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got my 1st blocked sub :(

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Hi Folks


Got my very first blocked submission. Below are the email I received (I took out the mod's name...not sure of the 'privacy' protocol) and a screen of the submission.


I don't really see anything wrong with the submission and it seems pretty much in-line with the others at that speed. Sure...I probably ran it 30+ times but...


Whatcha think?


Here's the text of the email received:



An HWBOT moderator, "<moderator name removed>", has blocked one of your submitted scores. It has marked one of your submissions as 'impossible score at given settings, possible bug or other'.


This was the reason the user gave:


//bugged (A<B<C)

You can view your result here:



If you have questions, drop a message on the forums or leave a message on GENiEBEN's wall.


Yours sincerely,

the hwbot.org team

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