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I am going on summer vacation and make a bigger break, because of this I sell my CPUs and some mems






1. Intel Core i7 3770K tray


Good condition, was used for air benching last months before I started my break, strong IMC that can handle bbse and psc on extreme settings at 2600 and 2666, max tested on 2900 32M with Hynix CFR by first owner. As far as I know this was once a boxed, now it comes as tray. No idea about warranty, but the CPU works flawless

3570k-3770k-ramsale6s9jkh.jpg mach581300c8newcpu1792dl8s.jpg



2. Intel Core i5 3570K boxed


Boxed, Batch 3218B613, not delidded, I only made a random prime run at 1,176v 4,5ghz at 30° Celsius today :D - not much more tested, IMC does 2666 rockstable, 2800 boots and works sometimes on my wrecked MVE, sometimes not. In box with cooler, warranty still intact


3570k-3770k-ramsale3hdsac.jpg custom11176v15htfeil.jpg





3. 2x4GB Samsung D-HCH9 1333C9


Excellent condition, did a fast 2400+ 10-12-12-25 32M run at 1,575v on M5E, apart from this only used at factory settings. Should work also at higher frequencies because used ICs are Samsung D-HCH9 and there seems to be some headroom left :D


3570k-3770k-ramsale49ek1y.jpg samsungvalues12061575bej2e.jpg


4. 2x4GB G.Skill TridentX 2600 C10-12-12-31


The kit is new, ran only around 2-3 hours for some tests and were supposed to be my bench mems, 2800 9-12-12-21 tested on z87 at 2v, 2600 32M on Z77 C9-11-11-21 works as well as 2666 9-11-11-21 1m and AM3 at around 1,77v on my M5E, good trcd limit and well selected Samsung D make these ideal for Z77-Z97 rigs. In box with unused fan.


3570k-3770k-ramsale11y4b4l.jpg 14009-12-12-212vmqulo.jpg


5. 2x2GB MachXtreme ArmorX 2300 C8-11-8-28


Machs highest bin on PSC Kits, spectacular Heatspreaders, do 2400 7-11-7-28 at around 1,65v on Z77 and Z87 at my rigs, 2600 8-12-8-28 extreme hard settings around 1,82v on Z87. Original blister is part of the deal, warranty labels are intact


3570k-3770k-ramsale96bb0b.jpg mach23002913018-12-8-c9s9g.png


6. Zwei paar Arctic Cooling Heatspreader für ddr2/3


What is says, heatspreaders with thermal pads and manual





Prices exclude shipping if not stated otherwise

1. 200 Euros sold

2. 175 Euros Sold

3. 50 Euros sold

4. 120 Euros sold

5. 135 Euros

6. 5 Euros^^



Items are located at Berlin, germany. Payment is possible with paypal (non cc) or western union. Private sales might happen, so please wait until confirmation of sale before you plan with the hardware :D


Best regards




Disclaimer: private sale, therefore no returns. I also rule out warranty or guarantee provided by me, manufacturer guarantees are not touched by this. OC is dependant on components and skills, so be aware that results might vary, they might be worse or better. My results are only examples, but all results are on air with retail hardware


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