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(FS)775Boards/ MicronD9 Sellout


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for sale is all of my remaining 775 and ddr2 hardware, if not explicitly mentioned, all is fully tested and works flawless


maximusddr2dq6njd4u.jpg maximusddr2dq61wcuj4.jpg maximusddr2dq66zwkkr.jpg


775 Boards


1. Gigabyte P35-DQ6 boxed


Board works flawless, was tested yesterday and used for tests on function on cpus and the mems which are for sale below. In box, with accessorys incl IO-shield, manual and lots of more stuff. Comes with a working E6400 for tests



maximusddr2dq61wcuj4.jpg maximusddr2dq621jjc1.jpg


2. Asus Maximus Formula Special Edition boxed

Excellent condition, tested today with the mems for sale below, highend board with lots of features. In box with lots of accessory like watercooling stuff, manual, LCD poster and more. Comes with a most likely dead former 6,6ghz E8600 as socket cap which didn´t boot on both boards at test :D



maximusddr2dq613t4upi.jpg maximusddr2dq61682u7u.jpg maximusddr2dq617n2ugr.jpg maximusddr2dq619b6zwv.jpg maximusddr2dq6205de0b.jpg


DDR2 Micron D9 mems


3. 4x1GB G.Skill PC6400 C4-4-4-12 GBHZ


Work flawless, without heatspreaders but tested with memtest and in win, used ICs are Micron D9GMH. Cleaned them a bit after I received them in awful optical condition^^




4. 3x1GB Crucial Ballistix PC6400 C4-4-4-12


A kit plus a stick with old heatspreaders, tested with memtest and in win, very good condition. Used ICs are Micron D9G




5. 4x1GB Crucial Ballistix PC5300 C3-3-3-10


Good optical condition, tested with memtest and in win, the sticks work flawless. Like all offered working mems here, these showed good oc potential, 1200 will not be the end for these. Used ICs are Micron D9G




6. 2x1GB Cellshock PC5300 C5-5-5-15


No boot on both test boards - most likely dead, for collectors, used ICs are Micron D9GMH




Prices excluding shipping

1. 30 Euros

2. 65 Euros

3. 30 Euros

4. 30 Euros

5. 40 Euros

6. 5 Euros or for free with mainboard sold first


Items are located at Berlin, germany, shipping for the mems will be around 6 euros per kit, if several items are bought, please ask for shipping cost also on these because of weight limit. On boards, cost will vary, can be around 17 euros at eu, but please ask as well if you are unsure about that. Payment possible with paypal or western union.



Disclaimer: No returns accepted, and no warranty provided by the seller. All items are tested and work if not explicitly mentioned otherwise

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