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Morning :D

I sell my old vgas, please refer to the description to see condition and if modifications were made. I sell the lot as it is, complete, if something is appealing to you as single item, you may ask, but I see no reason to burn lots of shipping money for single card, this would be useless imho but your decision^^






The package contains the following items

a. Leadtek 8800GTX 768MB original condition, works flawless, bulk

jd801359dmse4.jpg jd8013583xb3f.jpg

b. Leadtek 8800GTS 640MB original condition, works in win7 without discrete driver, but fails when I use Nv driver, bulk

vgaokt20144ewk1s.jpg vgaokt20141eac0z.jpg

c. Spahhire X1800XT 256MB original condition, works flawless, in box with complete accessory

jd801350s7px0.jpg jd801351kpl6k.jpg

d. Powercolor X1600XT 256MB Like new, works flawless, original condition, in box with full accessories

jd8013565bbn5.jpg jd801355ltsfw.jpg

e. MSI Geforce 6600GT128MB cooller was exchanged for ac soliencer, fan makes noises but card works faultless, bulk

jd801353fgssb.jpg jd801354ghso1.jpg

f. Club3D X800GT 256MB works, in good condition, bulk

jd801353fgssb.jpg jd801352pnadh.jpg

g. Connect3D X1800XT 512MB Crossfire edition defect, not ovened, not sure this card can be revived and I did not try. in box with accessory but no cf dongle

vgaokt201422oei2.jpg vgaokt201430gch4.jpg

h. Zerotherm GX810 VGA cooler including 8 ram heatsinks, cooler works flawless and fits a lot of cards, NV and ATI



Price without shipping

50 Euros sold


Payment possible with paypal or western union, shipping only to eu. Price in germany 7 euros, eu 17 euros with dhl. If you buy cpu or mems from my other thread as well, of course shipping for these will be zero then because it would fit package and not kill weight limit



Best regards



Disclaimer: private sale, no returns, and I rule out warranty and guarantee as well because this is no professional sale. Accept this please or buy elsewhere



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