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what the hell draco


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wtf DRACO, i won't take anyone's side here, but this is way off, first of all this is not the place to point any fingers at anyone because of a personal fight


second, there's no such mention to French neither Romanian and basically non other disrespectfull comment to any country in your private message you are exposing here


there is no honor exposing anyone pointing fingers at him publicy here, if you have a problem with him you have to sort it out privately with him, exposing a personal quarrel and blatantly overstate the concept making the other person look bad is a really low blow


last but not least, your personal issues with him has nothing to do with OC community, so this attempt to make him look like a racist ass is way out of base

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Sergio I can understand that you are angry but like Massman already mentioned in the other thread we don't want to see discussions like that in public. I already sent a warning/notification to both, draco and xevi so it should be sorted. If not they can still contact the HWBot stuff via email/PM.



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