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  1. Getting things ready for the start of this....
  2. I have one ready to go..... Seriously I do. 😁 But would probrably use one of my blower fans instead for that, easier to setup and start.
  3. Same here - The stock cooler idea is fine by me too. Makes it more of a challenge to do well. 😎
  4. I don't know if anyone else is seeing this on their wall or not. Keeps stating I've placed in the comp repeatedly as if I didn't know it already. 🙄
  5. If you believe it is just report it. However....I will caution you not to be guilty of the "If you can't beat 'em, report 'em" thing. Mods here have already seen it too many times before and will act upon it if they have to.
  6. No prob - Said I'd take care of it and did so. 😁 Will try to bring some extra odds and ends too - Make a list, check it and off I go!
  7. I'm in Funsoul - Set me up and I'll do my part. Once that's taken care of I'll make the reservation for a room.
  8. Just waiting on the info for setting things up - I believe I'm in this year. 😎
  9. Shhhhhh!!!! Don't encourage him, he'll go even lower and threaten my best in XTU.......
  10. Using safe mode has fixed this for me before. Can't guarantee it will work everytime but worth trying.
  11. The sub is fine, things like SSE4 and such being displayed is not a requirement of the bench itself as it is with others.
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