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  1. GTBTK

    Please add iphone 8

    Slingshot benchmark will not accept submissions from iphone 8. can you please update
  2. I though that was what I just did by posting this
  3. Just trying to make a submission for a 3Dmark slingshot 1080p run and the system does not recognize the existence of iPhone 8. The most recent model in the drop downs is iPhone 6s. Trying to add the details for CPU and GPU manually but it rejects the entries . could you please help update the hardware lists?
  4. I was aware that the beta benchmarks were not scored. Cinebench 2003 and the two geek bench versions are not beta and listed with posting rules. How can you tell the difference between point scoring Benchmarks and non point scoring ones before posting a benchmark?
  5. Hi over the weekend, I submitted 4 different scores. Each of them got a gold cup for the CPU but I have been awarded no points for the submissions. the submissions fro single and multicore geekbench 4, Cinebench 2003 and PCmark10. None of them are on the beta list as far as I am aware. All the submissions sat for a number of hours without anything happening. I hit the recalculate button and it calculated the global and hardware rankings but I have not received the hardware scores for the gold cups. Could you please take a look and resolve? Thanks in advance GTBTK`s Geekbench4 - Multi Core score: 14310 points with a Core i7 4770HQ GTBTK`s Geekbench4 - Single Core score: 4307 points with a Core i7 4770HQ GTBTK`s Cinebench - 2003 score: 3090 points with a Core i7 4770HQ GTBTK`s PCMark10 score: 3400 marks with a Core i7 4770HQ
  6. The account with GTBTK is also me, I don't know why I had two accounts. I have never submitted anything to it and I just deleted the profile so you can now please change my User name to GTBTK?
  7. Could my Nickname please be changed to GTBTK? thank you