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  1. Cheers guys! I guess the urge is still there to sometimes go LN2 instead
  2. I've been running Benchmate lately, great tool. I notice that for SuperPI the Finish dialogue window will not automatically close unless you click 'OK'. If you don't, there will be multiple windows. Is this expected behavior?
  3. Merry Christmas and best of wishes for 2020 to you all! 🥳 🥳 🥳
  4. Albrecht is one of the few people I can call a close friend in overclocking. Absolute legend of a human being, rock solid character and always a team player. Couldn't be praised enough! Beers on me when we see each other! 🍻 (found a picture from when we got 2nd on the Gigabyte tweaking event many many many kilograms years ago) (
  5. I think those rankings were using the old API functionality. I'm not sure those work anymore.
  6. Thanks Matt. To be honest though, it was mainly Hicookie doing the benching. I just showed up with the water blocks :)
  7. Power draw is about ~780W under these conditions, so it's normal the temperature will go up. TjMax for W3175X is 110C, so it's still within spec.
  8. EK-Velocity WS testing. Chiller no need, delid no need ... Thanks Hicookie for the help :)
  9. Massman

    COMPUTEX 2018

    Who's coming to Taipei this year?
  10. Closing this one, check out the official thread in the new forum: https://community.hwbot.org/topic/173114-galax-goc-grand-final-2017/
  11. https://community.hwbot.org/topic/173084-cheapaz-chips-season-2-official-thread/
  12. Find the official discussion here: https://community.hwbot.org/topic/173084-cheapaz-chips-season-2-official-thread/
  13. Excellent collab video by JayzTwoCents and K|ngp|n!
  14. @richba5tard identified the performance issue and resolved it yesterday Sent from my A0001 using Tapatalk
  15. Will also be available on the official download site soon https://hwbotdownloads.s3.amazonaws.com/downloads/benchmarks/Intel%20XTU/XTU-Setup_6.4.1.15.exe
  16. Hi All, As you may have noticed, we turned off the forum yesterday to investigate the JavaScript injection that ran Crypto-currency workloads on the systems of the forum visitors. You can read about it in this thread by @drachenlord. Special thanks to @websmile for bringing this to our attention. First of all, I want to make clear that we are not using our member's systems for mining. That would be very disrespectful, unethical, and probably illegal. Secondly, we removed the injected file and all should be back to normal for now. Thirdly, we care about the web security of our
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