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  1. Shhhhhh!!!! Don't encourage him, he'll go even lower and threaten my best in XTU.......
  2. Using safe mode has fixed this for me before. Can't guarantee it will work everytime but worth trying.
  3. The sub is fine, things like SSE4 and such being displayed is not a requirement of the bench itself as it is with others.
  4. She is and just killing it too in the process.... 😎
  5. I'll say benching isn't all about the newest or oldest - It's about the entire spectrum of what's available to bench in the first place. I do agree that newer benchies based on newer pieces is relevant for comtemporary results but the entire thing about benching isn't completely based on that. For a site to be "honest" it has to compare things from different perspectives and doing so with only the newest with the newest creates such a narrow view, in reality "To be honest" everything has to count in the end. You run the newer/newest pieces available and that's OK because that's your thing and it does matter but so does the other you seem to have some disdain over. If we don't bench and cover it all, then the picture is incomplete, giving false impressions about what overclocking IS really about. Not an easy thing to do but if it's going to be done at all, someone has to do it..... And that's the rest of us so be happy we're willing to so you don't have to yourself.
  6. The trial version of HWmonitor Pro doesn't seem to automatically update what it's monitoring. You can however fix that - At the top of the program where you see things like "File", "View", "Network", ect.... Click "View". Then look at what's seen for options in that and you'll see the option to "Clear Labels". Click that and the program will update itself to what's actually in the machine. Each time you swap pieces to run you'll have to do that but it works.
  7. Sub in the wrong hardware category for the ongoing comp. Also no comp background as required, no temp monitoring and lacking the CPU-Z motherboard tab.
  8. Using my last sub as an example, I ran HWinfo and you'll note there is a "Clock" in the proggy's window with a time right next to it. That tells you how long the program has been monitoring the system and it would have to be for a longer amount of time than the bench result to be valid, mine shows about 35 seconds longer than what the bench itself ran for. All I did was set everything up for Super PI with the bench already opened and ready to go, the very last thing I did was to open up the monitoring program before hitting "Start" for the bench. After the run was done, just opened up my CPU-Z's and took the shot. E-Z-P-Z.
  9. Sorry dude, incomplete CPU-Z info and you have the CPU-Z tab blocking the rendered image - That in itself makes the sub invalid....... AND to top all that off you entered the CPU frequency as the actual bench result as being for Cinebench 11.5 instead of Cinebench 15 as it really is. 😖 Wish I had a Sandy that could do THAT well. Can't say any more than just.........
  10. Geez...... All I can suggest is learn the difference between the SPD and memory tabs. Clearly labeled at the top of the program when opened..... Or R. U. F'ing blind AND illiterate?
  11. Bones

    Challengers 2019 Round 1

    Read this thread and you'll understand where this is coming from. The issue is with the trial (Unpaid) version of HWmonitor Pro, not the regular (Free) version of HWmonitor. Could be the Pro version once activated (Paid for) will work like the other, no need to worry about it but since most here are using the Pro/Trial version for the comp only it's a "Thing" and that's what I found to resolve this problem. Honestly I woudn't pay for a proggy to only use it for a single comp, doesn't make sense to. I've also discovered the deal with "Trial" appearing sometimes with the sensor readout for things like CPU temps can be resolved by simply closing and restarting the program, it seem to be random in what it chooses to do that with. May have to do it once or twice but it will eventually show the actual readout from that sensor as it should for a valid sub. Regardless, both will work or can be made to if need be as long as it's legal for the comp.
  12. Bones

    Challengers 2019 Round 1

    I don't know if anyone has found this solution yet but here it is. For HWmonitor Pro, there was a problem with it not detecting a different CPU if you wanted to swap CPUs for example to try something different, it always shows the CPU the program was initially installed with. While the program doesn't automatically update what it's detecting hardware-wise you can make the program do this without having to reinstall anything. At the top of the program's dialogue box once the program is running you'll see options such as "File", "View", "Network", ect..... go into the "View" option and you will see a function called "Clear Labels". Click that and let the program do what it has to and it will then show the correct hardware in use. You'll have to do this each time you swap hardware to make it show the correct hardware labels but that's how it works.
  13. Nice job with your very first sub! You have to give the site time to update, it can be slow about it at times unfortunately.
  14. Wrong comp division, no CPU-Z tabs at all and no HWmonitor temps shown.