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  1. Sounds like W1zzard would need to look into that concerning GPU-Z.
  2. Could be - I can't say for sure since mine didn't die. Thanks guys for the comments, most appreciated!
  3. Thanks guys! I think this one has hit the limit, need to find myself a few more and see what I can get.
  4. All I can say to those guys is bring it..... I'd seriously doubt any of them could beat the majority here with the same card and setup anyway. As we say about American football when we use the term "Armchair Quarterback" - Easy to criticize things, plays called and so on watching the game but if IN the game, they'd fail gloriously.
  5. You are doing a great job Alex, your efforts are appreciated by the community and I know it's a big task but you can do it. 👌
  6. I'll say it like this. Every competitor knows or at least should know what they are getting into here. It's not like a certain few have to deal with it, we all do. I will also say in-house benchers DO have an advantage, no question about that and skill is required to get the best scores along with luck being on your side. They do get pieces that's already been tested (Binned) in most cases, in some cases the pieces are not binned but they still have manufacturer support behind them - I mean the house guys ARE right there where they are made right? When speaking of skill, that is v
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