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  1. Steven86

    Htc Droid Dna

    No americans with a Droid Dna ?
  2. Steven86

    Htc Droid Dna

    Anyone willing to sell his Verizon DROID DNA? Whistle me please, I'll be in the states next months 2-16may, San francisco and Las vegas...I'll give a good price
  3. I get this message when starting AXTU (asrock oc utility). Reinstalling didn't seem to bother. Could the light version of win Xp sp3 be the reason? Or just some missing files? Thx!
  4. It's been sealed with Dow Corning 702, should be sealed well..I think..I hope .. I will use crushed dryice in small flavours, I think heavy benching with this pot is out of the question :D
  5. I know back in those X800 en geforce 6800 days a power issue or flame would kill the core...So I think I need more then luck
  6. Haha thnx guys lol You think it will explode? :-D
  7. Cheaper then cheap UBER performance Just for fun :celebration:
  8. My previous job 7 years ago was soldering smd , leds, resistors..with a decent weller station soldering should not be any problem. Getting the right component probably will be the thoughest job. And mosfet lol yes word didn't cross my mind. Thnx for the input, will use this info and see what I can do. Report later..
  9. new season start reminds of this song
  10. I was thinking the same to be honest, however I saw people doing the craziest shit before with the power circuit so I thought why not try it (simply cause it died before I could even say hello to it lol )
  11. After popping in this GFX card, this little black resistor/transistor, whatever this should be, caught a little flame ending up in no screen and a sound.. I cleaned the space around it, popped it back in-->fans are spinning, my mainboard doesn't give any error, yet no screen. Now I have death 470gtx on it's way, would it be worthwhile or should I try to replace this cap? Or are chances slim to zero of getting this card back up and running? Thanx!
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