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Gigabyte R9 290 memory mod


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Hey guys,


I'm looking for the mem mod of this card, however it's not really working as it normally does.


This is what I believe the memory controller:


And here is the datasheet: http://www.anpec.com.tw/ashx_prod_file.ashx?prod_id=60&file_path=20080917100144843.pdf&original_name=APL5915.pdf


Resistance to GND is 6.7K. A friend of mine has tried with FB to GND with a 200K pot, but no matter how far he lowered the resistor, the mem voltage wouldn't go up.


After looking closer I think there should be a variable resistor over R352(on pic, R1 in datasheet) to Pin 3, which is Vout, but I'm not 100% sure so this is why I post it here. It could also be that we need to alter R2 (R353 on pic) also?


Any help is appreciated.

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