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Submiting configuration - two harddrives is a problem?

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While submiting score to HWbot, I wanted to submit the precise configuration. That include a SSD drive as boot OS partition and old IDE PATA HDD for data :D


30G Corsair Nova 2 SSD

320G Seagate 16MB cache (ST3320620A)


However I hit a wall. Selecting in the "Disk" section the "Amount" "2x":




...does NOT open additional drive choices, where I can enter the additional HDD, but only in the resulting score show the HDD as if I having two of these SSD drives.



Same thing happen with graphic cards and RAMs.

And there could be situations, when user have, for example, there different GFX cards...! That should be supported.

As well, as having mixed rams - 2x G.Skill and 2x Hyper X = also impossible to enter config like this.


Or do I missed something?

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I agree in theory, but our database does not support multiple devices to be tied to one submission. For example, we don't support a 3DMark submission with R9 290X + R9 290.


In the case you have different hardware, the guideline states you must submit in the category of the better hardware. So in the example, the user would have to submit in the 2x R9 290X category.

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