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  1. I'll be blunt..... Sounds like someone (Or a few someone's) are being taken for a ride and guess who bailed from behind the drivers seat with all the cash and keys to the ride too. ๐Ÿค” I do hope I'm wrong here but that's what it sounds like to me ATM. If they paid for it they should have full access - Period and if not AND they agreed to it, then it's their loss and it's all on them.
  2. +1 to the above. The man got skills and has no need to cheat - Much respect here for him and what he can do. Great score!
  3. You cannot outfail me in 3D...... Don't even try....... ๐Ÿ˜
  4. The site is reminding me how it was acting back when the site was being hijacked into mining bitcoin. Really slow with errors (504's for now) popping up. I also noticed in one section content that had been deleted from the main thread in the forum itself is still visible in general. The thread it's in doesn't show it but the section in the comp does and it's spam about gambling. HWBot Team Cup 2020 SuperPi 32M @ HWBOT And we are getting closer to that time of year anyway (Spam-Fest: Coming direct to you for the Christmas shopping season of 2020!!!!).
  5. Class act all the way, was very helpful and didn't mind going out of his way if you needed something. I'm glad I was able to meet him in person at least once - And hopefully will do so again soon!
  6. Have to agree - AM3+ doesn't have the RTC issues AM4 does.
  7. What exact model/version is the board? Could be either a 1.04 or 2.0, either one can be a Deluxe.
  8. I'm too late with the idea but today I had thought about a PI stage involving Zambezi only for AM3+, no Vishera's allowed. 1M, 32M, or whatever, it seems like a good one but that's already been setup - Or has it?
  9. I forgot about that part of it. Just shows how much 3D I do..... Which is none. ๐Ÿ˜
  10. They can without issue, they probrably woudn't score as high as a DX9 card but they can run it.
  11. It's like that for most any forum I've ever seen, not just here.
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