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  1. That's just amazing efficiency! Getting closer to a 1:1 ratio between the MHz ran and score obtained! I take it you've been working on that since. 😁
  2. I'll say I'd love to have a 32M Super PI stage with FX setup so others can have a shot at a valid 8Ghz+ run too. Only four guys total have ever done it, myself being one but I know others out there are capable too. I can see such a stage providing the opportunity to at least try so let 'em go for it, score some points and just have fun while taking on the challenge of getting it done if they can. BTW CPU frequency runs are good too.....
  3. Not neccessarily, it's really about what everyone want to run and enjoy as it is with TC. I'd like to see a mix of both myself. As for AM3+, I'll just say it - I'd love to have a Super PI stage for that and that seems to have been popular in the past anyway, lots of participation whenever it was done. The same for FM2 would be great as well or perhaps AM4/ Athlon only setups, no Ryzens allowed would be a great one to try too.... Or perhaps Ryzen 3 chips only? CPU Frequency is another apporach and not a bad idea. Maybe Some WPrime love for FM2? Socket 1155? Lots of good stuff that can be done if you really think about it. Whatever.... I'll be waiting to see what happens.
  4. Same chip as always, I tried a different approach to the tweaking I was doing - And it worked. 😉
  5. Thanks. Just putting to use an old item that would have been tossed long ago.
  6. First off congrats on that run, it's a good one. Suggestion: You should live stream those attempts at the records you're after - Including mine if you wanna go for them. 👍
  7. Looks to be a good chip for Ln2 if you ever decide to try it, esp since you already have a good board to support it that way. Definitely a good result on DICE.
  8. I no longer have that board, Keeph8n has it now.
  9. Must agree with this. As a note to this issue Socket 939 is capable BUT most 939 boards do not have the option in the BIOS to enable it. The only one I know as fact that does have it is the DFI CFX 3200 and I know that because I had one, all other 939 DFI's that I know of do not. I haven't seen it before in any other 939 boards either aside from the CFX 3200 so that's one socket I'd think would need to be exempt too just to be fair since there is no way everyone will have one of those boards with that BIOS option.
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