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[for sale] 7970 3gb [UK]


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I've got a volt modded 7970 for sale that I have no use for.

It has the stock cooler and new thermal pads fitted as it used to be LN2 cooled.

The mods have been done by K404 as the card used to belong to him, I had Kenny move the mods to the back of the card so I could use the stock cooler to do OS set ups.


Fan runs @ 60% when running '03, but fan kicks in when serious gaming but this is a benching card and should be treated as such.

I have a copper spacer if you want to add a LN2 pot, but if you want to add a full cover waterblock the mods should be out of the way for that so a good card for the EL guys.


Price £200 shipped for UK.

£215 for anywhere else.

Would love a bank transfer, last resort would be paypal :(


Small note I can't ship until monday 7th due to work commitments, sorry.







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