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change of a result is not possible

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I´m missing my result for the wprime 32m.




I´ve made a mistake and i added the score in the category for superpi 32m.


And so i got an e-mail about this problem.


But i´m not able to add a result for the right category "wprime 32m".




And when i follow the link "click here" the following screen appears:





Is someone here who´s able to explain me what´s wrong?

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May I make a suggestion use the submit score option available with wPrime - it can be found bottom right of the application. That will automatically submit your score and requires no other input from you, when prompted at the hwbot.org page enter your user-name and password this you will only have to do once.


For you additional information the screen-shot as presented in this post and in your original submission are not sufficient for a suitable submission. You need to include in your screen shot two instances of a open CPU-Z one with the clock speed of the CPU and the other with the tab of the ram timings open. Neither of these are present currently. So even if you where able to submit the result would be blocked in all probability. As I originally suggested it is best to simply run the application and once a result has been obtained submit the result via the built in submit option.


Enjoy your benching.

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