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  1. Mails are being sent out to inform all users. All passwords are encrypted and salted, but given enough cpu time I guess some/most can be decrypted. Please change your password here and every other place you used the same combination!
  2. I've been contacted by a member that there was a norton lifelock alert for community.hwbot.org (not hwbot.org main site) this summer. If real (and I don't see why there would be false positives?), it means there was a vulnerability of Invision PowerBoard that got exploited. It's running an up-to-date version but it's not as if I check daily for new updates to install. Community forums run on a separate server and a separate database. The server itself is only accessible using a private key, not with a username/password. I don't see any suspicious activity/traces on the community server, which is running a linux OS with 0 pending security patches. The database is not accessible from the outside world, only from within our Amazon VPC. We do take security seriously. If invisionpb got hacked before they were able to send out a patch to customers, it sucks but little we could have done about it. We must assume that everyone using a community account should change their password ASAP. I'll make a news announcement. If anyone can find more info about the community.hwbot.org data leak that'd be great. I have not found anything about this anywhere.
  3. Disabling points? It's already done.
  4. You can find some, but not all, submission by entering your name and competition points >= 0.1: https://hwbot.org/search/submissions I don't know of a better way to query them using the current production code.
  5. Ok, next time it tries to close the competition it should work properly.
  6. Looking into this. It seems the competition can not be closed properly hence it retries to close it every day.
  7. After installing the latest ubuntu and invisionpb patches I also made a request to google to review the warning. I don't know how long it takes for them to process the request.
  8. We are getting some crazy donations! Awesome to see this kind of support coming from the overclocking community!
  9. Still greatly appreciated Ackerman, and all other who have contributed! We will post updates of our trip on HWBOT too. It might be great fun to gather donations based on fun goals too: eg. BBQ at -30C, reach Finland without breaking down, do a drift race on a frozen lake, etc. - edit, hmm, seems this bug affects you too: https://github.com/COLARDYNIT/hwbot-issues/issues/11
  10. Sorry guys, the old forum was riddled with security holes, no patches available from the vendor any more and no way to migrate the attachments. : /
  11. Topic locked due to violation of rule #6
  12. I still see submissions coming in for those applications? These were made using the api this week: https://hwbot.org/submission/4071203_martin_white_y_cruncher___pi_25m_celeron_440_27sec_998ms https://hwbot.org/submission/4072094_avalanche_gpupi_for_cpu___100m_core_i9_9940x_4sec_252ms https://hwbot.org/submission/4071822_speedy22_hwbot_x265_benchmark___4k_core_i3_2120_1.814_fps Can you be more specific? I'm on a mac so I can test these apps myself.
  13. Hi @_mat_ it just stopped working this Monday all of the sudden? The HWBOT engine built on production is from the 3rd of februari.
  14. I updated the url pattern to (http|https)://www.3dmark.com/pcmv/[0-9]* For some odd reason some has set it to a bitly url??
  15. The migration to invisionpb seems to have removed all javascript embedded in forum posts. Nothing left for me to fix.
  16. Thanks all who reported issues in our github issue tracker!
  17. The database sure is happy with rev8. The geek in me is satisfied.
  18. @k|ngp|n @FUGGER @coolaler OC Team @oppainter @maci @shamino @onepagebook ... By the way, a neat way to check for old record holders is to use the record history on a benchmark page: https://hwbot.org/benchmark/3dmark03/ If people delete there submissions it will not appear here, but I think most are still here.
  19. Make up your mind guys. Am I biased towards Yes or No? We can't even agree on how I am trying to influence the poll! IMHO it's ok to add competition points if a new member can catch up by being active in the competitions for 1 or 2 years. 5 or 10 seems to be fair.
  20. Currently 2/3rd votes for some kind of inclusion of competition points, so the most sensible way forward would be to evaluate exactly how much points you should get for participating / winning in a competition.
  21. FYI I made a separate github repo just for issue tracking, which is public so people can make issues without being part of COLARDYN IT. https://github.com/COLARDYNIT/hwbot-issues/issues
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