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  1. 6870's are out there too, not bad on the pricing overall and looks to be enough of them to go around.
  2. Basically any Newark is hard to find anywhere but the 4000's are particuarly hard to find for any kind of decent price these days. I'm blessed to have the one I've got, where I had ordered it from I had actually ordered a 3700 but received a 4000 instead - I wasn't about to complain to them about it when I saw what it was. ?
  3. The new guys NEED to get in on this. The experience gained from competing will go a long ways towards success and if nothing else they'll learn some things along the way, that being the biggest benefit from doing it. If any of you have ambitions to reach the top one day you'll never get it done sitting on your hands, gotta start somewhere and this is a great opportunity to get started like the rest of us had to. Good luck to those that decide to compete.
  4. You are correct. Don't have a Giga to try it with so... May not do too well in this stage overall. I do have a couple of 890/870 boards and seeing what I can get from those ATM.
  5. Yes.... And if I were a betting man, I'd have to say there could be a bit left in it yet. You know how engineers like Scotty always managed to squeeze that last .0001 of warp speed out of it. ?
  6. Bones

    Need to split

    Got one of those myself and yes, It's fun-kaaay!! ?
  7. I'd have to say "Yes" overall - Certainly has it's advantages from my experience with both.
  8. And it's been reported - Was entered into the AMD CPU stage of Country Cup, of which it's not legal (Valid) to be in since it's an Intel chip you used here. Sorry, but next time read and follow the rules regarding requirements of the stage you want to participate in.
  9. That's just amazing efficiency! Getting closer to a 1:1 ratio between the MHz ran and score obtained! I take it you've been working on that since. ?
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