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  1. Looks to be a good chip for Ln2 if you ever decide to try it, esp since you already have a good board to support it that way. Definitely a good result on DICE.
  2. I no longer have that board, Keeph8n has it now.
  3. Must agree with this. As a note to this issue Socket 939 is capable BUT most 939 boards do not have the option in the BIOS to enable it. The only one I know as fact that does have it is the DFI CFX 3200 and I know that because I had one, all other 939 DFI's that I know of do not. I haven't seen it before in any other 939 boards either aside from the CFX 3200 so that's one socket I'd think would need to be exempt too just to be fair since there is no way everyone will have one of those boards with that BIOS option.
  4. That little sucker was trying soooooo hard to hide but it can't hide from me. Grabbed it, transfered the screenie to it and brought it inside to my daily for transfer and posting.
  5. Looks cool, I'm in and thanks for doing this!
  6. Well - You are wearing a red shirt.... 😁 But you'd be an excellent mod if you were ever to sign on here as part of the team.
  7. Used to do water all the time and still could TBH, I haven't forgotten how (Yet).
  8. Agreed - No dogshiite stage, too much trouble and not enough TIM for all that.
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