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9600 and 9600 BE chips in the same class?

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While browsing I noted a mix of 9600 Phenom chips being in the same class as 9600 BE chips with entries shown, no actual 9600 BE class seems to exist that I can tell - I've seen the 9600 and 9600B classes pop up with a search but no 9600 BE class popped up at all.


I know the 720 and 720 BE chips for example are indicated as separate classes with the BE chips having a clear advantage, hence these being in different classes.

Could it be the "B" class was supposed to be the BE class?


I know there were B versions of the 9600 to correct the errata bugs in earlier versions and was thinking this was the case here with the 9600 B class itself.


Probrably an oversight but it's my thought this needs to be corrected to keep things fair.

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