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XS Benchmark (Beta Test)


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I don't know which look&feel toolkit he uses to create buttons and toolbars and such, but I doesn't 'feel' right to me.


I'd start with a 'normal' toolbar.




i'm use the normal Windows xp minimal gui for this beta,

i'm work to 'glass' interface for final release :)

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Following the advice of Darkmaster i performed substantial changes to the modules, for what concerns the internal validation of benchmarks, eliminated all possibility of escape by running test, set tests on graphics, full-screen, and test on windows without the chance to close the same, have greatly improved the ability to detect errors in the test calculation due to overclock too high, await your news, hello:)

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Release XS BENCHMARK V 0.99.5




Corrected bugs Xmem

Windows added to the main board

Xsmark corrected bugs

Xbase corrected bugs

Added request to save and upload

Capture window corrected bugs

Updated database Sysinfo

Updated library opengl

Correct several small bugs

Update code thread

Update web site and upload site




http://www.xstreme.it : Download




nuke.xstreme.it : Upload

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Coming days leaves the final version of the program,

Many changes and quite stable, with the precisone of

98% on each test, with the self-test, are 14

Tests, each controlling a different aspect, every tough test

5 seconds, and counts the number of mathematical operations,

Graphics, input / output, with database comparison

Between own PC and another PC. With a soon

Version 1.0. Bonis62

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