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Asus REX NB voltage too low?


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Hi guys,

I have had a Asus REX X48 for a few years now. I got it defective, but could repair it (a northbridge coil had fallen off). I soldered it back on and could happily bench the board with 630 FSB @ LN2.


Now however, there seems to be another problem, and maybe you can help me to figure out what could be wrong. The board wouldn't boot unless I would apply pressure onto the CPU cooler (pressing it down). Then it booted perfectly :o

I unmounted the coolers now and measured the NB voltage, which was only at 0,8V. I resoldered the old broken coil and the board booted a few times. I still have the problem though. When booting the board, sometimes the NB only gets 0,8V and it doesn't boot. Do you think it could be a software bug? Maybe this is a known issue and can be solved by BIOS update?

I know there are some REX gurus out there, so bring it on :)

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Well topic can be closed already. The inductor had both solder legs ripped off but I managed to somehow get some solder on there and fix it. I hope this will last for a few weeks. I have a defective R2E at home, where I can hopefully take a working inductor from and permanently replace this one. :)

After soldering NB voltage up to 1,37V again.

// Btw, I'm guessing it broke again because I used to much force when mounting my SS. The surface pressure mustve bent the board a little and broken the solder pad.

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