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  1. And yet it may still be required to remove at least some of it to make things better. I get it, you don't miss it until it's gone but at the same time what if it's something that's actually BAD for things inspite of being popular? I'm with the above, going back to something like Rev 3 is probrably the best move to make from here. If wanting anything beyond that I'd allow the base concept of what it's going to be become reality, THEN look into it. This way you are standing on a firm foundation of something that's already been proven as "Good" for a starting point. Set that in place, preserve that format in case it's needed for later (Base concept backup) and go from there. Just my 2 cents on this.
  2. With respect........ I have to ask how is benching any and everything you can get your hands on mediocrity? 🤔 That's what you do to get points however you can. Don't forget this is a site for competition and that means any and everything is fair game so long as it's done within the rules of the site. Doesn't matter what you run, there is no such thing as points that doesn't matter because each and every one counts in the end, saying only points from the newest stuff counts is just ridiculous. Not everyone can bench the newest stuff because it costs money to get and in some cases it's really expensive or in a few rare instances, not even available, at least until everyone else has already had a crack at it with the pieces being sought. If it doesn't cost you anything, either you're just lucky or sponsored which most here cannot claim. If I can get a few points from benching something I've had lying around forever I'll do it - I do care about the points and summing it up as "No one cares" about those isn't accurate at all. BTW I did that recently with a board I've had for over 15 years and yes, those counted too and I'll take 'em however I can get 'em (By the rules of course). Maybe to you it's not worth much or anything and I can understand that because for some it's just not worth the trouble for so little in return...... But I'll also say that's just you and your singular situation, doesn't apply to everyone else's situation here and it's not right to impose that on others trying to earn a few with whatever they can get to even give it a shot with. As for Splave, the community as a whole supports him and he's well earned that respect - If someone is being disrespectful just call them out on it, I can assure you we've got his back. He certainly has my respect. 😎
  3. What you did seems to have fixed it.
  4. Just a heads up - Been getting this as of late when trying to go to the main site. I can come here to the forum and then use the link at the top and it's not a problem, it's when I try to go directly to the main site this pops up.
  5. To point one indicated in the quote - The definition itself does matter or you coudn't call it either a 2 or 3D bench at all. Regardless of how the bench itself works it still has to be referred to or called something in some way definitively for it to be in a given category. I understand the point about a 3D bench testing the card and that's true but we ourselves have no way to make it work differently than it was made to be short of hacking it - We all know that's just not cool nor legal by the rules. I'm not arguing whether a legacy 3D bench works off the CPU to any extent or not here, if it was originally made to be a 3D bench then that's what it is by intended purpose if anything when created. BTW I am against placing limits on things, let the guys go for it if they want to. Point 2: I do agree the points system is in need of changing, at least to an extent. However if someone sees they cannot do anything to be worth the trouble that alone makes it a limitation. This does need to be addressed in some way and should be done in such a way it's fair to those that either want to or have to run the older stuff. If there is no incentive at all to run the older stuff you'll see new guys no longer appearing - There has to be something at the end to achieve, some goal to work towards and not everyone is crapping $$ to buy the newest and best out there with. Think for a sec, how many folks IF given a chance and would try it could be good or even great. Like in music for example, that guy that never expressed an interest in music or had a chance to learn and prove it could have the talent/potential to have been one of the very best but said talent was never realized because they didn't take interest or had a chance to find out if they did have it in the first place. No telling how many over time could have been as good or even better than what we know of but missed out because they never did it or had a chance to. Same applies to this, we should be making it as easy as possible for someone to get started but only that, get started that is. If they have the chops they'll prove it in time, that being the real test which is something that's all up to them. We can't hold their hand nor should we be expected to. That's just my take on it.
  6. WTF??? A 3D bench is and always will be a 3D bench, doesn't make sense in the way you put it. If someone wants to have a go for globals with a GTX 780 I say let them have at it, it's their time, money and hardware to run and all that to waste if they want. Thing is some CAN do it, doesn't make sense to simply cut them out of contention based on the age of their hardware alone. More competiton is competition no matter what form it takes as long as it's done within the rules set in place. BTW we've walked this path before..... And don't understand why we have to again.
  7. Bones

    HWBOT Prime 1.0.0 released

    Started a thread about an invalid issue I'm having, then saw this thread. I did go ahead and download 1.0.2 and will try that shortly.
  8. Can't seem to fiqure this out, always getting that my sub is invalid. I can save the result and sub it, run the bench online while logged into the site..... Doesn't matter what I do it keeps saying my run is invalid. Also noted it always reads my CPU speed as stock, not for where it's set in the BIOS/where it's actually running at. This is the sub I tried to enter and had to disable points because of this. Bones`s HWBOT Prime 30min score: 8400761 max prime with a Core i3 7350K EDIT: Just saw the other thread about it and posted there. 😣
  9. Agreed - Legacy pieces should be supported and perhaps as it is with the two versions themselves to simply have a normal and legacy heading in the rankings for each once the update is completed.
  10. Bones

    The Official Country Cup 2018 thread

    Beat me to it but yep - It does.
  11. Yep - All 3D benchies requires the sensor tabs in GPU-Z to be shown in the screenie. That would be all stages from 6-10 to be exact. Be sure to read the rules for each stage you'll be competing in.
  12. This is actually true and from what I hear, a damn good one too. 🧐
  13. Someone else said it's an issue of the smaller lithography not holding up as well, not the thinness of the chips and that could be it too. As said earlier I don't really "Know", just trying to come up with a possible answer here that may help.
  14. I'm really starting to believe it's a side-effect of Intel making the chips thinner period. Normally not a problem since 99.9999999% of them would never be ran frozen/Extreme conditions but for the select few that are, it's becoming a real issue.