb up.
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