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[Suggest] Submit pre-validation by captains

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Good morning all !



I noticed in my team a certain number of reported submissions.


It's mainly caused by incorrect screenshot, because the user didn't take care of general benchmark rules or special competition rules.


It brings a removing of the contest or of the rankings, then the user have to redo his run etc ...

And discouragement come.



I totally agree that rules maintain a sportsmanship in Hwbot, and i don't criticize the actual system, on the contrary i like how it's strict but not like the final judgement.



How about a pre-validation of submits by team's captain ?


Explanation :

1. The user submit its score like it's now, no changes.

2. The team's captain is noticed (Mod Tools, email if chosen) of a submit pending for validation.

3a. If the submit is correct, the captain valid it and it's added to the rankings.

3b. If the submit is incorrect, it's blocked like after a moderation action, and the captain see with his mate what's wrong.


This feature would be enabled or disabled in the Team Account panel, choice of captains. The minimal League which is controlled would be adjustable (Only rookies, novice and lower, enthusiasts and lower ...).




This way, the rankings would be less polluted by incorrect submits, without asking the moderators to triple their working time.





Aaannd what about members without teams ? They chose to bench solo, so I think they have to be rigorous by themselves.




Thank you for noticing my suggestion, i'm open to discussion :)




Team Cowcotland




PS : Excuse-me if it's in the wrong sub-forum, a quick search didn't return me similar threads.

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