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  1. Class act all the way, was very helpful and didn't mind going out of his way if you needed something. I'm glad I was able to meet him in person at least once - And hopefully will do so again soon!
  2. Have to agree - AM3+ doesn't have the RTC issues AM4 does.
  3. What exact model/version is the board? Could be either a 1.04 or 2.0, either one can be a Deluxe.
  4. I'm too late with the idea but today I had thought about a PI stage involving Zambezi only for AM3+, no Vishera's allowed. 1M, 32M, or whatever, it seems like a good one but that's already been setup - Or has it?
  5. I forgot about that part of it. Just shows how much 3D I do..... Which is none. ๐Ÿ˜
  6. They can without issue, they probrably woudn't score as high as a DX9 card but they can run it.
  7. It's like that for most any forum I've ever seen, not just here.
  8. I've heard notebooks are great for benching notepad. ๐Ÿ™ƒ
  9. It's from Sunday to Saturday here...... Always subject to change of course.
  10. I believe the OP was frustrated in trying to figure it all out. And..... As a note to the OP: The usual mode of operation for the bot is disfunction - Get used to it if you decide to hang with us. ๐Ÿ˜
  11. The thing about "Secret URL" is dated, you do not actually validate it on the HWbot site. Instead you do it here: CPU-Z VALIDATOR Be sure to bookmark the link. Also make sure you are trying to validate a result with the most recent version of CPU-Z, as revisions are released results from older versions will no longer validate by design. As to how: Best way is after you visit the above link, look towards the bottom center of the page and you'll see the "Manual Validation Form", that's what you'll use. 1: Enter your benching name on the "Name" line, the next one about an email is optional. 2: Where it says "Select your file" just click on that and manuver to the folder/place where the validation file you want validated is and select it. Just make sure you have it in a place you can find it easily before you click the link. 3: Click "Validate". 4: For your submission entry, make sure to actually bookmark the page that appears with your result - You'll need that link for the submission. Hope this helps.
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