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  1. Not in every case it's sandbagging in reference to #1. Sometimes it's defending your position with a certain bench/hardware type, I mean if someone beats a result you've had it's only natural to go after it to regain the top spot - It's called competition. I've done that before myself in cases when I got bumped and as long as that is the case I don't see a problem. Sometimes I'll get bored and drag out a certain piece and rebench just to see if I can improve the result and if I do, I'll sub it - No harm, no foul. Concerning #2, Largely the same as #1 but the difference I see is the intent of it when done. With redo's (Actual rebenching) of an older result it's not like you'll score even more points (Not supposed to anyway) to improve your #1 result in the rankings, points should more or less remain the same in that way because the ranking itself doesn't change but does have a benefit of making it harder for someone to take that away from you. Yes I've done that before too with no change in points awarded because the ranking itself didn't change, equaling no additional points scored. With #3 - Nope, that's definitely gaming the system, making it work in a way it was never intended to for getting points. Any runs done and subbed for that season should actually be done within that season to be fair about it. Some have brought up the issue about backups stashed, from what I'm thinking as long as it's a sub that hasn't been submitted before it's fair game but deleting and reposting a previously subbed result is a definite no-no. Just my 2 cents for whatever it is or not worth.
  2. Just a suggestion. We use wallpapers for comps, why not allow teams to create an "Official" wallpaper they would use with the current year as part of it? In the past some (Myself as an example) had a personalized wallpaper we used - As long as the current year is part of it, that may be acceptable too but the team approach is probrably the better of the two. Either that or the bot could do something similar, perhaps as others said, use notepad or whatever. Do remember that with older benchies the newest CPU-Z versions don't work with older hardware at times, an actual wallpaper would at least circumvent this issue in cases the most recent CPU-Z doesn't work with the hardware being benched. I know with OSIBS it has it's own wallpaper but there will be runs done outside of it too along the way. Whatever is finally decided as a solution is fine by me, I can do whatever.
  3. I only recently made the move to extreme, I still do the majority of my benching on chilled or lesser forms of cooling. I too have ran into trying to beat the guy above me with higher clocks but just coudn't get around them - And then after trying different tweaks found that one thing I was lacking and finally beat the result they had. Kinda reminds me of the comp I was in way back in Aug 2011 over at OCA when that place was kicking hard. Although at first I was a real longshot to be competitive vs the others involved, much less in having a chance at the win I didn't let that deter me and in the end wound up going head-to-head with Sofos for the top spot. He won and I came in right behind in 2nd. Sofos said I really pushed him for that win (He was just being nice - I know he could have cold-smoked my ass TBH) but the compliment was appreciated and drove me to do even more - So I did. In that single month I learned more about Super PI than I had ever known before and what was gained then still serves me well. Just shows if you really put in the effort you can come away with results worth going after, plus the knowledge of how it's done you can use later. You get from it what you put into it. That's history now but I still use what was gained, I earned it so I use it. Cooling methods don't always equal great results, I've actually beaten one or two on LN2 using watercooling before - Ridiculous yet it happened. So.... I guess those guys just sucked right? I'll let you guys decide that for yourselves but in my case I'm always tweaking and applying what I've learned regardless of cooling used. And if I happen to do a sucky run that will show too and I can certainly do those - Also regardless of cooling. Keep it fun or it's not worth doing as a hobby or just at all period.
  4. Yeah! The fault is all on those sorry assed, lying, cheating Extreme classed LN2 slinging bastards...... 😃
  5. I'm hoping to pull some half-decent runs out of my own ass tomorrow with AM3+. Gotta go get what I need and just do it.
  6. Create a support ticket/thread about the issue here: https://community.hwbot.org/forum/26-support/ Most likely a database error but sub the report with details about your system anyway, if there is a problem they'll get to it but do be patient - May take awhile but they will get to it sooner or later and let you know what goes.
  7. Good to see you tinkering again Chew, I need to start up again myself and see what I can come up with across a few sockets.
  8. From personal experience I've ran into some of this myself before, just seems to me alot of the new guys I've spoken with before have an attitude they want to press a button and have instant WR results, it just doesn't work that way. Instead of working for what you get they want it E-Z-P-Z and all of it served up to them on a silver platter..... Then wonder "Why" their results are far short of what the rest of us have been doing. Like most here I too put in the work and earned what I got and it wasn't an easy thing to do, takes time and dedication to even start to approach what could be called a "Good" result vs the rest. Learning how it all works and the effects tweaks have is a big part of it but instead the mentality of the ones I've conversed with are more like they want it and want it now, in a few cases for me to just hand over my tweaks or even tweak and OC their system for them - I'm not gonna do that. I mean there is nothing wrong with asking for some advice because we've all been there before but to outright do it all for them? Hell no. It's also true the pricetag to do this has only gotten higher, not cheaper and that does put off alot of the potential new guys BUT if they are truly wanting to do it and succeed they should be aware of that going in anyway - Not to mention the price to play itself even if already involved isn't getting any cheaper itself. Fasttrack also made some good points too about it, like anything else there more than one side to a story with real world implications. Just how it is.
  9. Ran into that myself last week, even at stock it was throwing that error with Win 10 64 bit, same CPU model (3600x) in use.
  10. Only simple solution would be to disallow any unlocking of anything - Which is to say either it's a true Deneb by name or it's not. Personally I'd love to run my 555 BE but by just saying no unlocking allowed would make things alot easier to know and resolve any "Can I use this" questions, would also make moderation alot easier too since the line of what is and isn't allowed is readily defined that way.
  11. Largely the same with a Callisto core which is a Deneb with two cores disabled. I know it's a mess with all the different variations in play, if I'm not mistaken even an older Heka core unlocked is a first gen Deneb too so...... There ya go. Better to go ahead and mention such now while it's still early in the game.
  12. +1 to the above. This doesn't need to disappear, instead it could be stickied so the next time it starts up (And it will sooner or later) you can just find the thread and "Point" to it as warning to whomever.
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