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(FS)PSC,Samsung,BDBG? (GSkill, Adata,Patriot)


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time for a small sale again


jd80135383pun.jpg jd801349ttj3z.jpg


1. 2x4GB G.Skill TridentX 2600 C10 (Samsung)


Barely used, bought as backup which now is not needed anymore, tested on z77 and z87 for 2800 C9 tight below 2v. In box with unused fan, sn 14312500


jd80135160je3.jpg 2600c101431201400c919z3sfd.jpg


2. 2x4GB G.Skill TridentX 2600 C10 (Samsung)


Same story as on #1, overclocks identical (2800 9-12-12-18 twcl6 1,98v asrock z87), also 14312500 sn, in box with unused fan


jd801352s0k0q.jpg 2600c10143181-822800coluew.jpg 2600c101431052800c919yjk09.jpg


3. 6x2GB A-Data Gaming2.0 DDR3-2000 9-9-9-24 1,55-1,75v


Bought for tests, and I got exactly what I not searched for, highend KO8155 HJ PCB and obviously Elpida BDBG, which in spite of being well binned are not what I wanted as these are only fully useful on cold. One stick is defective, five others do specs at 1,5v and 1200 8-11-8 memtest below 1,75v on z77, on z87 I tested two random sticks for 2400 8-11-8-28 twcl6 at 1,75v 32M, 2600 boots and passes memtest also on Z77 with these sticks, while my psc all fail boot due to imc not working at all with powerchips at this frequency. This and the similar looks of ics from beneath hs to my former 2333 Kingston Kit seems to point to bdbg, but not 100% sure on this in spite of characteristics being the same. All six sticks have same batch and identical partnumber/serialnumber and therefore are free to be combined. With highend PCB they might well be an excellent option on cold, no matter if they are psc or bdbg


jd80134745od7.jpg jd801356k1pw0.jpg


4. 2x2GB Patriot ViperII Sector5 DDR3-2400 C9-11-9-27 1,65v


Bought as last kit I wanted to complete my highend roundup on 2gb sticks, 8 layer HJ PCB with PSC ICs, do 2000 6-9-6-24 at z77 below 1,65v and 2600 8-12-7-28 tight on Z87. I considered keeping these, but I still have too much highend mems and therefore sell these at decent price.


jd8013549bsct.jpg 13008-12-7-28188cnkud.jpg


Prices in euros

1. 115 euro+shipping

2. 115 euro+shipping sold, payment received

3. 125 euro shipped worldwide sold, payment received

4. 110 euro shipped worldwide sold, payment received


Payment is possible with paypal (non cc) or western union, all items will be shipped with dpag, incl. tracking, on the tridents, shipping cost might vary with region I have to ship to, if you are unsure about this ask before buying.



Disclaimer: No returns, no warranty provided by me as private seller - on oc, ymmv, but I test with retail hardware and bios, no special psc/samsung/etc manufacturer bios that makes even crap looks godlike^^

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Adata sold
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Guest barbonenet

hi man......there is good psc here????

2x2GB Patriot ViperII Sector5 DDR3-2400 C9-11-9-27 1,65v how is this????

2600 8-12-8 1,80v or less?

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